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Everything about the garden and the care of your garden.
We want to help you create the perfect garden!
garden, Home, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tips

We have many interesting and helpful articles about garden
care for you. Learn how to transform your garden into a
personal oasis, for example, or how to create a perfect flower bed.

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Grow your own vegetables - with our instructions.
garden, Home, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tips

In our articles we show you how to create your perfect vegetable garden step by step and how to harvest your own vegetables.

garden, Home, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tipsgarden, Home, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tips
garden, Home, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tipsgarden, Home, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tips

Everything about the garden and the care of your garden.
We want to help you create the perfect garden!

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With this website I want to help you make more of your garden. There are many topics around the garden that need some explanation. So I would like to help you with my many years of experience to clarify these questions or problems. With my blog I try to cover as many topics as possible. But if you have a specific problem in your garden or at your house, please feel free to contact me and I will try to review this topic and publish an article about this specific problem here as soon as possible.
Now I wish you a lot of fun with the articles that are already available for you here on the website.

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garden, Home, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tips

Hi, I’m Tim

I started my blog to gather as much information about the garden and house as possible. I am very interested in the topic of house and garden, this is probably because my parents put me on it and I have worked a lot with them in the garden and on the house.

Because of my interest in gardens, plants and nature, I got the chance to study biology and plant science at the university. I was able to do my master’s degree in biology in 2018 and now work in the field of biology. I would like to include this knowledge in some of the articles.

I would like to offer you a large library of knowledge about this topic and also give practical tips. If you like one or the other article, you can leave me a comment. You are also welcome to write guest contributions, which I will of course publish here to further increase the knowledge.

Also take a look at our new category “Green Living“. There you will find many articles on the topic of environmentally conscious living and nature conservation. We will of course update this new category regularly as usual. Learn with us how you can make your life a little more environmentally friendly and take part in the various discussions on the subject of “environmental awareness”. I would be happy if you stop by!

Exciting and informative gardening eBook’s

Take a look at my range of informative gardening ebooks. I have written various ebooks on the subject of gardening and plants. Maybe there is something that interests you. You can easily download the books as a PDF file and then print them out, view them on your computer or read them on your iPad. The income from my books flows directly back into this website, so you can support me and this website directly by buying my books.

Here you can search for a topic that interests you.

Most Recent Posts

How To Water Plants On Vacation

It doesn’t have to be two or three weeks vacation – in midsummer a short trip is enough to bring the plants to their limits without watering. If you don’t have someone to take care of your plants, this article is definitely for you. With these automatic watering tricks, your plants will survive the vacation […]

How to grow cacti yourself

Planting cacti is easy when everything is kept clean and moist. In this way you can observe the entire development of the cactus from seed to blossom. With the right conditions, you can easily grow cacti yourself. Beginners should start with easy-care cacti that germinate and grow well. The following genera are recommended here: Ferocactus, […]

What Makes A Good Garden Soil?

Soil care: The soil ecosystem has a decisive influence on the development of plants. Often ignored, but still fundamentally important for all plants: healthy and nutrient-rich soil. Even the small creatures should not be disregarded when maintaining the floor. What can amateur gardeners do? Hardly any part of the garden appears as natural in our […]

The best tips and guides for your garden and your house

Welcome to my home and garden blog! Nice that you found it on my side. As you may have already seen, this is about the house and garden. In my blog posts I would like to give you many useful tips on these topics.


I try to help you with the best tips and tricks. Through my job, I can share many of my experiences with you, I write these experiences and my knowledge in my blog posts so that you can access this information at any time.

The House

I would like to help you with my experience on the subject of houses and land. Since I am very interested in houses and have already converted and renovated a few houses, I can give you some good tips. I wrote down my experience here on this blog. I would be happy if you read these blog posts and maybe leave your opinion or other tips in the comments.


Here on my blog I also try to compare popular products around the topic of home and garden and thus recommend the best products to you. The products that I compare here on the website I have bought myself or I know them well from friends who own these products. I am constantly expanding this website and try to keep it up to date as much as possible. If you are interested in a special product group, feel free to send me a message and I will try to include it in my next posts.


In principle, anyone who has a garden will never really finish their work. In addition to the regular mowing of the lawn, weeding, cutting trees and bushes, removing faded and cleaning the terrace and furniture, there are so-called garden projects that are being considered and are waiting for implementation or implementation. Whether the construction of a fence, the laying of a terrace, the creation of a pond, the construction of a tree house, a carport, a greenhouse, a pavilion or a shed, the renewal of the terrace covering, the installation of light in the driveway or in the garden in general, There is always something to do.

Those who are skilled in their craft can do all of this work themselves. Good planning of the garden project is half the battle. If you have a plan, you can get the things you need. In the vast majority of cases, it is worthwhile to compare prices and not to buy the first offer. In the World Wide Web, this goes very quickly. With a complete shopping list, you can then get the materials you need for your garden project at your trusted hardware store or online. Always make sure that you have enough storage space available for lengthy projects. The materials should be particularly protected from the weather while they are not yet being used.

Helpful hands are always welcome during implementation. After all, why have friends and family, not always just to celebrate? Tips that make such a garden project easier, plans and instructions are important. In the rarest of cases you are the first to come up with this idea. The ideal is to benefit from the experiences of other hobbyists, both positive and negative. Once you have completed the garden project and implemented all your plans, you can rightly be proud.

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Why did I start this blog?

I started this blog because I’m generally very interested in the subject of house and garden. I searched for the topic of house and garden on google and did not find anything or my questions were not answered in detail. So i decided to set up my own website on this topic. At the time I am writing this, my website is around 2 years old and I have already written some posts and contributions. I think that I can answer a lot of questions with these contributions and can also give many helpful tips on various topics. It has already become a hobby. When I work in my garden or on my house on the weekend, I keep coming up with new ideas or questions that I can write about. On Sundays I usually grab my iPad and start writing over it. Of course, it makes me particularly happy when I can read something from you in the comments and maybe we can discuss one or the other topic. So if you like a post or if you have criticism of a post, I would be very happy if you could write it in the comments.

Now I wish you a lot of fun on my website. Just have a look around, there is sure to be a contribution that interests you too!

Request an article

Are you particularly interested in a topic? But you can’t find an amount on this website? Then please write to me and I’ll try to write about it and provide you with information. Of course I am always looking for new ideas for my website! But sometimes it is difficult to find new topics and I am always happy when I receive tips and messages that tell me which topics I can write on or which topics my readers are really interested in.
Are you looking for a special garden product, but can’t find a good test on the internet or on google? I am happy to do that for you. My passion is writing and testing new machines or devices.
There are also constant innovations in the garden and house. Of course, I always try to keep myself up to date with various magazines.
So, if you are particularly interested in a topic, please let me know;)

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