5 smart tips for more safety in the garden and outdoors

Your property will be safe with these intelligent helpers

Instead of breaking open the front door, which is often clearly visible, most burglars prefer to enter through a window or patio door. Securing the outside area is therefore an important deterrent measure. We explain how burglars can be put to flight before they can damage property or commit theft.

Garden and driveway are often forgotten when securing homes

Locking the front door in the morning when leaving your own four walls is part of the daily routine for most people. The outdoor area is often neglected in terms of security measures – sometimes with dire consequences. Burglars like to use bushes, fences or walls as privacy screens when they pry open windows or cellar doors.

In addition, cars or (electric) bicycles are also lucrative prey and are often stolen if they are not secured. Our expert guide shows how security outdoors can be significantly increased with just a few measures.

Tip 1: Avoid tripping hazards with automatic lighting

Distances are difficult to assess in the dark, and bumps increase the risk of falling. Homeowners should therefore ensure good lighting and ideally also couple it with a motion sensor. With the professional eNet SMART HOME system, e.g. the motion detector sensIQ or the professional XLED PRO sensor spotlight from Steinel for optimal brightness and security.

If you already have an external socket, you can retrofit it with a smart wireless outdoor adapter and use it for example. B. Control seasonal fairy lights. However, it is not advisable to lay a power connection yourself, as penetrating moisture or detailed errors during assembly can cause a high risk of injury. We therefore recommend leaving the work with live cables to professionals.

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Tip 2: secure doors, windows and light shafts

All larger openings in the house are potential entry routes for burglars. This also applies to rarely used backyard windows, cellar doors or light shafts. The more remote they are, the more undisturbed criminals can tamper with and e.g. Lean on a garbage can as a climbing aid to break open a window.

In order to prevent this from happening in the first place, prudent homeowners should, in addition to high-quality locks and window bolts, also rely on motion detectors that register and report intruders immediately. Integrated into a smart home system, you can also switch on a surveillance camera that secures evidence and gives your owner a live insight into what is happening – even when he is not present himself.

The Steinel L 600 Cam z. B. monitors up to 10 meters of its surroundings with a 180 ° infrared sensor, illuminates the driveway or the entrance area if necessary and even offers an intercom function.

Tip 3: Network an intelligent alarm system with the smart home

Smart alarm systems that combine cameras and sirens ensure a particularly high level of security. In this way, not only is the owner warned in an emergency, but the neighbors also notice from the loud alarm that something is wrong. If a cat or another animal visitor to the garden has triggered a false alarm, the system can be conveniently switched off via the app.

With the eNet SMART HOME system, thanks to its compatibility with Conrad Connect, even many different inputs and locking systems can be uniformly monitored and controlled in the future.

Tip 4: keep an eye on the garage or carport

Parking spaces are usually only illuminated when parking or leaving a parking space and are otherwise often in the dark for hours. However, not only garages with a door into the house must be given special attention when securing property. Other parking or storage areas such as carports should also be kept in mind when securing. They can be easily and effectively secured e.g. with the sensIQ eNet infrared motion detector, which can even monitor loading ramps up to five meters high and has a monitoring angle of 300 degrees. For this reason, the sensor is also used in the industrial sector.

Tip 5: simulate presence using robotic lawnmowers, lighting and blinds

Occasional offenders often recognize vacant houses due to the fact that the mailbox is overflowing, the lawn is excessively long and the shutters are permanently down.

One possibility to disguise one’s own absence is therefore the presence simulation through automatically controlled shading solutions, e.g. B. eNet SMART HOME, which automatically adjusts to the lighting conditions. A robotic lawnmower or a smart irrigation solution for garden maintenance are also very practical. As a result, the property not only looks inhabited, but those returning home are also spared a lot of maintenance work.

If you get a lot of mail, you can also ask a neighbor to empty your mailbox at regular intervals.

These measures are rounded off by time-controlled lighting in the living room and garden, with which the presence simulation becomes perfect. Users of the eNet SMART HOME system can e.g. For example, you can choose between app control of your blinds, floors or room-specific timers and if-then scenarios. They can also be used to determine that the blinds are automatically lowered as soon as someone switches on the bathroom light in the evening. This option protects the smart home from neighbors that are too curious.

Conclusion: Anyone who invests in outdoor security also protects the indoor area

Our overview shows that just a few measures are sufficient to deter strangers from attempting break-ins and to avoid property damage. If you are not sure which solution suits you best, you can find e.g. eNet SMART HOME offers competent specialist advice via a certified service partner.

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