Who Am I?

Hi, i’m Tim.

My hobby is the garden, so I use to give you many useful tips that you can also use in your garden. I am constantly trying to renew my experiences in this blog and add more helpful tips.

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Web Blogger

Another big hobby next to my garden is blogging. So I try to implement it as good as possible here on the website.


In addition to my hobby, the gardening, I try to do sports as often as possible. I like to be outdoors in nature and try to combine this with sport.


Who doesn't like our favorite animals? Of course I also have my own dog, I like to go for long walks with it. Of course he also likes to be in the garden and helps me wherever he can ... mostly dig holes 🙂

My story

My name is Tim. I am now 37 years old. I came to the hobby garden through my parents. They have been passionate about their garden. So I got to know how much fun it is to work in your own garden.

Since I am about 6 years old I have been working in the garden and have learned some tricks and a lot of knowledge. In addition, I’ve already taken a few courses on how to do certain things correctly in the garden. I have also read some books on gardening and planting, so I am sure that the tips I give here in this blog are correct. My parents, in particular, taught me a lot about the garden and what to watch out for when gardening or with certain plants.

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Addendum: Some of these articles are based on scientific evidence. I wrote these scientific articles for my doctoral thesis in the field of biology. In addition, these scientific articles would be published on this website and in my doctoral thesis. So it may be that some articles appear in specialist biology books! These are then not copies, but articles published by me personally.

Another big hobby of mine is writing texts. Of course it is advisable to write about what is fun. So I started this blog and publish my tips and tricks around the garden here. I hope you like them.

I also turned my hobby into a profession by attending university and getting my master’s degree in biology and botany. I was able to do my master’s degree in 2018 and have since worked in the field of biology at a large company. Through my six-year degree in biology, I consider myself suitable to speak and write about more difficult topics relating to the garden and the flora. What could be nicer than being able to practice your passion professionally! Of course, I sit in the lab every day and can’t work in the garden, but of course I’ll make up for that in my free time!
It can happen that I write some articles very scientifically and some articles are a bit difficult to understand, I apologize for this;)

I try to collect as much knowledge as possible with my blog. For a long time I would like to set up a kind of “archive”, where either myself or the readers can find out more and read again exactly how to work properly in the garden or do certain work correctly.

You can also write guest blogs in my blog. I would be very happy to publish blogs you wrote here on my site.

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Tim M.