After sowing: How long does it take for the lawn to grow?

The lawn has been sown and the wait for the first sprouting blades of grass begins – how long does it take for the lush green to grow?

When you think of your dream lawn, you usually have the image of a mini soccer field in your head – lush green blades and trimmed to an appropriate length. There are no holes through which the ground is visible or any bumps. For some, this dream will come true – but until then you have to be patient. Many hobby gardeners scratch their feet shortly after sowing and ask: “Well, where is he?”

How long does the lawn take to grow?

If you have sown your lawn freshly, lawn experts will have to wait around seven to 20 days for the first stalks to sprout. In general, the growth of the lawn depends on the seeds used and many environmental factors. This includes light, water, air and of course the soil conditions.

For example, if it is particularly cold outside, the lawn grows more slowly, and if it is too warm, it may want to entrench itself in the ground. On the other hand, if the weather stays at a constant temperature for many days, the seeds have a good starting position to sprout. It is also possible that the lawn initially grows unevenly, for example because some areas are in the shade.

Lawn sowing: this is how you help with growing

A good irrigation is essential for the freshly sown lawn. It also helps if you occasionally loosen the soil with a rake so that some air gets to the seeds. Always watch out for weeds that want to make yourself comfortable on your lawn and remove them. Otherwise it will take your grass’s place to grow.

As soon as the lawn shows its green stalks, you should allow some time before you mow it for the first time. The tender plantlets need to regain some strength before they are cut.

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