Attracting squirrels: The 5 best tips for settling the squirrels in your own garden

Attracting squirrels is not that difficult. If you pay attention to a few things in your garden, then the cute rodents may soon move in with you. Here you will find out what almost magically attracts squirrels.

Attract squirrels in your own garden

You can come across squirrels almost everywhere and in all country’s. Whether in deciduous or coniferous forests, in parks or even on the outskirts. Squirrels feel most welcome in people’s gardens too – if you keep these five things in mind

  • Put up a feed box. Special squirrel feed boxes ensure that no other animals help themselves to the delicacies. The squirrels quickly learn how to operate the boxes. You can make such a box yourself or buy it. Walnuts and hazelnuts, for example, are suitable as a filling.
  • Offer the animals nest boxes. Squirrels usually create their own sleeping nests called goblins. But man-made dormitories are also popular. Since the animals often use different goblins in nature, you should offer several squirrel nesting boxes.
  • Plant suitable forage plants. In addition to a feed box, you can also give the squirrels the opportunity to collect their own food. In addition to the eponymous oaks, which are too big for most domestic gardens, there are also hazelnuts, beeches, chestnuts and walnuts.
  • Provide enough space for climbing and hiding. Old trees in particular are valued by the squirrels. Because here you can quickly get to safety if there is a threat. They also offer the animals the opportunity to create their own sleeping nests.
  • Make sure the animals are calm. Ask your children to be restrained and, if possible, keep pets such as dogs and cats away from the squirrels. However, some croissants become tame all by themselves and then take one or two delicacies directly from your hand.

The Eurasian squirrel in the home garden

When we speak of the squirrel, we generally mean the native Eurasian squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris). With its button eyes and the bushy tail, the small rodent is a real person of sympathy.

  • The Eurasian squirrel is a real climbing artist. It climbs up to the highest treetops skillfully and quickly, completes daring jumps and also climbs effortlessly head-down on trees.
  • The squirrel lives most of the year as a loner and only tolerates a sexual partner in its vicinity during the mating season. If a male tries to approach a female outside of the willingness to mate, there will be arguments.
  • Squirrels are easy to spot in your own garden. Because they are diurnal animals that also show up in winter. In the cold season they live on the nuts and seeds that they have buried in hiding places over the summer and autumn.
  • Squirrels remember the individual hiding places of their supplies quite well. However, a certain part of the buried seeds is no longer found. As a result, the squirrel also actively contributes to the reproduction of a wide variety of bushes and trees.

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