Backyard Activities For Kids

Have you ever tried everything to make your kids go out and relish the sun, or take a walk outside your garden or your backyard? Did you ever feel like they are wasting their time just playing with their gadgets instead of going out and having backyard activities?

There are ways you can make them go out and have fun, and spend their time in your backyard. They can even gather their friends to make the activities more exciting, and here are some enjoyable, relaxing, and creative ideas for you to use as a backyard activities for kids.

What games and activities can children have in the backyard?

When you have kids, you need to be imaginative. Kids have plenty of energy that sometimes you can’t seem to keep up with them. They are also easily bored where one time they can do an activity and the next thing you know; they are no longer interested and would like something else to do.

Play with gravel

In this activity, you will need bags of gravel and enough space to pour it in. Make sure that there is also a pit to hold the gravel in. This is going to be the play area for the kids where they can play with their toy trucks, fill a bucket with gravel, build something made of stones, sticks, and planks. Cut the sticks in a medium-size, and there should be no pointed ends.

The children will love to have such a play area, they can spend hours there trying to outdo each other with what they are trying to construct, and, at the same time, they learn to be creative.

Make-believe classroom

Most kids love to play the tutor-student activity where one of them will act as the tutor, and the rest will be the students. You will need to prepare a chalkboard here, plus pieces of chalks, some chairs, pencils, and paper.

They can do activities such as who’s best in spelling, who can sum up numbers, who can write on the board, so forth and so on. You can also give them time to have their recess or snack time, so be ready with the snack tray.

The children will be able to enjoy this activity since they get to laugh at themselves for getting the wrong spelling of a certain word, unlike when they are in a real classroom setup. Also, they get to do this with their circle of friends.

Encourage creativity with the use of a painting kit

Prepare a rock painting kit for your kids and their friends. Make sure you make the space for their activity comfortable in your backyard. You can place an enormous table, or they can even use the square picnic table with numerous chairs to do this activity.

In this activity, there can be 5-10 participants since there are 10 available rocks in the rock painting kit package. Also, there are acrylic paint and pens, googly eyes, paintbrushes, some water transfer sheets, a gold glitter bag, a mixing pallet for the colors, and a gem sticker sheet.

This activity can use up hours of their time, plus they can show their unique design to each other.

You can also make some snacks for them to enjoy while they are doing this activity, at the same time, just have a ready token for the best-designed stones.

Obstacle Course

Having a backyard that has enough space to do so many activities is like a blessing to any family. Here, an enormous space is what your children will need.

Help them ready the course and place different objects where they can jump rope at point A, jump over shoebox at point B, hula hoops at point C, so forth, and so on. The many obstacles they have to go through, the more fun it is going to be.

There can be two teams that can do this activity, so your kids can invite friends over. They can make the obstacle harder as they go, or they can remove any obstacle to make it easier as they please.

They can talk to themselves about what the price will be, or you can also make it more competitive for them by readying a price or two.

Ready the picnic table

Every kid loves to have several foods on the table, and they can spend time just talking to themselves while they have different snacks to finish. Here is where the picnic enters the picture.

You can prepare different snacks for them, such as sausage rolls, pizza whirls, banana cake squares, marshmallow dip in choco, some string cheese, fun-sized sandwiches, fruit squares, and scoops.

Prepare a place for them where they can comfortably sit while having their picnic. There must also be corresponding drinks for them to go with their snacks. Don’t forget to place some entertainment while they are having their picnic as well, so that when they decided to do other things, there are options for them.

A Toss and Catch Game

Let your kids play outside and get their energy going, give them something to burn their energy, such as the game of Toss and Catch. A great sample is the YoYa Toys Toss & Catch 3000 Ball Game with Disc Paddles.

This is a classic outdoor game that is not just for children, but adults can play too. As long as you can run to catch the ball thrown at you, then you’ll have a great game for hours.

Children can even spend hours here trying to outdo one another. So whoever gets the highest score or whoever gets to catch the most balls will win.

Players will get fit as well while playing this game, and it is not just all fun, but very beneficial to the kid’s health.

The set will not cost you much, plus the durable toy can last for years.

Colorful Sand Activity

Another creative activity that your kids can enjoy in the backyard is the smart sand. The pack includes a large play mat, so this activity can be played anywhere as long as the large play mat is there.

They can do it on any table placed in the backyard, and girls and boys can enjoy this, as it’s just not to entertain them but also build their IQ.

Your kids can have friends over, so they get to interact and improve their social skills while they are doing this activity.

There are different colors of sand included and will be attractive for any shape they want to build.

Surely, their time will be well spent with this smart activity in your own backyard.

Wheelbarrow Game

There is no need for any fancy items here, your kids and their playmates can all take part.

There should be teams of two or three where one will hold the ankles of their partner while the other player will walk on their hands, each pair will have to reach a switch spot to have them switch places, the first to arrive at the starting line will win.

This may not be for kids that are too small, yet.

This game can be played in the backyard, especially if you have a big space cause there should be enough space for them to have a starting line and switch spots.

Building with Boxes

So you have kids that just don’t have time going out in the backyard, but with this activity, they surely will.

You will need to use travel boxes or old boxes of appliances, some non-toxic paint, scissors, and some decors.

The idea is for the kids to create their own house with the use of old boxes. There can be two teams, so each can help with designing and creating the house.

This should be not too difficult to do as long as each team will have teamwork and listen to each other’s ideas.

Painting and decorating are what’s more exciting as they get to use their creativity to beautify their own DIY house. You can even add fairy lights to their list of materials because it will surely make their houses pop and make the kids feel proud of their creation.

Make sure you don’t forget to take some photos after, so they will have something to look at and remember after a few years.

Camping Out

This is the best in being a kid when you get to join camping away from home or even in your backyard.

Help them build a small campfire, but let them pitch their tents. Prepare fancy camping snacks for them, such as hot dogs and marshmallows on a stick, plus s’mores. You can add some juice boxes to the list.

Complete their campsite with lights so they will not be awkward and will feel comfy even in the yard.

Of course, you need to ensure that they have their mosquito and other insect repellants on the ready.

Let the kids prepare whatever activity they want after, such as ghost storytelling, random stories, singing with some musical instruments, among others.

What can you do with your children in the backyard?

Your children have plenty of things to do that can include their friends or on their own in the backyard, but how about some activities that involve the whole family? Some activities will also serve as a bonding time.

Make it a family business

So, who says only the adult can paint the fence or paint the picnic table or even the trunk of a tree? The entire family can do their share and, at the same time, make this a memorable one. Every time they will go out of the backyard, they will all see the masterpiece and will evoke some happy memories.

You can prepare non-toxic paint to be used by the kids and colors such as white, off-white, or even pastel colors. Adult colors may include brown, gray, or white. There are plenty of colors to choose from, and you can pick the one that most of you prefer.

As always, everyone should wear protective gear as required.

Get busy in the backyard garden

When it involves planting trees and beautifying your backyard garden, it doesn’t mean you can’t include the entire family in the activity. Get your kids to join in the fun. Let them plant a tree or two, pick up falling leaves, remove dead leaves from the plants, they can also water the plants, or remove the weeds.

There are a lot of things to do in the backyard, you just need to find out what is the best activity that you can assign to your kids.

They can even paint the pot plants and design it however they want. They can draw cartoon characters in the pots or color it with whatever tone they like. The children will surely love this activity, and they will probably ask if there are succeeding activities they can also join in.

Prepare a barbecue party with the family.

Since you are all busy the entire week with work and the children with their studies, it is about time to treat yourself to a barbecue in your backyard.

Let the kids prepare the food they like, such as marshmallows and hotdogs, sausage on sticks. While the adults can prepare and marinate their stuff such as steak, hamburger, and chops.

Each of the family members can take turns in watching over the grilling, but the kids should be well supervised at all times.

You can do this activity even every week in the backyard, make it more fun by adding other entertainment.

Catching Up

You don’t know what each is up to with their daily lives and what progress they are having with their studies. Each one can have their time to voice out and tell each member of what is happening with them. If one kid got high grades if another kid got a commendation and stuff. These things are important, to make their lives as a family more meaningful, and it shows that everyone is supporting each member in the family just by listening, giving advice, or giving a helping hand as needed.

Build a puzzle

There must be a reason there are many tables placed in the backyard, and this is the best time to make use of it.

Buy 2-sets of puzzles where the family can play against the other team. One sample of the puzzle set is the Buffalo Games -Beachcombers.

The puzzle contains 750 pieces, and it has a bonus poster to help in solving the puzzle, this will make it easier for the family to fit together.

The father can have two kids behind him while the mother can have the help of the other children. The first one to finish the puzzle wins the game.

If there are not enough children, then it can be an activity for the whole family that can be done in the backyard. Some puzzles have hundreds and thousands of pieces and may require the help of each family member.

This is not easy to do, but with everyone contributing to building the puzzle, it will surely be a day to remember for everyone.

After the puzzle is done, it can be decorated on the wall that will serve as a remembrance of the great times.

Movie night with the family

It doesn’t have to be indoors, but watching outside in the backyard works too. If you are lucky to have an entertainment set up in your backyard, this is the time to use it.

Pick up different movies that everyone will be able to watch together. Make the entertainment area suitable by placing pillows and comfortable cushions.

Don’t forget to prepare snacks such as popcorn, some juice or sodas, and whatever the family prefers to have also. You may likewise cover any area for additional privacy if you don’t have high walls to cover the backyard to make the movie time doubly comfortable.

Game night

A game of darts is highly popular with many families. With the proliferation of dart games. One sample is the Theefun Safety Dart Board that has durability and great playability for the entire family to enjoy.

This set has soft tip darts that are also safe for children. The whole family will have a lot of time trying to win this game.

It is also easy to install in the backyard where there is enough space, and the ambiance is just right to enjoy each round of dart games.

Art is fun

Putting the talents to good use by letting the entire family enjoy a full day of making art paintings, trying out abstract art, is another way to enjoy that space in your backyard.

This will be ideal for the family since each one can share their ideas on what they can do as their masterpiece.

Each of the family members can also make their own art piece or it can be a whole art where some parts will be finished by one person and other parts will be done by the next family member.

Afterward, it can be used as a focal point in the backyard as wall art after you had it framed.

Water Balloon

Having a water balloon fight can be another activity that the entire family will surely enjoy. Any day during the weekend is ideal. You can form two or three teams and have different forts in your backyard.

Bases can be made as well, so each member can hide and prevent themselves from getting hit by the water balloon.

This game is exciting, especially when there is a reward for the winners after.

Each member can also wear gear to separate them from the other teams.

Simple Family Dinner in the Backyard

There is nothing more intimate and special than a simple family dinner right in your backyard. It can be completed with candles, or fairy lights can be used as decor.

Complete the preparation with your best dinner wares and elegant glasses. Linens dress up the table, so best to use the ones you have been hiding somewhere.

Seatings and the table used can either be DIY, such as a cinder block plus a large piece of wood on top, then cover it with the right linen. Seatings can either be pillows, cushions, and blankets on the floor to make the setting more unique.

Put some flowers to make the arrangements more elegant that are just right for the photos you will take afterward.

The food can be prepared, or some barbecue is ideal, or perhaps some oven-roasted specialties. Pasta is ideal, as well, and some pork belly, pot roast, and salads.

The entire family can enjoy this time to be thankful by sharing a meal together.

Games in the backyard for children at parties or children’s birthdays.

Your child may have his birthday party in your backyard, and it requires you to think of some games for the said party. There are many games to choose from. Let me just mention some of the most fun and exciting games that are all kid-friendly.

Longest Line

So the idea here is to form two teams where each would line up whatever they have with them, such as belts, shoes, shoelaces, handkerchief, and the team who have the longest line will win the game.

The funny part about this game is the willingness of some kids to remove their socks, shoes, shoelaces, even their shirt to help in making the lines longer.

Egg Race

In this game, they can form 2 or 3 teams. Members may comprise 5 to 6 kids where each are required to hold a spoon with a boiled egg, and there will be a point where they need to go around or make a turn, the one holding the spoon, plus egg may not let the egg fall or the team will lose the game.

Each of the members will take turns in getting the spoon with the egg and to go around or make a turn.

Pass the bucket

Each team will have 4 to 6 players, the rule of the game is to have the bucket filled with plastic balls. The first person in line will lift the bucket and place it on top of his head and then will walk towards another team member to pour the plastic balls into the next bucket that the other team member is holding, this will continue till all the members have taken their turn. The team with the most plastic balls left in the bucket will win the game.

Sometimes a member cannot pour the plastic ball to his co-player if he stumbles, trip, or the balls all fall out.

Walk as the animal mentioned

The rule of the game involves the members of each team to walk or move like whatever the host calls out. If the host calls out a crab, then the team member must move like the crab. Then there’s a kangaroo, dog, rabbit, and so on.

This may require a bit of knowledge about the animal being mentioned.

Scavenger Hunt

There is a list of things that each member must complete. The items can be over ten or more. The hunt may not only take the space in the backyard but even outside.

Pop the balloon

There would be two teams, and each of the team members has the chance to throw darts at the balloons on the wall. The most popped balloon by a team will win the game.

Treasure Hunting

Just like the traditional game of treasure hunt, the idea of the game is for each team to find the clue and find every treasure on the list. The more treasure found the more chance that they will win. This requires teamwork since the group will need to find the clues before they can find any treasure.

Sponge Relay

The idea of the game is to give each kid who’s included in the game a sponge and a bucket. Each one will need to transfer the water from the other bucket using the sponge. This is timed, and the first one to empty the other bucket will win the game.

Sack Race

This is a classic game played at kid’s birthday parties since it is easy to play and requires just a sack and the players.

The rule of the game is to have each player get inside the sack, they should all line up, and when the host will ask them to start or run, each of the players will run while they are inside the sack.

The first player to get back to the starting line will win the game.

Pin the Tail

This is another kid’s birthday party classic. The rule of the game is to have the tail of the donkey pinned on the donkey drawing. The nearest tail pinned will win the game. This game usually gets the most laugh cause most of the kids pinned the tail either on the donkey’s nose or on the eyes.

The Character may change where the dog is used, cow, or even Olaf from Frozen.

Move and Stop Game

This is another kid’s game that is always a hit during the children’s party. Players must not move when the music stopped, but should keep on dancing while the music is playing.

A splendid game to get the kids dancing at the same time. The winner will be the last one that is not forced out because of moving while they pause the music.

Bucket Toss

There will be several buckets lined up, then the kids will line up from a distance. There will be prices inside each bucket, and the players won’t know what prices, are inside each bucket.

The players must be able to toss the ping-pong ball inside the bucket for them to win a prize.

They can only move to the next bucket if they don’t miss the previous bucket. Each kid will get a prize since they will be asked to pick a prize from only one bucket.

Fear Factor Game

This may include older kids cause the rule of the game is to have the players complete each task before they can win. The task will get harder after each step.

There can be a task where one is blindfolded and is required to touch something inside a container. What’s inside can be slimy, wet, or warm and may freak out any player. Another one is when they are asked to drink something, thinking it is a disgusting drink, but it is not. But since they are blindfolded, they can either chicken out or drink what’s in front of them.

The player who is the most determined and “fearless” wins the game.

Three-Legged Race

Another classic that will draw a laugh from the birthday party guests. This game requires several players in pairs, where one leg of the players will be tied to the other leg of their partner, hence the game is coined three-leg race.

The idea here is for the pair to be synchronized while running, so they won’t trip during the game. The pair, who perfected the timing of their steps in running usually get to the finish line first.

Game of Charades

A game that is for all ages. Adults and children alike will surely enjoy this game.

There are just distinct sets of things to guess compared to the adult game of charades.

As long as the kid can draw and there is a great guesser from the team, this will surely give each team something to laugh about.

Chair Game

As they form the chairs in circles, the players will also dance while circling the chairs. Players may not just walk or they will be disqualified.

The number of chairs is less by a number from the number of players, so if there are 6 chairs, players should be 7.

Once the music stops, each of the players must sit, or else they will disqualify the one who is not seated.

The last two players will fight to take the single-seat, the one who failed to do so loses.

I hope I was able to give you some good tips on what you can do with your children in the backyard. There are so many great things to do with your kids in the garden. Perhaps choose one thing from the list for each day. But the main thing is that you keep yourself busy with your children in the garden and take part in the games, which is the best thing for your children anyway. Of course, a large garden offers many more opportunities for you and your children. How about if I talk about tree houses in my next blog post and how you can build the most beautiful tree house with your children in the garden? I think that’s a really good idea and I’ll write it down in a moment! Just visit this website again in a few days, maybe by then the article about the most beautiful tree house will be ready and you can get started with great instructions and start a great new project with your children.
Or just tell me in the comments what you like to do in the garden with your children or what your children particularly like to do in the backyard.

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