Backyard Sports

Here I show you the most popular sports that you can play in your backyard

  • There is a whole range of equipment, such as trampolines, skipping ropes or a slackline, that make sports in the garden exciting.
  • Bodyweight exercises can be performed just as well in the garden as in the house.
  • With ball and throwing games you can make good use of the space in your garden and have fun with your fellow players.

Those who can do sport in the backyard are in luck: there is enough space for workouts and games just a few steps from the house. In these circumstances, the decision to move is easier than if you first had to pack your bags and head to the gym. Here you will find a selection of the best training options.

1. These types of sports require equipment

Some gardening options tend to be classified as having fun and games for some people. The corresponding devices are not only suitable for children! You will quickly find that the exercise is strenuous, burns fat, and tightens muscles.

1.1. The trampoline is (not) a toy
Jumping on the trampoline is a lot of fun. At the same time, however, it is also very strenuous, because the muscles work non-stop with the constant movement up and down.

It is not necessary to jump particularly high or do somersaults. Even gentle bobbing (“swinging”) on the trampoline is enough to activate the muscles.

You can find trampolines in many different sizes. Small ones with a diameter of only one meter are also suitable for the house, while larger ones with a protective net are more fun in the garden. Suitable garden trampolines are available online or in your local shops.

If you have children, you should only let them on the trampoline one after the other as a precaution: If you have different jumping rhythms, injuries can easily occur here.

1.2. Jumping rope keeps you fit
Do you want to get your fat burning going quickly? Then jumping rope is worthwhile. If you have never done it, you will be amazed at how exhausting it is. With a little practice, however, you will last a long time – especially in the fresh air.

If you are too bored on your own, you can buy a long rope and ask your loved ones to do so: two swing the rope, one jumps. It’s a lot of fun in alternation.

1.3. A fitness band can be used in many ways
You can do various exercises outside with an elastic fitness band. For example, loop the ribbon around a tree or a post of the swing. Now step back with the ends of the strap enough to get tension and “row” them by pulling your elbows behind your back.

Alternatively, stand with your feet in the middle of the band and pull the ends up on both sides. Keep your shoulders straight and your elbows against your body: this is how you use only your forearms to pull the ends of the band towards your shoulders.

1.4. Keep your balance with the slackline
It had long disappeared from the scene, but for a few years now, hardly any summer park has been able to do without the slackline. You can simply stretch it between two trees or posts and practice balancing on it. This type of sport in the garden supports your coordination skills, for example if you like climbing.

1.5. The hula hoop conjures up a great waistline
Many people last used this piece of sports equipment when they were children – wrongly! The hula hoop trains your coordination skills and strengthens your abdominal muscles.

You have to tighten it to keep the tire in the air. After a nice summer season in the garden, your waistline is impressive.

1.6. For weight training, take some fitness equipment outside with you
Do you train regularly with your dumbbells or kettlebells anyway? Then just take them outside with you.

You will find that exercising in the garden is simply more fun: you get more oxygen and you can also enjoy the greenery.

2. You only need your body for this fitness training

All bodyweight exercises that you can do at home are also suitable for gardening. These include, among others

  • pushups
  • Squats
  • Planking
  • Sit-ups
  • Lunges
  • Dips at the garden bench or the garden chair
  • Jumping jack
  • Pull-ups on a tree or a horizontal bar, if possible
  • run in place and pull up your knees
  • lateral forearm support

There are a number of other exercises that you can use for training outdoors. Ideally, watch videos exactly how to do these exercises so that you don’t make mistakes and injure yourself.

Depending on your personal fitness, you can also vary how long you hold certain positions and perform heavier variants of the usual exercises.

Tip: Take the yoga mat outside with you and do your yoga or Pilates exercises in the countryside!

3. These sports games are fun with multiple people

Various games that you can play in the garden are suitable for a short, active break in between or a nice sunny weekend afternoon. Your options depend a little on how much space you have available.

Many of the games can be played in a small space. So you can spend some time with your family or friends and do something for your fitness at the same time.

3.1. Shuttlecock is also suitable for beginners
To play shuttlecock, you only need two rackets, a shuttlecock and a partner. A network is optional. This type of sport in the garden is also suitable for beginners and people of almost all ages: there are hardly any rules and it is fun to keep the ball in the air in pairs.

3.2. For many people, football is the favorite sport in the garden
Many people in this country have a passion for lawn sport. You don’t have to set up a proper field to play a little football in the garden: Simply turn garden chairs, watering cans, jackets or other objects into a football goal and get started.

Warning: flower pots are explicitly not suitable as goal posts! 😉

3.3. The basketball hoop allows practice throws
You can hang a basketball hoop on the house wall or in the garage. Alternatively, just put up a stake for it.

However, it should not be on the grass because the ball does not bounce off this surface as well. So it is better if there is a paved area in front of the basket – for example the entrance to the garage.

Once installed, nothing stands in the way of fun – whether alone or with friends.

3.4. Table tennis is a sport for all ages
If you set up a table tennis table in the garden, you can quickly go for a game in between. A round of light sport can easily be integrated into everyday life after work.

Always have two clubs with you and preferably a few spare clubs. You can use this if you want to play doubles or if several people line up for the round. You can play a round at one or the other garden party.

There are models that can be folded up and stored in the garden shed when you are not using them. Alternatively, you can cover them with a protective cover. You can read below about the advantages and disadvantages of a protective cover compared to folding it.

3.5. Frisbee can be tame and wild
If you and your teammate are familiar with the Frisbee, you can bring the game to a considerable pace. However, the sports equipment is just as suitable for doing some sports with the children in the garden.

You can practice throwing accurately before moving on to the more complicated throws. With several players you can bring a lot of movement into the game.

Attention: Be careful with smaller gardens – here the Frisbee flies quickly into the neighboring garden!