Badminton In The Backyard

In order to develop mental and physical toughness, it is necessary to do some physical activity on a daily basis. Sports should be a part of everyone’s daily routine. It is essential to make your children accustomed to a particular sport from an early age. Physical activity improves the blood circulation as a result of which a person is able to think better and perform ideally.

Both outdoor and indoor sports have their own importance. Outdoor sports, on one hand, improves the physical and mental health of a person whereas indoor sports enhance the focusing power of the player. Indoor sports play an important role in strengthening the immune system and keeps the person energized for the rest of the day.

Badminton is a well known indoor sport. People have been playing this sport since the mid-nineteenth century. Being the easiest sport, a large number of people around the world are actively involved in playing this sport. People of all ages from children of seven years to adults of fifty years are engaged in this interesting sport. Besides badminton being interesting, it has a lot of benefits like any sport has.

History of Badminton

Badminton had many different forms before getting its original shape in which we play it today. In ancient times, people used to use their palms to hit the shuttlecock. This was later modified to legs and then to racket.

This game was first rooted in India in 1870. This game emerged from Poona which was the game played by British army officers in India in the mid-nineteenth century. This game is also thought to have a close resemblance with children’s game; battledore and shuttlecock. It was then in 1873 that the duke of Beaufort introduced this game at his country estate from where the game took its proper form and name, Badminton.

Later in the 1890s, this sport was introduced in Vancouver. It was in 1899 when the first all-England championship of badminton for men was held. Right in the next year, a tournament for women was held in England.

After that, Badminton started to be recognized globally. In 1972, it was added to the Munich Olympics. The sport kept on getting fame until today when this sport is played everywhere in the world, including homes, schools, Olympics, nationally and internationally.

What is Badminton?

Badminton is an indoor game played either between two opposing players or two opposing pairs. The setup is such that the players take positions opposite to each other separated by a rectangular net. The player on one side has to throw the shuttlecock using a racket to the other player on the opposing side. They gain score by throwing the shuttlecock. Once the shuttlecock contacts the ground the rally ends. Each side of the players has to touch the shuttlecock just once by their rackets before it reaches the other side.

The game badminton was played in older times with its name battledore. In this game bat or paddle and shuttlecock were used. A game similar to badminton called Poona was also played in the time when badminton was invented.

This game originated from India where British Officers used to play it. Later on, it gained much popularity in Japan, Canada, Greece, China, and Malaysia.

Interesting Facts about Badminton

  • Apart from its popularity, this game requires a lot of physical strength and stamina.
  • It is one of the fastest among racket games. In this game, a player hits the shuttlecock at the speed of 288kph. A shuttlecock might hit the speed of 200 miles per hour.
  • Not only does it include speed, but a player has to run around 6.4km around the court during a match.
  • This game does not require a person to learn it in special sessions. The basics of this game are so simple that a person without any knowledge and prior experience can enjoy it. With some practice, the player will learn and progress and can master it in a little time.
  • This sport is played indoors, a reason for this is even the slightest touch of wind can interrupt the direction of the shuttlecock.
  • Badminton is the second most popular sports in the world. At the time in 1992, when Badminton was first included in the world cup. Around 1.1 billion people watched the match on their TVs at tha time.
  • The shortest match of badminton lasted for only 6 minutes. The competition was between the players of England and South Korea. On the other hand, the longest match lasted for about 124 minutes between the players of China and Denmark.
  • A game similar to badminton called Ti Zian Ji was and still played in China. In this game, the player hit the shuttlecock with his feet rather than with a racket.
  • The strings of the racket of badminton were made from the stomach lining of several animals like cats, but with the passing time, people have started using synthetic strings and wires to make a racket.

What equipment’s are required to play badminton?

Badminton is a sport that requires two important things to play with i.e., Racket and shuttlecock. Other equipment like a court net, particular types of shoes, or a complete badminton set is necessary only of your learning and playing professioanly.

If you are playing it for fun only, a racket and a shuttlecock alone will do. However, if you are practicing or learning badminton as a player, you should have comfortable footwear, a rectangular net, and enough space indoors to play well.


Rackets needed to play badminton comes in several different types according to the need of the player. There are slightest changes in each type of racket which you must consider while buying one.

Some of the rackets are lightweight built especially for beginners. Since a beginner does not have much control on the grip, they can go easily with lightweight rackets.

However, if you are a pro player with much focus on power, you should consider a racket of good quality. Good quality rackets are heavy and thus provide you more force while hitting the shuttlecock.

Not every racket suits every player. Therefore, considering your own strength, power and comfort are important while purchasing a racket. A good racket will provide you a better grip and thus you will play with more energy and good control.


Shuttlecock or birdie for badminton comes in two different types. One with feathers and the other is made of Nylon. Both of them have their own pros and cons. It is you who should consider which one to buy.

If you are a beginner, you can purchase the Nylon shuttlecock as they are cheaper and durable. On the other hand, if you are a pro player, you should go for the one with feathers. Feather shuttlecocks provide high aerodynamic lift and are expensive too.

Footgear for badminton

A person who knows a bit about badminton must have an understanding that what role your shoes play in the whole game. The shoes a player wears have a significant impact on the game. Playing badminton demands constant mobility in the form of running. A player could have to change the movement anytime. Keeping this in mind, developers have made shoes specifically for playing badminton.

These shoes are thin to the sole as to keep the foot in close touch with the floor. Badminton shoes are designed such that a player could change the direction quickly without the risk of getting injured.

If you are a beginner, you don’t really have to buy badminton footgear. Normal sports shoes will do their best. The only thing you should be aware of is running shoes. These shoes have a thick sole which technically makes it difficult to run.

Rackets, shuttlecock, and comfortable footwear are all you need to enjoy the game even at home. If you have enough space in the house or in the backyard, a badminton net can be installed there making it more convenient to get amused with the game.

How to play badminton?

Once you are done with collecting the basic equipment needed to play badminton, you can simply move to an open place with your badminton partner.

The object is to hit the shuttlecock and start a rally. Once the server hits the shuttlecock and it goes to your opponent on the other side of the net, a rally occurs.

A point is scored when you hit the shuttlecock and it lands successfully to your opponent’s side. You also win a point every time your opponent hits the shuttlecock into or out of the net.

Each game is called a “set”. Each set requires 21 points for a player to win. Most of the matches consist of 3 sets also called best-of-the-three. To win a complete badminton game, the player must score 21 points each time in 2 sets.

The badminton game can be played between two players or four players. In the case of four players, two players pair up on each side.

A Badminton match is played on a court with specific dimensions. It is an indoor sport so its court is set up inside. Its dimension is 6.1m wide and 13.4m long. The net is set up in the middle of the court that is, 1.55m.

Important rules for badminton

Some important rules that a badminton player should know before playing are stated under:

  • It is important for the serving player to know that shuttle should always be hit from below the waist.
  • To win a match, the player should score 21 points in each set. The first player to win two sets is the winner of the match.
  • If the game is drawn at 20 points for each opponent, then the first one gaining two clear points ahead will win the game.
  • A toss at the game’s beginning determines which side of the player will serve first.
  • Who will get the chance to serve in the next set is determined by the person winning the existing set.
  • The serve should be done diagonally across the net.
  • In an official badminton game, there are two resting periods for the players. The first resting period lasts 90 seconds after the first set and the second resting period lasts 5 minutes after the second set.
  • If the player touches the net at any point during the game either with a part of the body or with the racket, it will be considered as a fault and the opponent will gain a point.
  • The player must shot within the parameters of the opponent’s court, but there is no restriction in going out of the player’s own parameters to hit the shuttle.

Tips for beginner badminton players

Warming up before playing is an essential step. Make sure to do a quick five minutes of skipping or running to get your muscles stretched especially muscles of your legs and back. This helps you in building stamina for a badminton match.

While on the court, make sure to position yourself up in the center. After each shot move to the center. This way, it will become much easier for you to move to any side of the court to hit the shuttle.

A perfect grip on the racket is crucial for perfect shots. Do not hold the racket tightly, make sure you are easy at the grip. Hitting the shuttle flexibly from any side is the goal.

A focused mind is key to win badminton. Regardless of how experienced you are, make strategies, and try to grasp your opponent at his weakest point. Keep that in mind that it is an unpredictable game. The shuttle can come at you anytime. Be prepared to hit it by covering the whole court.

As it is said, it is equally a game of mind as a game of body. It is important to keep your focus and eyes on the shuttle all the time. Developing focus will take time, but it will build up gradually.

The most important thing after playing is cooling-down. Playing badminton is a kind of exercise that requires stretching after the match. Run around a little and do some stretches. The stretches should be a little deeper than you did in the warm-up. Do not go far with your stamina to avoid injuries.

Can a badminton court be set up in the backyard?

Badminton is one of those games which can be set up in the backyard. It has some conditions which need to be fulfilled.

A badminton court can be easily set up in the backyard if it has a plain and clear floor. No branches or trees should be there on the surface. They will otherwise interrupt the player while playing.

The dimension of your backyard should be 44 feet by 20 feet. The net should be placed in the center which is 5 feet tall. The aim is to not let the opponent hit the shuttlecock back. Since the shuttlecock is made up of feathers and is very lightweight, the wind will interrupt the game.

If your backyard is windy, it is of no use to install the badminton court there. Badminton demands a peaceful, windless environment where nothing would interrupt the normal flow of the lightweight shuttle.

Who can play badminton?

In general, there are no age, gender, and height restrictions for playing badminton. Everyone can play badminton at any age. However, there are certain levels at which badminton is played. While going for those levels, there are certain requirements.

Badminton is being played at four different levels. These levels include:

  • National and international level
  • State level
  • Club level
  • Social (Both competitive and non-competitive)

The higher the level, the more requirements it demands. The age factor is important in the case of national and international levels. For people who want to opt for badminton professionally, they are selected at an age as early as 12 years.

Players grading in badminton

The grading of players is important while setting up matches between the players. It will be quite useless and even disheartening for the player if a beginner level player is placed in a match with an A grade player. The grades for the players are classified as A, A reserve, B, C, and D.

  • An A grade player is professional enough to play at international, national, and state level.
  • An A reserve grade is given to players having good club playing skills.
  • A sound competitive player is awarded a B grade.
  • A social and competitive player is awarded a C grade.
  • D grade is for adult players and entry-level players.

How to start playing badminton?

If you want to play badminton for fun and you have a backyard wide enough to install a badminton net, start from home. You can play with your friends or any other siblings.

However, if you want to make it a part of your life, and have decided to take it further in your life, you should go to a sports club in your city. Some more specific badminton clubs are more likely to be found in your area. Joining a badminton club is not a task. They usually do not demand any skill so it is likely that you will be able to take admission easily.

Joining a club is far better than playing a game at home. You develop the skill in the presence of a coach who guides you at every step. In addition, meeting and interacting with more people is always fun that enhances your social skills.

The fee of a club varies depending upon the facilities they provide and the membership you are opting for.

Importance of playing badminton

Like every sport has its benefits, badminton also plays an important role in maintaining both the physical and mental health of a person. Unlike other sports, which take months for a player to get familiar with. Badminton is easy to learn and could be played by people of any age. Some of its other advantages include:

Fitness benefits

Playing badminton helps in controlling the cholesterol level of a person. LDL cholesterol which is also called “bad” cholesterol, if accumulated in larger amounts in a body, can cause different heart diseases and even stroke. Continuous playing of badminton reduces this cholesterol gradually, keeping you fit and healthy.

Playing any kind of sport strengthens your heart in various ways, so does badminton. If you play badminton on a regular basis, it will strengthen your heart muscles, improve blood circulation to the heart and other parts of the body, and ensure a normal heart rate.

As playing badminton involves rigorous running, it proves beneficial in decreasing your overall body weight. Badminton helps in improving your body’s metabolism which in turn helps you in losing weight. However, losing weight with badminton alone is not a reasonable idea. It will take longer than you think. Therefore, it is important to schedule some other exercises and a proper diet to reduce weight.

Boosts immunity

When you run and do a lot of physical activity, your body starts to improve all the levels of the immune system. It has been suggested that playing badminton for half an hour daily boosts the immune system of the body. A better immune system will prevent you from a number of diseases.

Badminton improves your immunity to such a level that it acts as a weapon against a bone disorder called Osteoporosis. As bone disorders are more common in females than in males, playing badminton is beneficial for ladies as it reduces the risk of many bone disorders. Not only does it strengthen heart muscles, but it also significantly improves bone density and bone strength.

Improves concentration

Good physical activity in the morning will keep you active the whole day. It is beneficial for students especially. Physical activity by any sport will improve your focusing power. Endorphins produced as a result of any physical activity leaves you enthusiastic for the whole day, doesn’t matter what your age is.

Teens who tend to play badminton regularly have fewer chances of suffering from mental disorders like, anxiety, depression, and stress, etc. The concentration a student need is all provided by a good badminton match played in the morning or in the evening.

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