Baseball In The Backyard

Baseball is considered by many individuals the king sport. It is one of the most popular sports in the United States. Also, it is considered very popular in most Latin American countries as well as Asian countries. It is a sport gaining more and more fans and growing in popularity in countries such as Australia, Canada, Colombia, South Africa, Taiwan, China, the Netherlands, and Italy. It has 12 Olympics as an exhibition sport.

This sport faces two teams made up of nine players per side, in addition to the reserves. Each team presents a list called “line up.” This list shows the 9 starting players who will start the game for each team plus the reserve, indicating their position to defend and the order they will take turns at-bat. These are the positions and functions that each player will perform in a very particular way on the playing field:

Defensive positions:

1. Pitcher

2. Catcher

3. First Base

4. Second Base

5. Third Base

6. Shortstop

7. Left fielder

8. Center fielder

9. Right fielder

On the Offensive:

Nine players will take their turn to bat (hit the ball). They go from the first to the second, up to the ninth bat. In the United States, baseball is organized by Major League Baseball, which is made up of the American League and the National League. Since 1973, the American League allows teams to designate a player to bat in place of the pitcher, known as the designated hitter. Not so in the National League.

Professional speaking, the playing field comprises two zones, the “infield” and the “outfield.”

The infield

  • Includes a square 90 feet per side, also called an “inner square” or diamond. In the main vertex is the home plate or batting box, and in the other three, the bases. The bases are numbered counterclockwise starting from home plate, first, second and third base, which is the same direction as running them.
  • On the diagonal that joins home plate to second base, starting from the plate, is the pitcher’s mound, also known as “hill,” at about 60 feet 6 inches.
  • The area around the corridor line is usually ground or special sand. There is also usually a path without grass between the house and the hill.
  • The infield zone is bounded by the curve drawn by a 95-foot line originating from the mound and intercepting the extensions of the lines that start from the home plate and pass through the first and third base.

The Outfield

  • It is the entire area adjacent to the infield area.
  • The left and right fences that mark the outfield boundary are usually set at a distance of 300-520 feet from home plate.
  • In the case of shorter distances, high obstacles are generally placed to ensure that the balls that exceed them are those with the potential to reach the lengths described above.

Modern baseball is a sport that basically consists of the confrontation of an individual who, in order to be successful, must make a great effort and receive due cooperation from his team. It is a game that focuses on a constant duel between the pitcher and the opposing team’s batters, one by one. From there, the game is derived from teamwork and cooperation to look for more outs and to push more runs when the turn corresponds. It is a sport that has extensive rules and regulations as well as multiple plays and conditions. We will only briefly detail the most used in backyard baseball.

In this sport, the defending team is the one in each of the field positions, and the attacking team is the one that takes turns at-bat. The game’s object is for each player on the attacking team to hit the ball with a bat. Hitting the ball into the right area of the field enables the batter to run to reach as many bases as possible and try to make a full turn. Every time a batter makes a full turn, it is a run.

On the other hand, without giving too many details, the defending team must make three outs per inning to get its chance to hit. In one inning, each team has the opportunity to defend and bat for nine innings. The game begins with the home team defending and ends with the home team batting. The team that scores the most runs wins. If the nine tied innings culminate, the game continues for the necessary innings until the tiebreaker is achieved and a winner is proclaimed.

In contrast, backyard baseball can hardly face two teams, each made up of nine players. It doesn’t need a field where the lines that limit the playing area form a 90-degree angle at home plate. Much less to have the dimensions of a professional baseball field. It only needs as flat and spacious land as possible, with well-maintained lawns and surroundings.

Depending on the backyard’s space, the game can face teams of up to 2-3 players minimum. When few players participate, it can be done with one less base by mutual agreement and without the catcher, so the pitcher will throw the ball smoothly, maintaining the rest of the dynamics.

The home team defends and throws the ball until they make three outs per inning to the opponent, then take their turn at-bat. Whoever has the most races will also win. The agreed amount of innings is played. Like all sports, this game serves to burn energy recreationally and thus awaken and develop future baseball players’ talents.

Backyard baseball can be practiced by all people of all sexes capable of walking and with the ability to catch, throw, and hit a ball with the bat Person from 3-4-year-olds to individuals over 80 years of age who are in good health and want to do some physical activity.

Many individuals also consider this game to be the most philosophical sport. This for the balance of its rules and actions on the field. So with the right motivation, you can lean on it to inspire and teach by example. When the game is in the backyard, you can lead the youngest in the house by example.

Teach them how to use the tools to keep the lawn and garden neat. A well-maintained backyard can be used for multiple recreational activities and social sharing, such as inviting your childhood friends for a barbecue and ending; why not? With a little baseball game. If the situation does not allow it, you can have a picnic or a photo section that you can very well use to promote your house if it is sold.

How Do You Play?

The nature of backyard baseball is to respect as the main rule that the home team starts defending, and the game is won by whoever makes the most runs. It is agreed the number of innings to play, the limits of the playing area, and when a batted ball is a full turn or “home run,” as well as if it is allowed to steal bases and touch the ball.

As announced, the team that scores the most runs at the end of the match wins, but if they finish with the same number of runs, they must decide whether to decide the tiebreaker by playing extra innings or tossing a coin. Overall, it is a recreational game, and the important thing is to participate and share.

In this game mode, generally, the team players with the best skills in hitting the ball and defending are the ones with the highest probability of winning. Physical contact between opponents is usually occasional, in the event of a base sweep. Baseball is a very particular fluid game, with many strategies, which can pause when the ball leaves the field and takes time to meet or in case of rain. It may be resumed if terrain conditions permit.

Backyard baseball is generally played without a catcher. This is due to the lack of adequate protective clothing to play fastball. That is why playing without a catcher; the pitcher is the one who covers the plate when the ball is hit, and there is an opportunity to play at the plate to put out the runner trying to score a run.

When a player occupies the catcher position without adequate protection, it is generally to quickly return the ball to the pitcher and speed up the game and defend in the event of a play at home plate. The pitcher’s pitches will be smooth. On the other hand, in the backyard baseball game, due to its dimensions, there are usually 1-3 positions that are not traditionally played, either the most common such as catcher, center field, or shortstop. Although there are some modalities in which it is also played without a pitcher.

When a hitter rolls the ball and the defense intercepts it, and there is a throw to the first base, and the ball arrives first, the runner is out first. There are many combinations of plays for making out a player from the opposing team that we will not describe. The truth is that in this game, each player participates in a specific position when it is appropriate to defend.

Also, all players have a chance to hit when attacking. Baseball is the only ball sport where the team that scores does not necessarily have the ball. This sport at a recreational level has many ways to play. It all depends mainly on the backyard dimensions; in that sense, it can be played:

  • No catcher. In this modality, a player from the opposing team returns the ball to the pitcher to throw it to the batter on duty, and he can hit it. It is usually played with 8 players. If the outfield zone is limited, it can even be played with one less outfielder.
  • No catcher and one less base. The dynamics are similar to the previous one. It is usually played with 6 players. Usually, apart from the catcher, it is played without the third baseman and one less outfielder.
  • No catcher and pitcher. In this mode, each batter performs his dynamics to hit the ball. It is usually played with 7 players. Sometimes also without shortstop and one less outfielder.
  • No catcher and pitcher and one less base. Very similar to the previous modality. Usually played with 5-4 players (no third base, one less outfielder, and no “shortstop.”

All these modalities can be played with a ball, bat, and gloves. Bases, including home plate, can be any flat object placed at agreed-upon distances. The rule of the agreed three outs per inning must be respected, and the one who makes the most runs wins.

There are two other very popular modalities in Latin America, one of which can be considered extreme due to the risk of playing it without proper protection and care.

  • With a rubber ball. This modality is played without a bat. The batter hits the ball with his right hand, open or clenched. The rest of the dynamics is similar to the third or fourth modality previously described.
  • With soda caps in bottles. There are no bases in this modality, and the ball is the caps, and the bat is a thin stick of regular size. It is usually played with 3-4 players per team, one of whom is a pitcher.
  • Pitchers must have the ability to throw float caps so that the batter can hit them.
  • The agreed three out by inning is achieved by merely catching the caps that are hit.
  • Runs are scored by hitting the caps and falling these in the limited and established playing area without being caught.
  • When the caps are made of metal, there is a risk of causing damage by hitting an unprotected vital part of a defending player. It is usually played with glasses; It’s advisable.

In short, how do you play? With a ball, a bat, a home plate, and some bases, you agree and define the backyard’s best-maintained area; you determine what will serve as a base and home plate. Depending on the patio’s size, they agree on how many players each team can make up, decide who they are and how many innings they will play.

Ah, very important, as this is recreational between family members or friends, all are referees, so they must agree on the rules and conditions very well. The one with the most runs will win; in the event of a tie, they decide without breaking the draw by playing extra innings or tossing a coin.

Remember, the most important thing is to share and enjoy, have a good time with the family. This activity encourages keeping the lawn and its surroundings in good condition, especially if there are ornamental, medicinal, or aromatic plants such as hydrangea flowers, thyme, and rosemary.

What Equipment Is Required?

The essential equipment required to play backyard baseball is:

  • Clothing, which consists of pants, a T-shirt, sports or baseball shoes and optionally, a cap.
  • A ball.
  • Three bases and a home plate.
  • Baseball bat
  • Baseball gloves
  • An appropriate field on which to play.
  • Friends or family.
  • Lots of energy.
  • Good hydration.

If you want, you can buy protective clothing for a catcher:

  • Mask.
  • Helmet. The helmet is a bit similar to what hitters wear. Some are comprehensive, include the mask, similar to the hockey one, so you would not need the mask.
  • Mitten.
  • Protection for the throat.
  • Joggers pants.
  • Medicinal shell.
  • Kneepads.

As it is a recreational activity, if there are more players than can be in the game according to modality, determine how many innings to play per game or a substitution strategy to give a chance to those who hope to participate in the game.

As this game is very enthusiastic, we suggest building your own portable batting net and baseball batting tee; it is straightforward. It will allow you to spend countless hours outdoors, even when you are just practicing your swing. You just have to have several balls; it will be a functional toy.

This toy is what most children need to learn to hit the ball and gain strength. To build this toy, you will need some long sticks and canvas. The work will consist of measuring, cutting, and pasting. If the patio’s material is not suitable, you can buy inexpensive materials such as PVC pipe and wire mesh to build both accessories with those materials. The only thing is that the mesh must be protected so that they do not take it as a clothesline or other stuff because that increases the probability that it suffers damage.

The other option that is more durable is that you can purchase the items we offer through a recognized store. Our products are durable and of quality, specially designed to harmonize with the maintenance of your patio. Also, to allow baseball enthusiasts to enjoy another recreational activity in their preferred setting that enhances their home.

In short, what equipment is required? Clothing, according to baseball, a ball, a bat, some bases, and home plate. Plus an energetic group of friends or family plus a piece of land suitable for the excellent gardening tasks you do to keep your lawn short and beautiful, adding more appeal and value to the home.

With all of the above, you can put together a good game, that if, that the most precious authority in the house prepare a good jug of orangeade and have refreshing and delicious hydration.

How Big Should My Backyard Be?

Whatever space the house has available in the backyard is sufficient. If, for example, it is an area of 4X6 square meters, which is limited space, it is suitable for the potential big league to develop their skills. The important thing is to have a space to hit the ball and have fun running the bases to score runs.

If the house’s backyard dimensions are more than 40 m in length and more than 20 m in width, you can make a mini-court that allows you to practice one of the baseball modalities in the backyard.

When the terrain is very tight, the court is usually an area trapped between the two lines that form an angle around 45 degrees at home plate. This allows you to play backyard baseball options with two bases or no bases.

Besides, in confined spaces, the child or whoever plays in it can learn to improve their swing and ability to hit the baseball with force. A reduced space is what your child’s coach will suggest to you to make him develop and enhance skills and abilities not only to hit the ball with the bat but how to catch it when defending.

In a small space, the child, together with her friends or family, can improve by practicing and playing:

  • The ability to hit the ball with the bat.
  • Catching rolled balls and learning to interpret the irregularities of the terrain.
  • Catching the fly ball.
  • How to run the bases.
  • How to steal a base.

In short, how big should my backyard be? Enough to allow you to play any of the modalities described in this blog. Keep in mind that the important thing is to have a space to play and burn calories, enjoy hitting the ball with the bat and going around the bases, and scoring runs as a family. And if you hit it home run regularly, the better, you can be a future professional baseball player.

Since baseball is a sport without many physical demands, playing on a small court is a blessing as it allows improving abilities and skills that can be demonstrated in a regular game with a court of regulation size. Another benefit is that it will enable you to have a backyard with grass and surroundings well-kept and tidy.

How Many People Can Play It?

As announced in the section: How do you play? Depending on the backyard’s dimension, the described modalities or some of them may be played. The number of players per game depends on the modality that can be played.

But in answer to the question, everyone in the yard can play it. Remember that backyard baseball can be practiced by all people regardless of gender and who can walk and catch, throw, and hit a ball with the glove and bat. Of course, they are in good health and want to do some physical activity.

In short, how many people can play it? Depending on the patio’s dimensions. According to the modality, it can be played by 2-7 players per team, according to the section: How do you play?

If more people want to play, a substitution strategy can be established, or a reduced number of innings can be played that allows everyone to participate in this fun and recreational activity.

For What Age Is This Sport Suitable?

As announced in the first section of this article, backyard baseball is suitable for all walkers and all genders, from 3-4-year-olds to individuals over 80 years of age who are in good health and want to do some physical activity.

When there are players of ages of both extremes in a game, keep the following warnings in mind:

  • You must be careful not to hit the ball hard to avoid damaging one of those physically disadvantaged players. Remember that this activity has recreation among its main objectives.
  • Be a good team player when the little ones hit animals and help them hit the ball. For older adults, give them a chance to reach a base.
  • Try to maintain hydration to avoid fatigue.
  • In case of an emergency, call an ambulance immediately.

What Do You Have To Pay Attention to?

Teach your offspring how to keep the backyard and surroundings in good condition. Focus on keeping your house’s backyard in good condition; the lawn and its surroundings always well cut and maintained. As we have announced in other sections of this blog, a well-maintained lawn and garden add value to the house. Also, light the flame of other recreational activities that help to strengthen ties of friendship.

Keep in mind that playing is not just a matter of children. In life, not everything is work and not sports activity; those who walk with that philosophy are going astray. Generally, those who emphasize the importance of a game as a sport reap good health and well-being. Many studies certify that recreational activities such as sports and games, specifically those with physical demands, help expand adults’ body expression, reinforcing good physical and mental health.

In line with the above, it is most advisable to take care of yourself by getting enough sleep, respecting the recommended schedule, and enjoying a healthy diet. By doing all this, you will effectively use your attention, which will lead you to enjoy better results in your family, professional, and work-life. That is why I encourage you to read the next section’s content, with which we will end this article.

What Are The Benefits of This Sport?

Who didn’t grow up playing? There is probably someone who did! However, most of us grew up playing games, having fun, and being active. But, as many reach adulthood, the system induces them to focus only on working. The university of life and many other studies teach that work often comes with stress – debt to pay, making important decisions, and more – stones in the way. As a result, many who grew up playing sports put it aside.

Often, lack of time and interest coupled with poor health ends up being the excuses given by those adults who left the fun for their children. If you are one of them and you have also been inactive for some time, you are at risk of injury if you participate in this game. It is recommended to go to your trusted doctor for approval to avoid surprises. It is advisable that your sports reactivation progressively reaches a controlled physical resistance.

Playing baseball at home is important for physical and emotional health. It is a de-stressing activity that also helps maintain a physically active life as you age. In addition to keeping the problems that accompany obesity at bay, it helps to:

  • Promote good cardiorespiratory health. That is more than medically proven. In this regard, statistical data indicate that around 40% of deaths related to coronary problems are due to physical inactivity. If you want good cardiovascular health, get moving.
  • Strengthens bones and muscles. Also medically tested. A lifestyle on the go is even more important for those at risk of losing bone mass.
  • Helps sleep. Exercise benefits your sleep, provided it is done at the right time. The caveat is to avoid physical activity close to bedtime. If you want to exercise at the end of the day, make sure you do it in plenty of time for your body to slow down before you go to bed.
  • Promotes good humor and mental health. Playing is as basic a body need as sleeping. Exercising promotes a better mood and peace of mind.
  • Offers competitive advantages at work:
  • Increases self-confidence by showing ability, strength, and capability to do what this sport demands.
  • Develops leadership skills, which can be evidenced in the conference room.
  • Revitalizes memory providing greater concentration.


Playing baseball at home has other benefits in addition to those mentioned above, such as:

  • Strengthens and integrates family and friendship ties, especially the father and son relationship.
  • It helps to keep the backyard and surrounding gardens in good condition.
  • Adds attractiveness and value to the house’s cost in the event of a future sale.

Remember, this game consists of two teams’ confrontation, where both have the opportunity to defend and attack. Professionally, he focuses on an inning-to-inning duel between pitcher and batters. The game begins with the home team defending with the mission of making three outs to get their chance to hit. The attacking team is the one that hits, intending to hit the ball more times to have more options to score runs.

The game is played over 9 innings, and the one with the most runs to score wins. The game does not end until the 27th out is taken from the home team, who is the one who closes each inning. In the case of finishing with the same number of runs (tie), the amount of extra-inning necessary is played until there is a winner. On the other hand, in backyard baseball, tiebreakers are usually done by chance with a coin toss.

It should be borne in mind that this sport at home is recreational and gives everyone present in the yard the opportunity to participate. It can also be practiced by all people capable of walking and of all sexes. Suitable for children from 3-4 years to individuals over 80 years of age who are in good health and wish to do some physical activity, whom you must take care of with particular attention according to the indications described in the article.

Ah! it also serves to awaken and develop talents, enhance skills, and to exercise and maintain good health as we age. It besides promotes the lawn and garden’s maintenance, which adds value and attractiveness to the house. We want to help you and accompany you in that direction. Activate yourself and enjoy all the benefits that come with this sports and recreational activity.

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