Are you interested in gardening, home and diy?
If you like to write content, but do not know where you should publish these? Would you like to earn an additional income with your writing skills?

Then you are exactly right with us!
If you are interested in the topics of home, garden, and DIY and you would like to write long content, we would work on a freelance basis with you.

If you have written a text that fits in our blog, you can send us this by email. We check it for quality, uniqueness, and plagiarism. If we accept your text we will of course publish this on our platform.

Please pay attention to that the text is at least 1000 words and written in good english. We also do not accept advertising for other companies, services or websites. If you have, then you can send us suitable images as well.

What distinguishes such a text of a guest contribution or a sponsored post?

With content, you send us and for which we can pay you we can not add backlinks/links to any external website or service. We will mention you as an author in the text but we will not provide any links.

If you want to submit a Guest Post or a Sponsored Post, where we give links to external sites, please look at this page.

How much money can you earn with your text/content?

We pay fair prices for the texts you send to us.

1000 words = $ 10 (Payment is made in Bitcoin)
1500 words = $ 15 (Payment is made in Bitcoin)
2000 words = $ 20 (Payment is made in Bitcoin)
2500 words = $ 25 (Payment is made in Bitcoin)
3000 words = $ 30 (Payment is made in Bitcoin)

(We can only pay in Bitcoin/BTC, payments via PayPal or wire transfer is NOT possible)

We pay only after checking the quality of the submitted text. We can also reject inferior texts and are not obliged to publish texts on our blog!

All texts we receive from you, or the texts you send to us, you agree that all copyrights go to us. When sending text and pictures you agree that you transfer all copyrights and claims to us.