Become Self-Sufficient: Grow Your Own Fruit And Vegetables In The Backyard

Nothing beats self-grown fruit and vegetables from your own garden or balcony. Uncomplicated ways make it easy even for beginners. We are presenting five types of vegetables and two types of fruit that are rich in harvest and are quite undemanding.

Would you like to try your hand at being a kitchen gardener and use your own garden or balcony as a source of food? Supply yourself with fresh ingredients?

Then it is best to start with a few species that also thrive reliably, hardly require any time and produce good harvests. We are introducing five vegetables and two types of fruit that meet these requirements exactly.

Pickled Salad: Also known as “baby leaf”

This includes lettuce that you can harvest several times. Baby leaf salad mix also comes in seed plates. The seeds are already embedded in the right distance. The first harvest begins after just a few weeks. It couldn’t be easier.

Child’s play: Put the seed plate in the box, pour it and the “baby leaf” salad sprouts.

Carrots: Undemanding and tasty

Carrots also belong to the undemanding vegetables. The narrow seed bands have proven themselves for sowing.

Beet-rich: whether long or short, yellow or purple, early or late varieties – carrots are uncomplicated and require little care.

Pumpkins almost grow on their own

Pumpkins need plenty of fertilizer and around 1 square meter of space in the bed. But they grow quickly and almost by themselves.

Autumn pleasure: sow pumpkins – and watch them grow. The Hokkaido variety doesn’t get huge, but it tastes very aromatic and is very popular for soups!

Potatoes on the balcony and terrace

Potatoes can even be cultivated on the balcony and terrace without any problems. All you need is a large plant pot or plant sack of around 40 liters, nutrient-rich soil and three to four sprouted seed potatoes. You can expect up to one kilogram of harvest per potato.

Classic: Classic Potatoes do not only thrive in the bed, but in suitable containers such as this practical potato pot also on the balcony and terrace.

Tomatoes: A classic balcony cultivation

Tomatoes cannot be missing in the vegetable garden. Small-fruited tomatoes on the stalks are recommended for a start. You have to tie them up, but you harvest more than from dwarf varieties.

Great tomatoes: keep an eye out for grafted young plants (Volmary, in specialist gardeners): They are more resistant to diseases such as the dreaded late blight and brown rot.

Delicious fruit fits into the smallest garden

Those who would like to grow their own fruit are well advised as a newcomer with berries, especially raspberries and strawberries.

There is room for berry bushes even in the smallest garden. And their care is not very demanding. The fruits also provide many valuable vitamins.

Heavenly raspberries

In the case of autumn raspberries, you will have to wait for fruit until late summer. But they are maggot-free: the season is already over for the pest.

Heavenly: autumn raspberries ripen too late for the larvae of the raspberry beetle. Their pruning is simple: after harvesting, cut back all the shoots close to the ground


Strawberries are planted in summer. The first harvest in the following year is then particularly rich. They are easy to multiply with runners.

Temptation: Strawberries are easy to propagate.

All of these fruits can of course be grown perfectly in a raised bed!

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