Build A Bunker In The Garden Yourself

It cannot be overlooked: the world is becoming more and more dangerous. Wars, terror, disasters on almost every news program.

Here you will find everything you need if you want to build a shelter, nuclear shelter, air raid shelter, protective shelter, bunker, etc. yourself.

And all of this not far away, but also in front of our front door for a long time. No wonder that people’s fear is increasing, as is the question of suitable protective measures. A storm house, shelter and underground security bunker, as well as a panic room, are particularly important issues. Unfortunately, most people have little knowledge of this area and are therefore looking for a solution to meet their growing security needs in the simplest, but effective way possible. If you, too, are looking for a high-quality and usable shelter and want to build a bunker yourself, you have come to the right place. With us you will find an extensive collection of building plans on the subject of shelter construction and get all the necessary aids at first hand.

Build your own protection bunker: An important investment in the future

Even if some media portray it this way: The establishment of shelters is by no means an American phenomenon. There are currently more than 300,000 bunkers in Switzerland alone. Especially since the Fukushima incident, the construction activity of such plants has increased extremely. So when you’re building a shelter, you are in good company and by no means a quirky conspiracy theorist.

So do not fall for the skilful rhetoric of political detractors or the appeasement attempts of the yesterday, but pursue your goal of protecting yourself and your family or your company just as intensely and persistently. The global threat level is high and building a protective bunker yourself is a sensible thing these days. Please also bear in mind that there are different levels of vulnerability.

You may want to build a shelter to be able to escape in the event of a major terrorist attack. Or you want to store important documents. If you build a protective bunker yourself, it is not only the best prerequisite for getting to safety in the event of danger, it is also an ideal opportunity to store sufficient quantities of supplies well protected. Underground shelters or so-called storm houses are also suitable for this.

Build bunkers yourself as a route to underground home towns

Building a bunker yourself doesn’t have to be difficult. In order to make the implementation of such a project as easy as possible for you, we have carefully researched and compiled the best construction plans for you. Benefit from this extensive knowledge and rely on well thought-out concepts right from the start when building a shelter or building a shelter yourself.

If you build a bunker yourself, it becomes a kind of underground home for you. You will continue to be able to enjoy the comforts as you are used to from your home: with a fully equipped kitchen, a ready-to-use bathroom and comfortable sleeping furniture and closets. If you want to build a shelter or a protective bunker yourself, you can also design wall colors, carpets and tiled floors exactly according to your wishes.

Interesting for you: Patent specifications – an exclusive and invaluable help when building your own bunker

The construction plans we offer are so-called patent specifications. Patent specifications show you the exact function of entire buildings and individual assemblies. They are an invaluable aid and also inspire you to create and invent yourself. Patent specifications are also extremely helpful for replicating individual components or complete products. Only replicas for commercial purposes are prohibited.

As you can see, if you want to build a shelter, our high-quality collection provides you with the best technical specialist literature, which provides important and priceless support both when building a shelter and when building your own shelter and helps you understand the thoughts of the original designers and developers. In the texts, every detail is comprehensively described and illustrated in hundreds of technical drawings.

The collection we sell includes patents from several decades and illuminates not only American but also foreign developments and inventions in this field. The perfect information and work material for everyone who wants to build a bunker themselves or who want to build a shelter.

So if you have plans or are interested in building a bunker in your garden, this collection is a must-have for you!

Things to know about building a shelter

We live in uncertain times, that’s for sure. But we are not completely powerless over everything that happens. In this way we can stock up on supplies in order to be supplied at least for a while in an emergency situation such as a civil war, a war or a natural disaster. But the other question arises as to whether our house, our apartment, would withstand such a scenario.

However, the construction of today’s buildings does not seem to be designed to withstand real threats. Windows and doors can be pushed in or kicked in. Contaminated air and the like can enter through the chimney or other regular ventilation openings. But you don’t have to stand idly by. There is the option of creating different locations that are safe even in the event of a disaster. Or at least safer than our conventional houses: bunkers, panic rooms, air raid shelters or underground cellars – everything can be built and equipped with a little skill now.

Build a bunker yourself – how does it work?

If you were to ask Wikipedia, the answer would be that a bunker is a building that can protect the occupants or the environment from direct danger. This includes the effects of weapons, protection against toxins or at least the containment of these. So if you want to build a bunker yourself, you first have to be clear about what kind of impact it is supposed to withstand.

One must of course also bear in mind that the weapons of today cannot be compared with the weapons of the past centuries. Surely a well-built house is already a good protection against pistols and rifles. In order to withstand a bomb of today, you have to build a really stable bunker yourself. But this also means that you have to equip it with appropriate ventilation mechanisms. Why should everyone understand: Even today, there is still a fight against toxins that spread through the air. So you need a good, state-of-the-art filter system if you want to build a bunker isolated from the outside air yourself.

But building a bunker yourself also means that you have to deal with the conditions of the property. Do you want or have to build the bunker in the garden, i.e. visible to everyone, or should it run underground. Building a bunker yourself means, in the latter case, a lot of preparation. Depending on how many people there should be space and how long survival or life should be possible there. However, the exact planning is very important, because not only the circumstances need to be studied. The costs of building a bunker should not be underestimated either. But this money is well invested!

What do you want to protect yourself against is the correct counter-question to this question. The less you have to fear, the smaller the shelter can be. The place of residence or the type of living is also important. In a rented apartment, no matter how big it is, you can build a panic room, but it has to be enough. Surely it can also be integrated in such a way that it is not discovered so quickly.

Your own bunker in the garden: A video assembly instruction:

Part 1: the plan

Part 2: digging

Part 3: the construction

Part 4: cement

Part 5: The Completion

What is the difference between a bunker and an air raid shelter?

Building an effective air raid shelter yourself requires even more effort than wanting to build a regular bunker yourself. Because you can build a bunker yourself in different ways: It can be built visibly above ground or hidden, i.e. underground. Certainly it should also be designed in such a way that impacts from air strikes would not damage it. Nevertheless, it is already protected by the soil up to a certain point. Building an underground bunker yourself is a project that can be carried out well in the country or with correspondingly free land. Less populated areas in particular would have less to expect large-scale attacks. As a result, you can sometimes even build a bunker yourself completely unnoticed.

In larger communities or large cities it should actually be one of the obligations towards the population to have an air raid shelter built itself. In addition to their special stability, air raid shelters also have the special feature of a completely self-sufficient supply. They are certainly only calculated for a certain period of time. As can be seen from the old bunker systems, the actual buildings were built for a very long period of time. But infinite supplies cannot be created.

Why build an earth cellar?

Now the earth cellar is actually one of the natural storage chambers that, with the support of nature, maintain constant temperatures all year round, which means that the stored goods remain fresh. But the earth cellar can also be used as the start of an underground system. It is not unusual in the country to build an earth cellar, but build a bunker yourself. Therefore an entrance hidden in the earth cellar can lead to the bunker.

One might think that building a bunker underground yourself would be an inexpensive proposition. But building bunkers yourself should not be underestimated. Because the ground is excavated when building the bunker yourself and has to be removed. In order to prevent the walls from collapsing in the event of strong vibrations, it would be necessary to always support the ceilings when building the bunker yourself, similar to the construction of underground tunnels in mining, and ideally to clad the walls immediately.

Many people who want to build a bunker in their garden rely on their own manual skills. But can you trust your own construction plans for the bunker? Therefore, to be on the safe side, you should have a manual that has been created by a specialist, thousands of which can be obtained here. After all, it is about your safety!

Did we arouse your interest in your own bunker in the backyard with this article? Of course you need a lot more information to build your own backyard bunker. We have put together many detailed plans and building instructions for you that you can download. With these plans, YOU are also able to build your own bunker in your backyard in the shortest possible time!
Click on the picture and you will be redirected to the instructions for building bunkers.

Survival and off-grid living

If you are also interested in other survival topics, I can highly recommend a book on the same topic. There you will find many helpful tips on survival and off-grid living. If you are planning to build your own bunker, you should definitely take a look at the topics in this book. There you will also find many additions that you can combine with your new bunker.

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