Build your own dog house: a villa for four-legged friends

Dogs love protected caves that offer them an overview and in which they feel safe. Our dog house model is not only easy to recreate, it also looks really good!

Build a dog house yourself? Sure, the ready-made solutions all look the same! It should be functional for your four-legged friend, but on the other hand it should also look good. Beautifully designed models are rarely found in stores. Then just build the dog house yourself!

Build your own dog house: the right size

The model that we are introducing to you is suitable in the selected dimensions for rather large dogs. Every dog ​​house must be adapted to the size of the dog, be it thick or thin!

This is important because if the hut is too small, the dog will get too warm and condensation will form. If it is too big, its body temperature is not enough to warm it up.

The rule of thumb for the correct size of the dog house is:

  • Height of the hut: 1.2 x shoulder height;
  • Length of the hut: 1.2 x the length of the dog from the snout to the base of the tail;
  • Width of the hut: 1.2 x turning width, i.e. the measure the dog needs to turn around.

For the entrance height, take the shoulder height. In this way, the dog house can be transferred to every dog.

The dimensions of the dog house

<a href=This sketch shows the dimensions of our dog house.” class=”wp-image-16887″/>
This sketch shows the dimensions of our dog house.

Here you can view the sketch in large size and download it or print it out directly.

Instructions: Build your own dog house

The elements, side and gable walls, floor and roof, are manufactured separately and then put together. Then the dog house only needs a coat of paint.

The floor has a double structure: Rough-pound boards with tongue and groove are screwed onto square timber (impregnated spruce, 7 x 7 cm). On top of this comes the floor area made of frame strips and styrofoam, covered by nailed-out planks. Note the recessed mount for the walls.

The basic structure of the walls consists of square timber, butt glued and fixed with wood screws. The precisely cut styrofoam sheets are fitted into the compartments.

The outer boards have tongue and groove. They are cut to fit and nailed on horizontally.

The window gets a frame cladding made of strips that are measured at the top and bottom to the full width and cut to length. The two vertical profiles are then shortened to fit and inserted blunt. The window pane is framed by four cut square timbers each for the inside and outside.

The round arch at the top of the entrance consists of a strip that has been slotted centimeter by centimeter, making it bendable. This bar also covers the styrofoam layer that is exposed here.

The veranda roof rests on long square strips that extend far beyond the interior of the house. They will be supported later (see sketch).

The mortise and tenon connection between the support posts and the roof beams can be precisely prepared with a jigsaw. Mark the cutting lines and depth with an angle and notch them with a long saw blade.

Phillips-head screws are best for connecting roof beams and support posts. Position the screws and screw them in with the cordless drill.

The railings of the veranda are decorative elements, but also offer the dog a clear view on all sides. They are butt-assembled from roof battens – note the vertical pieces of wood standing inwards – and inserted into the construction as prefabricated parts.

The roof covering with shingles is particularly appealing and decorative. The roofing felt elements are nailed with a staple gun to the roof planks so that they overlap. If you like, you can also use sheet material that is fixed with roofing nails.

Now you can paint the new dog house individually or make it nice and cozy inside, so that your dog is really comfortable.

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