Christmas decoration in the garden | Many tips to tinker yourself

Advent is already knocking on the door and the annual fairy lights for the garden are being fetched from the cellar. Would you like to try out new Christmas decorations this year and are you looking for creative ideas? Then we have just the right inspiration for you to conjure up the Christmas spirit in your garden!

Creative do-it-yourself ideas for the garden

An advent wreath made from cones

In winter there are many mild days when you like to sit in the garden with a mulled wine. Winter barbecues in the run-up to Christmas are also very popular. For the Christmas atmosphere, an Advent wreath should of course not be missing outside!

Magical ice lanterns

When ice and snow are still a long time coming, you have to know how to help yourself to create a romantic winter mood! I have a great idea for this too: ice lanterns for the garden!

Ice lanterns create a wonderful light and are very easy to make yourself.
Of course, the temperature has to be below zero, otherwise you will only enjoy the lanterns for a short time. Otherwise, it doesn’t take much to imitate: just fill a bowl with water and place a smaller bowl in it to create a bulge for the tea light. Put the whole thing in the freezer and wait for the water to freeze.
To give the ice lantern a festive feel, you can freeze cones, fruits and small fir branches with it. You can also use small stars or cinnamon sticks – there are no limits to your imagination!

Christmas felt bags

Another creative decoration idea are Ute’s Christmas felt bags, which are ideal, for example, as decorations on your garden house door. In her manual, Ute also provides a video tutorial with which you can easily imitate the pointed bags! You can fill the bags with all kinds of Christmas decoration elements, such as fir branches, Christmas tree balls and cones.

Christmas flair in a few simple steps

Here I will show you how you can transform your garden into a Christmas paradise with little effort.
“I give my garden a Christmas flair with fairy lights. Around the seat in front of the house there are several tall dwarf lilac trunks that are illuminated every year, as is the fence in front of the house. I use places that we can see well from the house. I often tie red bows to tall trunks or to my decorative fences. This is how I set accents in the garden. I put fir branches in the flower pots and decorate them with bows, balls and stars, but everything is as natural as possible! “

Tips from the professional: Christmas garden decorations made of wood

With a little craftsmanship, you can also build Christmas decorative elements out of wood. You can mainly use old building materials for garden design that you still have in the shed anyway. I’ll tell you my personal decoration tips.

What shouldn’t be missing in your garden at Christmas time?

It’s a matter of taste. In no case should the garden appear overloaded. Less is often more here. A Christmas tree belongs to the Christmas season. To make it look really Christmas, you can help with a chain of lights. For example, simple wooden decoration elements and a self-made Santa Claus should not be missing in our garden. A well-stocked bird feeder in the garden is also important to us. Lanterns that warm the heart and bathe the garden in an atmospheric light are just as much a part of it as home-made poinsettias.

Which Christmas decorations do you particularly like outside?

Personally, I particularly like lanterns and simple decorations, such as houses cut from old beams. Since we also have small children in town, I saw a Santa Claus out of wood and put him out of the door every year.

Which materials do you recommend for a garden decoration in winter?

Natural materials such as wood, nuts, chestnuts, acorns, and twigs are good for the garden. Recycled materials, such as glasses, bottles and cans, are also robust and weatherproof.

Here are the 5 most beautiful last-minute Christmas ideas to make yourself

There are only a few days until Christmas and your front yard is still not festively decorated? No problem – we’ll show you the five most beautiful last-minute Christmas ideas from garden bloggers, which you can easily remodel at home.

Creative decoration with little expenditure of time

The run-up to Christmas is often anything but stress-free. Presents have to be obtained, cookies baked and the party organized. If you have still not really got into the Christmas decoration, three creative garden bloggers will help you with their last-minute Christmas decoration ideas.

  1. Christmas wooden pallet
    The idea comes from a friend who showed me the wooden pallets in his garden.
    The festive palette is a classic last-minute idea that you can quickly build yourself despite the stress of Christmas.

A wooden pallet decorated for Christmas is quick and easy to build.

You need that

  • An (old) wooden pallet
  • moss
  • A fir tree
  • A string of lights
  • Some wire
  • A lace border
  • Hammer and nails or screws
  • Two wooden struts
  • Narrow wooden board

How to do it

Step 1: To prevent the pallet from falling over in the next gust of wind, you should first attach two longer wooden struts to the bottom of the pallet.

Step 2: Then attach a narrow wooden board at the top (as in the photo) on which the decoration can stand.

Step 3: The star can be easily formed from wire. Birgit has wrapped it with a lace border.

Step 4: Simply place the moss and string lights on the board attached above. The fir tree or other winter potted plants can also be easily positioned.

By the way: I bought the cute squirrel in a junk shop: “It laughed at me from the shop window of the little room and has now found a nice place on my wooden pallet.”

  1. Juniper gnomes
    Another garden blog gave me these great decoration ideas for Christmas. About her last-minute DIY she says: “By the way, my juniper gnome was ready in no time! After less than an hour he was finished on the terrace with his white puffy beard and his big red nose. “

The juniper gnome is always in a good mood – with you and your neighbors.

You need that

  • A pile of green cuttings (ideally from a juniper hedge that needs a cut anyway)
  • Some cord
  • A few tufts of long, withered fern fronds
  • A red Christmas ornament for the nose
  • A small piece of solid wire
  • A red Christmas tree ball for the pointed hat
  • Some cotton

How to do it

Step 1: First, tie a tuft of juniper branches tightly with the cord to form a bouquet. Now place the juniper bouquet upside down on the ground. If it is compact and heavy enough, it should be stable. Otherwise, consider adding a few more branches.

Step 2: Now it is the turn of the pixie hat. To do this, tie juniper branches again, but this time wrap the cord around the entire bouquet up to the tip. Then bend the tip down a little to create a pointed hat. You then put this on the standing “body” and fix it with the cord.

Tip: “So that the gnome hat looks really like a gnome hat and you can no longer see the twisted branches in the middle, I plucked several tufts of wilted fern fronds from my beds and wrapped them around the lower part of the gnome hat as a hat band. A bit of cord or string helps with fastening. “

Step 3: We used a red Christmas ball as a nose. You can attach the ball with some wire. You can also attach Christmas tree balls as a pompom on the elf hat. Simply shape the beard out of white cotton wool.

  1. Pine cone tree
    We actually wanted to set up the tree outside, but we took it so much to our hearts that we placed it on the kitchen table. The cone tree is weatherproof, but you shouldn’t expose it to heavy rain. It also looks great under your carport or in the covered house entrance.

Nice idea for inside and outside: the cone tree made of pine cones.

You need that

  • Lots of dried pine cones
  • A working hot glue gun
  • A blanket

How to do it

Step 1: At the beginning, put a wreath of pine cones on the ceiling. The wreath should be about four inches in diameter. Important for the stability of the tree: Interlock the individual cones by alternately placing the cones with their tips facing outwards and inwards. Then put some glue between the pegs and briefly press them together.

Step 2: Then glue a second row of tenons slightly offset over the first. From the second row onwards you should also glue the pegs from below. Use this principle to work your way to the top.

It took us around two hours for all the crafting fun. We are very proud of our sapling: “My sapling is now about 60 centimeters high. And I think it’s wonderfully beautiful. “

  1. Christmas decoration table
    The right Christmas decorations should not be missing on the table either. Here I have a great idea for you to make yourself. Do you have children? Then just make these great things together with your children. Our little ones love to make great Christmas decorations for indoors and outdoors with various materials.

You can saw the wooden stars yourself or buy them at the Christmas market.

You need that

  • A (wooden) table
  • wooden stars
  • Christmas balls made of frost-proof plastic
  • fairy lights (for outside)
  • Clay pot
  • Floral foam
  • moss
  • Fir branches and cones
  • wire
  • Cord or ribbon

How to do it

Step 1: All you need to do is fill the clay pot with floral foam and cover it with a little moss. Then just stick a few fir branches in and add Christmas balls and fir trees.

Step 2: Now wrap the string of lights around the pot and let a couple of lights hang down. Finally, all you have to do is secure the whole thing with some wire and wrap the ribbon around it.

Step 3: You can find the wooden stars and balls at every good Advent market. You can also place an outdoor light chain on your decorative table as you wish and make it shine in the dark.

  1. Decorative table with moss
    This DIY idea can be copied just as easily and quickly as the first one. In this version, the entire table is first covered with moss and then decorated. The great side effect is when you set up this decoration inside, the moss also looks great after the forest and Christmas!

You can find moss in your own garden or in the forest.

You need that

  • wooden table
  • moss
  • Clay pot with conifer
  • fairy lights (for outside)
  • Christmas balls made of frost-proof plastic
  • wooden stars
  • Lantern
  • Smaller potted plants e.g. Heuchera

How to do it

Step 1: Cover the table with moss and put the pot with the conifer on it. Wrap the fairy lights around the conifer and then distribute a few plastic balls in the moss.

Step 2: You also place the wooden stars and the lantern there. All that’s missing is the second, smaller pot with another winter-proof plant and you’re done!

Use the time until Christmas

Do you like the ideas? Then start tinkering right away and enjoy your Christmas decorations on the last days of Advent. You can find even more Christmas decoration tips for the house and garden here on the website, just take a look around.

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