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Are you interested in a cooperation with With pleasure! A detailed media kit is available on request.

About YourGardenTips

The garden and house blog for all nature lovers and do-it-yourselfers, written by Tim

I am a self-employed author, social media expert and, as a blogger, the face behind the garden and house blog. Under the motto “Everything that is fun outside”, I write the most interesting topics in the garden and house area. I always try to keep my blog as current as possible and try to update this blog several times a week and keep it up to date.

YourGardenTips in numbers

  • Around 75,000 readers / users (unique visitors) per month
  • Around 130,000 page views per month

Who can cooperate with us?

I only enter into collaborations that thematically fit the blog and that I can fully support. Every type of cooperation / advertising is marked as such.

Cooperation opportunities with

  • Blogger or press trips (especially individual)
  • Native advertising in the form of sponsored posts (written by me or you, only nofollow links / dofollow links very reluctantly).
  • Product reviews in the garden / house / outdoor area
  • Corporate content (text, photo, video) for your website or blog
  • Blogger relations or social media strategy advice
  • Long-term partnerships / brand ambassadors

What about the pricing?

Here is what i charge for a sponsored post on this Blog.

All sponsored posts are market as “sponsored”, they contain a do-follow link to your targeted website or service.

I only accept excellent written blog-posts, in english language. You can also order content from me directly.

Publishing fees

I will charge 80$ per published post if i do the writing part eighter, if YOU send me a text for publishing i will charge 120$ per article published on my blog.

Writing service coast:

150$ for 1000words and 250$ for 2000 words and 320$ for 3000 words writen by myself. After i have finished the writing i will send it to you for an approval.

How can we be reached?

Our contact address: