Decoration ideas for the balcony

It doesn’t matter whether you have a large garden or just a small balcony. It’s always nice to sit outside in summer. During the day under a nice parasol and especially in the evening when it’s not so hot anymore.

Make yourself a cozy sitting area

You can easily design a small seating area with simple means. For example with pallets from the hardware store. One to sit on and one as a backrest. Simply paint it brightly and put a few pillows on it, or a thin mattress and you can sit comfortably on it.

A seat chest is also suitable. There you have additional storage space. Simple seat chests are also available in hardware stores. If there is not enough space, folding chairs are attached.

Flowers and a small herb bed

Herbs look pretty and taste good. Especially in summer, when you want to eat a light salad more often, you can spice it up with various herbs. Parsley, basil and oregano grow very well in pots or in the balcony box. If you have limited space, you can put up a ladder and attach some hanging pots to the rungs. Herbs can also be wonderfully combined with many flowers. Plants can be placed well in hanging pots and hanging baskets. This creates space and is still very decorative.

Atmospheric candle holder

But not only useful things are needed on the balcony, the decoration should not be neglected either. Candlelight is of course particularly atmospheric. And so that the candle is not blown out by the wind, you can put it in mason jars. If you can’t find any old ones in grandma’s basement, you can also look at the flea market or household resolutions. Attached to a wire, you can make pretty fairy lights out of it. You can also hang a glass on each rung of your ladder – it looks very romantic.

How about a rug for outside?

An outdoor rug is also a great way to make the balcony more cozy. Outdoor carpets are water and dirt repellent and are ideal for staying outside all summer. It is available in many colors and patterns, so you can easily put the trendy ethnic look in the limelight, for example.

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