Fiskars PowerGear II Hedge Trimmer Test

The time had come, we devoted ourselves to the optical pruning of our beech hedge and also tested the Fiskars PowerGear II Hedge Shear. We can already reveal the end, the hedge was short in the end, but did the Fiskars geared hedge trimmer cut a good figure?

Scope of delivery and accessories

We are talking about a hedge trimmer, the scope of delivery was very manageable, there was only the Fiskars PowerGear II itself and packaging or protection for the blades. There were a few handling instructions on the packaging, that was it.

Technical data according to the manufacturer

  • Product weight: 720 g
  • Length: 57 cm
  • Non-stick coating: blades
  • Transmission: yes

There is not much more to say, it is a mechanical hedge trimmer that lives largely from the strength of the user. However, success depends on the materials and construction. The gear promises a 3-fold higher cutting performance.

The Fiskars PowerGear II hedge trimmer in the test

We cut a beech hedge with the Fiskars hedge trimmer and were able to easily cut through branches and shoots up to a thickness of approx. 0.8 cm on the first try. The hedge trimmer lies comfortably in the hand and cuts cleanly without tilting. Small and thin shoots were also cut perfectly. The effort required was minimal and the hedge could be cut without interruptions.

The blades are sharp and do a very good job. The blades cut exactly on top of each other and right to the tip. The gear makes a very good guidance and transfers the power well to the blades, which in turn on the drive. The scissors themselves are stable and do not wobble. The blades are connected with a screw. This can be tightened again if there is play between the blades during their service life.

“Bumpers” just behind the gearbox cushion the collision, so the hands don’t come into contact. In order to be able to stow away the hedge trimmer, the handles each have a hole. Here the Fiskars hedge trimmer can be hung directly on a nail or equipped with a strap.

Conclusion on the Fiskars PowerGear II Hedge Shear Test

The hedge trimmer comes fully assembled, can be unpacked and used directly on the hedge. It cuts cleanly and smoothly and had no problem with somewhat thicker shoots. We see these scissors in every garden for cutting hedges, trees or the round cut of boxwood. Sharp and easy to hold, the 57 cm can convince. The design is black / orange and fits in with the manufacturer’s products.

In our opinion, these hedge trimmer is the best currently available on the market.

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