Flower meadow to go

Even if not all people gravel the garden at the same time, today you can often only see accurate English lawns with a few lonely box balls behind sober cube houses. Just not too much nature! You don’t even have to sow the green yourself – turf is all the rage. A convenient thing, especially for people who are not patient.

Wildflowers per meter

Those who prefer it more colorful can go further with the meadow variant, which is also made up of sward, but with a mixture of wild flowers and herb turf. In this way you get a blooming natural garden in a very short time. And that in very different compositions. Things like bluebells, daisies, yarrow, buttercups, cornflower, oregano, etc. A pleasant side effect: two lawn cuts per year are enough! Nothing for boccia players, but nice to look at, because up to 40 different colorful blooming herbs and different grasses with changing blooming phases change the lawn appearance over the year. Incidentally, fully eco. Not only bees and bumblebees enjoy it.

Also available with scent

The so-called scented lawn is not just something for the eye, but also for the nose. A special mixture of long-growing grasses, flowers and herbs and wild thyme. When entering, intensely fragrant essential oils are released and you are surrounded by a pleasant, beguiling smell of hay. The maintenance effort is also kept within limits, without any irrigation or fertilization. Mowing two to five times per season is sufficient.
A picture by Albrecht Duerer gave another turf its name. Professionals have taken the effort and identified the plants on a watercolor by the artist. The result is a robust, colorfully blooming and easy-care seed mixture for roof gardens, green spaces and everyone who loves natural gardens.

Cost point

The price per square meter for the flower lawn (tall and blooming) for self-laying is just under $ 8.00 / m² (1 to 300 m², the price drops for higher purchase quantities). The slightly lower grass and herb turf is available from 7.00 dollars / m². If the meadows are to be laid by the company’s own service team, interested parties receive individual offers.

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