Garage & Carport: All You Need To Know

A garage/carport can be a great addition to boost the functionality of any backyard. In the current condition, you will find many easy to install carports and garages. In this article, we will help you to know more about garages and carports. You will know why you need one and which one can be the right choice. Also, you will cover the best products. All you need to do is to go through the features, size, and price. Compare a few products and weigh both positives and negatives to decide on the most suitable one. Let’s cover all the considering factors to help you to understand these backyard additions more.

Why Is It Practical to Have Your Own Garage / Carport Right Next to the House?

Many do not consider installing a garage or a carport. People believe that they will have to invest more in these additions. However, they ignore the benefits. Without a garage or carport, you are going to park your vehicle outside. What will happen if you keep your car outside? It might be impacted by the weather elements. As a result, you might need to spend on the repair or replacement of some parts. By installing a carport or garage, you can avoid such a possibility.

It is not about protecting your vehicle only. A garage or carport can be used for many other purposes. You can also get affordable options. You can find wide options online. Even if you have a restricted budget, you can buy one. A garage can work as a protective or safe shelter for your expensive vehicles. Both carports and garages will serve the same purpose. However, these are different, and you need to consider the positives and negatives of both to find out the one that can meet your specific purposes. You will have to spend less on a carport compared to garages.

Protection for Your Vehicle

You can expect the best protection for your vehicle with a garage. The key objective of these installations is to protect your motorcycles or cars from weather elements. The snow in the winter will not harm your vehicle anymore. The same is about the hot climate. The snow, hail, and rain will not hit your car when you will have a garage or carport in your backyard. As it will be attached to your home, you can easily access your vehicle as well. In addition to your car or motorcycle, you can store a lot of other things in your garage or carport when space allows it. Even if space is restricted, you can use some creative or innovative ideas to use all the possible spaces.

Storage Space for Important Things

You might be thinking about what you can store in your garage or carport. There are a lot of things that you can keep in your garage. You can use your garage to extend your home’s storage space. However, you cannot store all your items. Follow a simple rule and store all those items that you mostly use outdoors. We can take the example of car supplies and your gardening tools. You can store these tools in your garage and easily access them whenever needed. Also, you can store outdoor toys. You should always accompany your kid while accessing the garage especially when your kid is small. You can also keep some infrequently used items in your garage.

As stated above, you should not store all the items in your garage. We should always avoid dangerous materials and delicate objects. Also, you should avoid the stuff that might attract pests. So, you will have to avoid hazardous materials, valuable and fragile items, and all those items that can attract vermin or insects.

Does Lighting at the Garage /Carport Make Sense?

Yes, lighting at the garage or carport makes a sense. Lighting is a must to avoid any unpredictable situation. You will need visibility to park your car safely and quickly. You will have to choose the lighting depending on the setting of the garage or carport. If your garage is installed in a dark place, you will have to rely on the artificial light completely. Also, the design and material of the carport will have a determining role.

You can use LED carport lights. These are designed to serve multiple purposes. These lights will not only ensure easy access to your garage, but lighting can also be helpful to deter intruders from entering your property. These lights will help you to navigate your way within or through the garage or carport.

Most people prefer to use fluorescent lights in their garages. But if you are living in a cold climate, the fluorescent fixture can be a better option. Some of them are designed for the lowest temperature. You can go with the one that meets your garage setting as well as the temperature. It is worth mentioning that some fluorescent lights might not work below fifty degrees. Therefore, you will have to buy the fixture that comes with electronic ballasts, not the electromagnetic ones.

The Best Size for a Garage or Carport

When it comes to size, you will have to consider many factors. There are different types of carports and garages. So, first, you will have to consider the size of your backyard to know which size can offer the best fit. Also, the size of your vehicle and the number of vehicles will have the key role to decide the size of your garage. You might need to store some additional things if the space of your backyard allows it. Consider all these factors to decide the size.

The size of a carport will vary by the range and width depending on the single or triple carports. If you have limited space in your backyard and you want to store only one car, you can go with single-car carports. For two cars, you will need a double carport, and for three cars, you will need a triple carport. However, make sure that your backyard has enough space to accommodate a double or triple carport. The same is about garages. You will find garages in different sizes. You will have to choose the one that fits your budget, backward space, and the specific needs of your vehicle. If you have two or three cars, you would prefer a large one so that you can store all of them.

Use the Garage for Other Purposes

A garage is versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. You can use it the way you want if your garage is well made and well-equipped. You can install some accessories or tools to boost the functionality of your garage. If you have a large backyard, you can consider installing a multi-functional garage. When it comes to a multi-functional garage, you will need more space. When space is restricted, the usage will be limited. You can use your garage for the following purposes whenever needed. You can also use it for some other purposes not mentioned in the following.

Storage Room

As mentioned earlier, a garage or carport can be used as a storage room. You might not find this idea innovative since many of us use garages to store a lot of tools especially outdoor and gardening tools. You can store all those items that you do not use regularly or daily. Before storing, we will suggest you pack and level everything so that you can access them easily whenever you want. You can store your old books, boxes, outfits, and many things that occupy the space of your bedroom or living room.

Entertainment Space

Have you ever thought of using your garage as an entertainment space? If not yet, you should start now. A garage or carport can be the right choice for entertainment or even for organizing events. You just need to do it right to make your space appealing or impressive. You might need to invest in a few things if you want to use your garage as a source of entertainment. You can install a big-screen TV, a couch, a fancy dining area, and an arcade. You can explore endless possibilities. If the space permits, you can consider creating a playroom, bonus room, or dining room. For all this, you will need enough space. You cannot plan for all these when the space is limited. Even if you do so, it will look messy and will not serve the purpose.


Yes, a garage can be a den, space where your family members can relax and have some fun. If there is some space in your garage for extra activities, you can go ahead with this idea. You can consider it for a game room or a home theatre. You can use it as your TV room as well. If you want to use a garage as a den, you might need to invest more. You can spend on in-home flooring and add some furniture. You can install some luxurious carpets. You can add whatever you want to create a cozy and private environment.


We are living in a world where technology is replacing most of our needs. Playing is not an exception. Most parents are not satisfied with the way their kids are spending their childhood. If you are looking for a dedicated play area, you can use your garage. It will create a technology-free environment for your kids. You can use your garage as a playroom if you do not have enough space in your home to support your kid’s activities. If you do not park your vehicle in the garage, you can simply install a carpet on the floor of your garage. Your kids can enjoy and have a lot of fun. Also, physical activities are going to contribute to their physical and mental growth.


Some of us want a dedicated space to complete projects and work on hobbies. If you do not have enough space in your home, you can use your garage as your workspace. It can be perfect for the messy stuff. You can divide the space of your garage between a parking area and workspace. Whenever you will have time, you can work on your hobby without any disturbance.

Home Office

A garage can be a home office as well. If you do a lot of office work at your home, you can use your garage to focus on the work. It can also be a study room. A garage is usually messy and undisturbed. If you have adequate light and a couch, you can use it for a lot of stuff. You can use it as a library if you love to read every day. The same is about writing. You will find an isolated and peaceful space to focus on your work. However, you will need a few things such as furniture and storage to use your garage as an office, library, or study room.


Do you love to spend time on exercises? Do you think that you do not have enough space in your home to support your exercises? If yes, you can consider using your garage as the garage gym. It can be a perfect gym especially when your car is not parked. Also, garages are moderately large, and that can enable you to install some of your gym equipment.

You can use your garage in many different ways when there is enough space. Know your unique requirements and consider installing a few tools that can support your activities.

What Types of Garages /Carports Are There?

There are different types of garages and carports. These are available in different sizes and materials with a wide price range. You can get the most expensive ones and a few affordable options. When it comes to the garage, you can consider a single garage, double garage, or triple garage. From the names, you might have realized that you will have to choose the one depending on the number of vehicles you have.

Single garages are mostly used since these types do not demand enough space and can be a good option for all the backyards even if space is restricted. You can store a vehicle and a few tools. Double garages are a bit wider, and that can be a perfect choice for two cars. You can park your vehicle’s side by side. Triple garages are much wider and can be the best option if you have more than two cars. However, these options are not popular since they demand a lot of space. However, if you have enough space in your backyard, you can consider installing a triple garage. You can use your garage for many other purposes in addition to storing your vehicle.

Different types of materials are used to build a garage. The size, material, and construction will decide the end cost. When it comes to materials, some common options are brick, timber, concrete, steel, and many other combinations.

Carports are also available in different types. Carports are different from garages. They might not offer the best protection like a garage. However, they can be helpful to protect your vehicle from weather elements and other hazards.

As mentioned above, there are different types of carports. Some popular types of carports are aluminum carports, wooden carports, uPVC carport, and double carports. All of these types come with some specific features. When the aluminum carports are durable, the wooden ones are environmentally friendly. The uPVC carports come with a uPVC frame, and the double carports are designed to accommodate more than one car. There are also triple carports. You can consider any size and material depending on your specific needs.

What Do You Have to Consider When Building a Garage /Carport on Your House or In the Backyard?

There are many things you need to go through while planning to build or install a carport or garage in your backyard. The key consideration is space. Before deciding on a garage, first, you will have to ensure that your backyard has enough space for a garage. Next, you will have to consider the number of vehicles you have. For example, if you have one car, you can go with a single garage or carport. When you have more than one vehicle, you will have to choose a size that can ensure easy storage. Also, you will have to consider the purpose. Why do you need a garage or carport? Do you want one to keep your vehicle only? Do you want a multi-functional and versatile garage or carport? Get the answers to all these questions, and then you can go ahead with your decision. Let’s cover more details.

  • Know the size of your car and make sure that your garage or carport has enough space to accommodate the car. Also, it should have enough space to easily open and close the doors of your vehicle.
  • Some people might have one car. However, they might be considering a new one. If you have any plan to buy a new car soon, you should make sure that your garage has enough space to accommodate it.
  • Another consideration is the height. Make sure that it is high enough to store large vehicles such as trucks, boats, or a caravan. It should be wide and high enough to store all types of vehicles.

How Complicated Is It to Set Up A Garage /Carport that I Have Ordered from Amazon or Walmart? Do I Need Professionals?

Garages and carports are available in different designs. Most of them are ready-to-go kits. They come with all the required accessories to ensure an easy setup. You will have everything that you need to install your garage or carport. However, some garages might demand careful attention to the installation. In rare conditions, you might need to hire professionals. But if you consider buying online, you do not need to be worried about the installation and other requirements. They will take care of everything. You just need to choose a carport or garage that does not demand more expertise for the installation. In brief, we can say that you do not need a professional to set up a carport in most of the cases.

All the products will come with the setup instructions. More importantly, you do not need any expertise to follow those instructions. These are easy to understand and easy to follow. You will have to take all the components to your backyard and follow the instructions to build the pieces into a carport or garage.

These structures are easy to install. Also, they do not demand much time. Some of them can be installed on any surface, without or with foundations. You might need to prepare your backyard a bit to ensure a proper installation. The ready to use garages are less expensive as well. Also, these are versatile and super durable.

If you compare between garages and carports, you will find carports easier to install. These structures can be installed within a few hours. Carports do not come with windows or doors, and that makes the installation super easy. However, if it comes with a complex design and you find it hard to install, you should take the help of professionals. The same is about garages. Most of the garages come with a complex design. If you find it hard to install, you should hire professionals. A proper and flawless installation is a must to get the desired protection and durability.

How Should You Prepare the Underground in Your Backyard?

If you are planning to set up a carport or garage, you will have to consider a few factors. First, understand the local rules and get permits if required. Next, measure your backyard and get a carport that can be easily installed. Make sure that the carport is big enough to store all your vehicles. Now, you will have to prepare your underground. When it comes to the preparation, you will have to level the ground. Most of the garages or carports cannot be installed on uneven ground. Start leveling the ground. If required, you can take the help of experts. Once the leveling is done, you can plan for the setup. Here are a few steps that you can consider to prepare the backyard for a garage or carport installation.

  • Clear the backyard and know the size of the space
  • Mark all the underground utilities to make the installation safe
  • Level the ground
  • Put down the base material to prepare the ground for the setup

Now you are aware of almost all the factors related to garages or carports. We know the installation requirements and types and benefits of carports and garages. Next, we will discuss the top four garages and carports that you can access online. Check the features and benefits to know which one can be a better choice.

Top 4 Garages Reviews

1. Waterproof Car Truck Boat Garage

Waterproof Car Truck Boat Garage can be the best for all those who are looking for a durable, waterproof, and heavy-duty garage. It is well made to protect your vehicles from weather elements. It features a double zipper back and front door panels. The garage is quality made with galvanized steel to offer a lasting result. You can use it for a lifetime.


  • High quality and rust-resistant construction
  • Easy to install by following the step by step instructions
  • Provides UV protection
  • Twelve sturdy legs to support the construction


  • Expensive
  • A bit heavy

2. ShelterCoat Garage

ShelterCoat Garage can be perfect if you want to buy a single garage. It is made with heavy-duty steel to provide a durable result. The garage features a premium powder coat finish to prevent rust and corrosion. Some other key features are heat-welded seams, 100% waterproof, polyethylene fabric cover, patented ShelterLock stabilizers, and universal steel footplates.


  • Provides an easy and strong connection
  • Offers stability with solid strength
  • Made with heavy duty steel to withstand harsh conditions
  • Easy installation
  • 100% waterproof


  • Can be suitable for one car

3. Round Style Garage

Round Style Garage is designed to give the best protection to your vehicle. It offers more coverage so that you can roll things easily. The garage is well made to provide three-sided coverage. The material is heavy-duty steel, and the finish is a DuPont premium powder coat. Some other features are ShelterLock stabilizers, 9 oz rip-stop, and anti-fungal cover material.


  • Resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Affordable and well made
  • Easy to assemble and 100 % waterproof
  • Strong and lasting


  • Might not be the right option for large vehicles

4. Arrow Murryhill Garage

Arrow Murryhill Garage comes with a stylish and smart design to become the first choice for all your storage needs. It is solidly built and can replace any traditional garage. You can use it to store your vehicles, garden tools, and set up your workspace. This versatile garage can serve more than one purpose. It features an extra-wide door to offer easy access to all types of vehicles.


  • Perfect for all types of vehicles
  • Comes with solid construction to offer a lasting result
  • Versatile and can be used for multiple purposes
  • Easy to install


  • Price is the only downside

Top 4 Carports Reviews

5. Arrow Metal Carport

Arrow Metal Carport might cost you more. But it can offer you all the benefits that you can expect from a well made and well-protected carport. It comes with a slip-fit frame design. The product is made with heavy duty steel to last long. The roof is built to last and offers the most-needed protection to your vehicle. The rounded roof leaves, roof gables, and eggshell finish will provide additional protection.


  • Easy installation
  • A strong and durable roof
  • Slip-fit frame construction
  • Resistant to corrosion


  • Sides are not protected

6. Heavy-duty Carport Shelter

A heavy-duty Carport Shelter can be the right choice to store your vehicle and any other outdoor equipment. You can use it to park all types of vehicles such as trucks, cars, trailers, boats, tractors, and ATVs. Also, it is affordable and can fit any budget. It includes large food pads and leg skirts. The cover is fire and heat retardant.


  • Eight legs to offer added stability
  • No-tool assembly
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Versatile


  • Not suitable for more than one vehicle

7. ALEKO CPM12X20BK Carport

ALEKO CPM12X20BK Carport is another well-made carport designed to offer the best protection in adverse conditions. It is made with steel metal and can withstand wind, UV radiation, snow, and any other weather fluctuations. The steel material ensures solid construction and a durable result. The carport is built to last long.


  • Easy to install
  • Provides the best protection
  • Ensure a solid structure with eight legs
  • Can be installed on any surface


  • No side protection

8. Shelterlogic Barn Style Carport

Shelterlogic Barn Style Carport is designed to offer full coverage to your vehicle. It is well constructed with heavy-duty steel. It is protected with a premium powder coat finish to become rust and corrosion resistant while offering a lasting result. Some other features are heat-welded seams, 100% waterproof, UT treated fabric cover, and Ratchet-Tite tension system.


  • Provides full coverage
  • Easy to setup
  • 100% waterproof
  • Bolt-together hardware to offer strength and durability


  • Designed for one vehicle

9. ECOHOUSEMART | Wooden CARPORT for 2 Vehicles

This garage is characterized by its extreme stability and great design.
This carport offers plenty of space for two cars. The sturdy wooden construction is delivered in several parts and is best assembled by professionals. It is also necessary to treat the wood of the carport regularly with special weather protection.


  • Very stable construction
  • Noble design


  • Relatively high acquisition costs

You can also easily build a garage or carport yourself.

If you have some manual skills, it is also no problem to build a garage or a carport yourself. Of course you can’t just get started, we have put together some great blueprints for you, with the help of which it is no problem for you to build a garage yourself. These instructions will show you exactly which materials you will need for construction. You also don’t need any expensive special tools. Just download our blueprints, choose the design you like best and you’re ready to go. You can find all the supplies you need at your local hardware store!

Building your own garage is also a great project for you and your friends. If you stick to our plans you can build your own garage completely yourself over three weekends. Save a lot of money by buying all the materials yourself in the hardware store. And when you have finished building the garage, this archive contains a lot more great things that you can build yourself. It is described step by step how to proceed. So you can’t go wrong!

In this video you can see how to build a garage from scratch.

Which Garage /Carport is The Best?

You will have to decide your best depending on your specific requirements. All four garages can be the right choice to park your vehicle. These are well made to offer a durable result. You just need to choose the right one depending on your specific needs. For example, if you can afford to spend more, you go with Arrow Murryhill Garage. It can store all sizes of vehicles. You can also use it for different purposes. If you are looking for a compact garage to park a single car, Round Style Garage is worth considering. The same is about carports. You can go with Heavy-duty Carport Shelter if you want a less expensive carport to store all types of vehicles. Shelterlogic Barn Style Carport will offer better coverage and maximum protection. All of them are designed to serve the same purpose. Therefore, you will have to go through the features and match them with your unique needs to find the best fit.

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