Garden calendar: what do i do in the garden when?

What do I do in the garden when? This is the question especially for new gardeners. In our overview you will find the most important jobs in the garden year.
When is the best time to sow, fertilize or cut? For many jobs in the garden, there is the right time during the year, which you should definitely know as a hobby gardener. That is why we have created a small overview of the most important monthly gardening tasks. So you always know exactly when you have to do something in the garden.

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What am I doing in the garden in January?

In January the garden is mostly still, but there are still a few things to do. In January, gardening such as pruning is planned in the fruit and vegetable garden and the first types of vegetables can be brought forward. But the first maintenance work is also on the to-do list in January in the ornamental garden. Here you will find more garden tips for the ornamental garden in January.

Fruit and vegetable garden:

Pruning fruit trees: Pome fruit such as apples, quinces and pears can be pruned when thawing
Cut currants from currants and gooseberries
Prefer heat-loving vegetables such as peppers, chilli and eggplants
Check fruit trees for lichen infestation
Remove snow from greenhouses, conservatories, trees and shrubs
Harvest winter vegetables

Ornamental garden:

Felling trees
Sow cold germers
Treat rubber flow on ornamental cherries
Remove root runners
Hang up nesting boxes

What am I doing in the garden in February?

In February, beds are prepared in the kitchen garden, vegetables are sown or potatoes are sprouted.

Ornamental gardeners also have a lot to do in February: the compost has to be sieved, summer flowering shrubs cut and ornamental grasses trimmed.

Fruit and vegetable garden:

Harvest winter vegetables
Protect vegetables from late frosts
Take soil samples in the vegetable garden
Pre-germinate new potatoes
Prepare the beds for sowing
Prefer vegetables

Ornamental garden:

Pruning of summer flowering shrubs
Compost seven
Remove old inflorescences from farmer hydrangeas
Fight Giersch early
Share late summer blooming perennials like asters, stonecrop or coneflower
Trim Chinese reeds and other ornamental grasses
Prefer summer flowers

What am I doing in the garden in March?

The gardening season starts in March and work can finally be done again. Salads are planted in the vegetable garden, herbs are trimmed and the first tomatoes are brought forward. In the ornamental garden, on the other hand, it is time for pruning various shrubs, shrubs and shrubs. Here you will find more garden tips for the ornamental garden in March.

Fruit and vegetable garden:

Plant the lettuce and sow the lettuce
Pome fruit: Prune high-growing trees
Trim herbs
Sow cabbages in the cold frame
Mulch berry bushes
Fertilize fruit trees
Prepare seed beds
Cut back strawberries and cover
Prefer tomatoes on the windowsill

Ornamental garden:

Pruning for roses
Cut cherry laurel
Clean the garden pond
Fertilize onion flowers
Divide flower stalks
Cut back heather, ornamental grasses and shrubs
TransPlant trees and shrubs
Scarify and sow lawn
Fertilize herbaceous beds

What am I doing in the garden in April?

There is a lot to do in April, especially in the orchard and vegetable garden. Whether fertilizing fruit trees, planting potatoes or pricking tomatoes. In the ornamental garden you should now clear spring bloomers and advance dahlias.

Fruit and vegetable garden:

Fertilize fruit trees
Plant currants
Prefer cucumbers and melons
Plant potatoes
Sow lettuce
Cut back the peach tree
Prick out the tomatoes
Place vegetable nets
Promote beneficials
Cut back raspberries and blackberries
Fruit trees: tie down new shoots

Ornamental garden:

Young shoots of perennials and summer flowers relax
Fight snails
Plant ground cover
Plant and share ornamental grasses
Straighten spring bloomers
Plant summer onions
Separate young plants from summer flowers
Attach climbing aids for young climbing plants
Sow summer flowers directly
Take care of the lawn
Green manure for all plants
Advance dahlias

What am I doing in the garden in May?

In May vegetable gardeners can put the first young plants in the fresh air. In addition, the vegetable beds should be chopped so that the first vegetables can be sown outside.

If you want, you can use May to create a flower meadow in the ornamental garden or fill gaps in the bed with new plants.

Fruit and vegetable garden:

Plant out peppers and tomatoes
Sow vegetables
Thin out row seeds
Chop vegetable beds
Fertilize and mulch fruit and vegetable plants
Plums: Thin out the fruit curtain
Espalier fruit: Relax side shoots
Cut wild fruit

Ornamental garden:

Create flower meadows
Fill bed gaps with new plants
Cut lilac
Apply bark mulch
Sowing summer flowers and biennials
Maintain onion flowers
Rosen: Tear off the wild shoots
Keep pines in shape
Plant gladioli and dahlias
Trim rooted sticks

What am I doing in the garden in June?

The first tomatoes can be harvested in June. This month is also a good time to produce plant weed. In the ornamental garden, newly sown lawn can be mowed for the first time this month and ornamental shrubs can be propagated through cuttings. In addition, two-year-olds are now sown.

Fruit and vegetable garden:

Water fruit trees when dry
Keep tree slices clear
Trim rosemary
Pickle tomatoes
Harvest the last asparagus
Shade and ventilate the greenhouse
Start planting
Rip out water shots on fruit trees
Harvest the early potato

Ornamental garden:

Shorten young pegs
Mow new lawn for the first time
Fertilize the lawn
Sow two-year-olds
Cut back upholstery
Brush lilac after flowering
cut hedges
Propagate ornamental shrubs with cuttings
Caring for and fertilizing roses

What do I do in the garden in July?

Farmers are busy in July: harvesting, sowing or tending – in June there is a lot of gardening to do in the orchard and vegetable garden. Irrigation is the main focus in July in the ornamental garden, because thanks to the increasingly hot summers, precipitation is usually no longer sufficient.

Fruit and vegetable garden:

Harvest fruits and vegetables
Sow vegetables
Mulch berry bushes
Multiply berry bushes
Harvest, dry and multiply herbs
Chop vegetable beds

Ornamental garden:

Cut faded perennials
Fertilize roses for the last time
Multiply freshly planted ground cover plants
Water the lawn regularly
Fertilize summer flowering bulbs and bulbs
Maintain the garden pond

What am I doing in the garden in August?

Eager vegetable gardeners know that August is the last sowing and planting date for many vegetables such as Swiss chard and endive. In the ornamental garden, however, hydrangeas can be fertilized and Madonna lilies can be planted.

Fruit and vegetable garden:

Harvest fruits and vegetables
Sow and plant vegetables
Fertilize fruit trees
Plant blueberries

Ornamental garden:

Summer fertilization for hydrangeas
Cut back lavender
Multiply ground cover roses by cuttings
Cut vigorous hedges for the second time
Plant autumn bloomers

What am I doing in the garden in September?

Midsummer is over, but gardening is therefore no less. Fruit and vegetable gardeners should now apply glue rings to protect fruit trees from the frostbite.

Ornamental gardeners are dedicated to lawn care this month, planting onion flowers or sowing two-year-olds.

Fruit and vegetable garden:

Tomatoes and peppers: remove new flowers
Cut sticks from berry bushes
Attach glue rings to fruit trees
Sow green manure
Harvest fruits, vegetables and herbs

Ornamental garden:

Lawn care in autumn
Share perennials
Plant onion flowers
Fertilize roses with potassium
Plant bulbs
Sow two-year-olds
Clean nesting boxes
Cover the garden pond
Sow new lawn
Transplant evergreen trees
Set up hedgehog quarters

What am I doing in the garden in October?

The golden October has a long list of gardening for fruit and vegetable gardeners. Above all, of course, is the harvest. For ornamental gardeners, October is the ideal time to plant bulbs, renew bare patches in the lawn and plant roses.

Fruit and vegetable garden:

Harvest, recycle or store fruit and vegetables
Put winter onions
Plant gooseberries
Cut back the autumn raspberries

Ornamental garden:

Prepare new plantings
Lawn: renew bare patches
Transplant trees
Plant roses
Set up hedgehog quarters

What am I doing in the garden in November?

Anyone who has a fruit and vegetable garden knows that even if the gardening season is slowly coming to an end, there is still plenty to do in a fruit and vegetable garden. Young fruit trees are protected from frost, shrubs like the elder are exposed and the vegetable beds are cleared. It’s also time to think about our small, spiky garden residents. In the ornamental garden, hedgehogs should offer cozy winter quarters.

Fruit and vegetable garden:

Harvest vegetables
Cut back the autumn raspberries
Clear vegetable beds
Compost care in autumn
Fruit trees: trunks white
Apply frost protection for cold-sensitive cabbages

Ornamental garden:

Set up hedgehog quarters
Put flower bulbs
Remove sick or old trees
Plant new hedges
Plant trees
Plant spring perennials
Plant bare root roses
Prepare soil for new beds

What will I do in the garden in December?

In December, winter protection is at the top of the to-do list. In the fruit and vegetable garden you can also make some preparations for the next garden year. In the ornamental garden, flowering shrubs are now also being propagated using stick woods.

Fruit and vegetable garden:

Digging up soils
Protect young fruit plants from frost
Harvest vegetables
Provide fruit trees with compost
Fruit trees: trunks white
Limestone garden floor

Ornamental garden:

Prevent snow breakage in shrubs
Cut Barbara’s branches
Protect shrub roses from frost cracks
Protect evergreen from winter sun
Water winter blooming perennials regularly
Propagate flower bushes with stickwood
Check the stored onions and tubers

If you follow our garden to-do list, you will have a great time with your garden. So you see, there is always something to do in the garden, regardless of the season. If you follow our instructions, your garden will thank you next year!

Just print out our list and hang the list on your fridge, so you will never forget what you have to do in your garden.

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