Gladioli: Our tip for a colorful garden in summer

As soon as the days get milder in spring, the first green noses of the spring flowers appear in the beds and flower boxes. Our spring fever is immediately awakened and the long, dreary days seem a little more colorful.

However, for the colorful spring you have to make provisions in autumn. The main season for flower bulbs is between September and October. Since spring bloomers have to be planted before the first frost, they can be found in bags in the garden centers during this time. The selection is usually much larger online. In online shops such as Flower Bulb Versand you can find everything from typical spring onions such as tulip, daffodil or crocus bulbs to exotic summer onions such as lilies and begonias.

Summer, sun, being outside

When the temperatures rise, we want to get out of our apartments and houses. Whether on the balcony or in your own garden – nothing is nicer than sitting outside and enjoying the sun. So that the balcony or terrace as well as your own garden shine brightly, many garden centers offers a variety of summer-blooming bulbs such as lilies, ranunculus, dahlias or gladioli, which you can easily order at wholesale prices.

Gladioli make a statement

With a height of up to one meter, gladioli are an ideal flower bulb to fill in the back of your flower bed. The perennial plants have sword-like leaves in a wide variety of colors and are a real highlight in your perennial bed. The gladiolus bulbs are planted from the end of April at the earliest, so that the frost-sensitive shoots only come to the surface after the ice saints. But gladioli are not only a real eye-catcher in your bed, they are also very popular as cut flowers and beautify your home.

After flowering in July and August, however, the frost-sensitive bulbs first have to overwinter and gather new strength. The best way to do this is to take the tubers out of the ground in autumn and store them in a wooden box or cardboard box. Line them with newspaper and cover the gladiolus bulbs with a mixture of sand and earth. The gladioli can be stored in a dark and cool place until the end of April before they can be put back into the ground.

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