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Our society is changing. It is becoming more and more important to take care of yourself and nature and to live sustainably. From nutrition to lifestyle. With us you can get a few tips on how to go through life more consciously.

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green living, Green Living, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tips

Save CO2 From Roof To Basement

Climate protection is important to you, but you don’t know how you as an individual can contribute to it? We show you how you can reduce your CO2 consumption at home. Even with small measures you can save a lot of CO2. Reducing your own CO2 emissions: Many people with a guilty conscience first think […]

green living, Green Living, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tips

Plant Sweet Potatoes Yourself

The warmth-loving sweet potatoes feel particularly good in pots on the balcony and terrace. When cultivated and cared for correctly, they reward the gardener with blossoms and a rich harvest. We explain how to plant sweet potatoes yourself. Sweet potatoes are easy to grow yourself and also thrive in pots on the balcony. The sweet […]

green living, Green Living, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tips

Snail Hunters In The Garden: Keep Ducks; What Is To Be Considered?

For many garden owners, ducks are a welcome solution to slug control. However, there are many factors to consider when keeping them. Here you can find out what is important – and how to build a winter-proof duck house. Since nudibranchs became a nuisance, runner ducks have been in great demand. Because the pets efficiently […]

green living, Green Living, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tips

Drinking water from your own garden

Drinking water is one of the most precious raw materials in our daily life. Made into food in complex processes, it will continue to increase in value and become more expensive. A good reason to replace as much drinking water as possible with rainwater in the house and garden – with a collecting tank in […]

green living, Green Living, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tips

Medicinal plants that everyone should have in the garden

You don’t always have to reach for pills in the event of pain and illness. The healing power of plants has been proven for centuries and is no longer underestimated by scientific medicine. The good thing about it: They’re very easy to grow at home too. These medicinal plants turn your garden into an instant […]

green living, Green Living, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tips

That Is Why Road Salt Is Bad For The Environment

Road salt instead of shoveling snow? That sounds tempting at first – but it is not a good idea from an ecological point of view. What is road salt? Commercially available road salt consists of at least 94 percent rock salt or table salt, i.e. sodium chloride (NaCl). But it has no place on the […]

green living, Green Living, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tips

Six tips for better climate communication

The view of the crisis is depressing. But the desire for the future and positive messages make the commitment to the climate more effective. Climate protection is so urgently needed. But how do we create majorities for it? How do we convince our fellow human beings? Many of us ask ourselves that again and again. […]

green living, Green Living, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tips

New satellite observes sea level rise

Climate watchdog: Eighth satellite of the European Copernicus program has been launched. Sentinel 6 collects data at an altitude of 1,300 kilometers. A new climate watchdog is floating in space: since the end of November, the Sentinel-6 satellite has been documenting the global rise in sea levels, swell and currents in the oceans from an […]

green living, Green Living, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tips

The hydrogen car lost

The fuel cell car is now being mass-produced. That means that there are hydrogen cars at the car dealership. But it is unlikely that the technology will establish itself as the standard in the future. The technology has many advantages: Refueling only takes three minutes The fuel cell engine is a simple and clean system. […]

green living, Green Living, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tips

12 Simple Everyday Things Anyone Can Do For The Environment

One small step for you, one big step for the environment: We can all integrate these little tricks into our everyday lives and thus make the world a little greener. Tap water instead of plastic bottles, reusable cups instead of coffee-to-rubbish and bikes instead of cars: Admittedly, these environmental tips are well known and many […]

green living, Green Living, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tips

Why Is Fireworks Bad For Nature

Fireworks are a popular way of paying special attention to events. The effects of the enormous noise and flashing lightning storm and the consequences of the pollutants trickling from the sky and their accumulation in the soil and water have hardly been investigated so far. Fireworks have been a traditional and popular way of celebrating […]

green living, Green Living, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tips

Long live the deadwood

Shelter and living space for insects Deadwood is one of the liveliest habitats in our nature. Many insects that are also found in our gardens benefit from it. Leave room for old tree trunks, deadwood hedges, stems or piles of leaves! Many do not know and it sounds paradoxical, but dead wood is one of […]


What is Green Living?

Green living can be defined as a lifestyle which helps to minimize the usage of natural resources as well as carbon footprint. For example, this can be a mom who has switched to household cleaners which are risk-free for the children as well as the planet. Or, it might also imply a vegan avoiding palm oil and trying to reduce the number of plastics used by them in their residences.

How can you live greener?

In case you have made plans to live a greener and more eco-friendly lifestyle this year, you might feel somewhat overwhelmed regarding all the significant changes that you have made in your life. It can be difficult to start something new when you are not sure where to start. However, the good thing is that you have decided to make a change. Below, we have mentioned some essential ways in which it will be possible to live greener at present.

1. Consume less meat

Although it can be surprising, reducing the consumption of meat will make a significant difference in the long run. In fact, in excess of 30% of the surface of the planet is used for raising and supporting livestock. As per a study made by the United Nations, the livestock segment is responsible for approximately 9% of CO2 which has been derived from activities of human beings but generates a much bigger percentage of the detrimental greenhouse gases. Approximately 65% of nitrous oxide is generated by it that has around 300 times the GWP (Global Warming Potential) of CO2. It will be possible to minimize the production of GWP gases by reducing the consumption of meat. Moreover, less livestock implies that we will be able to make use of more land for our enjoyment. Make it a point to consume more seafood and replace the consumption of meat with vegetables.

2. Do not use much paper and recycle more

At present, our world is dependent largely on digital technology and computers. It is quite easy to spend a day without using paper or even a notebook. In case you use less paper, there is less need of producing paper and less number of trees is going to be cut down. It will be possible to save as many as 17 trees by simply recycling one short ton of paper. In case you need to use paper at school or at your workplace, you can still recycle the paper used by you. Right now, in excess of 40% of the municipal solid waste is actually paper products. There is no doubt about the fact that recycling is one of the easiest ways for living green.

3. Do not use plastic, and instead, use canvas bags

Canvas bags are offered by many outlets as an alternative to paper and plastic bags. Even though it might be imperative to invest some money for the canvas bags, they can prove to be more useful eventually. In fact, a canvas bag is stronger as compared to a conventional paper or plastic bag and will be able to hold more items. You can also use it for storing goods or packing goods while moving. It is also advisable for the parents to encourage their children to carry canvas bags to their college or school. Even though you might not use canvas bags, a fantastic way to live greener will be to recycle plastic bags. For this, your used grocery bag can be recycled.

4. Reduce the consumption of energy in your residence

You will come across many ways to minimize the consumption of energy in your residence. This will result in small energy bills as well as more cash in your pocket. This will be a win for you as well as for the planet. Make it a point to lower the thermostat during the cold winter months and increase it during summer. Any appliance that you are not using should be unplugged and also make use of a drying rack for drying your clothes once they have been washed. It is quite simple to reduce the consumption of energy around your home. In case you are not comfortable in applying all the steps simultaneously, it will be a sensible idea to try one at any given time until your house becomes totally energy-efficient.

5. Reduce wastage of water

It will be possible to live a greener lifestyle by making use of less amount of water and purchasing less number of water bottles. Do not bathe for long in the morning. Otherwise, it will be a prudent idea to set up a low-flow showerhead which will help to save your water bills to a great extent. It is also quite simple to reduce the usage of bottled water. In case you are living in a region where tap water is not tasty, buying a water filter will not only take out the irony aftertaste of the water but will also purify it as well. Moreover, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money by purchasing a water filter since there is no need for you to visit the store again and again for buying bottled water.

Protect the environment, what can I do?

Unfortunately, human beings have not proved to be very efficient protectors of our planet in the past. It is essential to take some proactive steps for protecting the environment and also preserving our planet for future generations as well as our children.

1. Make use of compact fluorescent bulbs

Although fluorescent bulbs tend to be more costly, they will be lasting for a longer period of time and will also help to save us energy in the long run. This will aid in minimizing our electricity bills significantly.

2. Make donations

You might be having lots of clothes or objects that will not come of use to you anymore. In case they are nevertheless usable, it will be prudent to donate them to those individuals who need them. You might likewise give those objects to some associations which might be selling them and collecting some cash. This will help to safeguard the environment eventually plus contribute to a noble cause.

3. Switch off your gadgets

In case you have any gadget in your residence which you do not use, it will be sensible to turn them off. For instance, it will be better to turn off television sets in case you do not watch TV. While leaving a room, make sure to turn the lights off. These types of habits will help to save you a lot of cash.

4. Try walking or cycling

Driving can be considered to be one of the most significant causes of pollution. In case you are driving your car, question yourself whether you really need the car or not. Make sure to either walk or use the bike in case the journey is short.

5. Use detergent

Make use of detergent for washing clothes or dishes.

6. Rainwater

Make sure to recover when water which can be utilized for various purposes.

7. Watch out for leaky taps

It is a fact that leaky faucets can be responsible for increasing your water bill significantly. A dripping faucet will result in the wastage of approximately 130 liters of water.

What can I change in my old day to live greener?

Everybody should be encouraged for living green and keeping the environment healthy and safe. Although this target can be achieved by anybody out there, it can be somewhat difficult for the seniors and the caregivers. However, giving priority to green home practices can make it easy to become eco-friendly. In case you are thinking of how to live greener while you become old, stick to the following tips mentioned below.

1. Plant a garden at your residence

Getting around can be quite difficult for most seniors out there. Once they are not able to perform their favorite activities, it will be possible for them to impact the environment positively by planting a garden. As per the National Wildlife Federation, it is possible to garden in a sustainable manner which includes getting rid of invasive species of plants and mulching. Elderly people will be able to stay active by growing plants on their own in the garden. In fact, seniors engaging in watering plants and tilling soil will be able to adopt green living habits quite easily.

2. Get fresh air by opening up the windows

Although seniors might find it difficult to go green within their residences, measures can be taken by the caretakers for improving the quality of air. It will be possible to make the fresh air enter the house by opening up the windows which can help in the development of “good” bacteria over time. Open up the windows periodically for breathing in the fresh air.

3. Eat organic

Elderly people usually suffer from a poor immune system which can lead to several types of conditions. As a result, the consumption of processed food items can be detrimental to their health to a great extent. Seniors should be encouraged to go for organic and fresh fruits and veggies in case they are preparing their own meals. As a matter of fact, a diet packed with vegetables and fruits can allow everybody to stay healthy and happy. However, it will be a good idea to consult your healthcare expert prior to making any significant change in your diet.

4. Make use of usable coffee mugs

Enjoying several cups of hot coffee during the cold months will obviously be a fantastic idea. However, it will not be sensible to make use of throw-away coffee cups since they can be bad for the surroundings. In fact, a recent study has revealed that paper cups are prepared from a plastic known as polyethylene which does not allow them to be recycled. It will be sensible for the elderly people to start living green by sipping coffee out of mugs which are reusable rather than plastic or paper coffee cups.

Does it make sense to drive an electric car?

Driving an electric vehicle will be quite beneficial as compared to the traditional petrol/diesel automobiles in terms of going green. Below, we have mentioned several reasons why it is so.

1. Less pollution

Driving electric vehicles will allow you to minimize detrimental air pollution caused by exhaust emissions. Interestingly, an electric car comes with 0 exhaust emissions.

2. Environmentally friendly materials

There is a trend for electric cars towards more environmentally-friendly materials and production. For example, the bodywork, as well as the interior of the Nissan Leaf, has been partly manufactured from green materials including recycled plastic bags, water bottles, secondhand home appliances, as well as old car components.

3. Renewable energy

It will be possible to minimize greenhouse gas emissions further by making use of renewable energy for recharging your electric vehicle. The electric car can be recharged from the solar PV system during the daytime rather than from the grid. You can also buy GreenPower from the local electricity shop which will help to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Which habits should I change to help nature?

It is a fact that many individuals have become environmentally conscious to some extent at present. For example, minimizing the amount of electricity used by us can have a positive impact to a great extent. However, you can make some more lifestyle changes so as to help nature which we have mentioned below.

1. Make less use of your vehicle

Implementing this change in your lifestyle will not be that difficult after all. Apart from the environmental benefits, it will also help you to become fitter over time. You’ll likewise be able to save a considerable amount of cash at the weekend.

2. Reduce the consumption of red meat

A huge quantity of climate-changing gases like methane can be produced by common red meat sources like cows and bulls. It is not suggested for you to become a vegetarian; however, try to reduce the consumption of red meat. Moreover, eating red meat in small quantities can lead to a number of health benefits as well.

3. Shop for green products

While purchasing any product including groceries or even a television set, make sure to weigh up the options. Try to go for the item having the least impact on the surroundings. Make sure to look out for items which are available in easily-recyclable packaging and are energy-efficient. Moreover, purchase those products which have been recently as well as locally produced.

In our blog on the topic of green living you will find a lot more tips and suggestions on how to make your life greener.
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