Here you have the possibility to write a guest post for my site and to publish it here on my blog. After checking your contribution, I will put it online and approve it. Please note that I can only publish high-quality articles. The articles must fit the topic of house and garden niche and have a minimum text length of 1000 words. Of course, I will link you as the author in the article and also link your website. This brings many advantages to your website or service. You get a high-quality backlink to your website and you can get authority on google and other search engines. A win-win situation for both sides!


  • Reach
  • Warm audience
  • Trust

If you want to submit a guest post, feel free to do so. Just send me an email and tell me about which topic you would like to write or you can also send me the article directly by email and I will publish it here on my blog.

Please make sure that the article is written in high quality and has a minimum length of 1000 words. If you can provide me with pictures that I can include in the blog post, that would be perfect.

Of course, I will also give you a Do-Follow backlink to your website when I publish it and mention you as the author of this article!

If you want to publish a commercial article on my blog, that’s no problem either. I enjoy working with companies. Companies that want to publish commercial articles on my blog can of course benefit extremely from the reach and the monthly visitors to this blog. Of course, I also give a Do-Follow backlink for commercial items!

For commercial publications, I have to charge a fee of $ 150 per article. You can send this fee to me in Bitcoin (BTC) or other cryptocurrencies. As soon as the money has been received, I will publish the article!

Of course I can also write the article for you! I am able to write high quality articles about products and services. Of course, depending on the length of the article and the research effort, I would charge a fee.

For non-commercial guest posts that are published on my blog, I would of course be happy to receive a Do-Follow backlink from you to my blog (! The cost for a non-commercial guest blog post on my blog is $50 in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

All sponsored posts and backlinks on this site are marked as sponsored post!

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You don’t have any Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? No problem, you can buy it on Bitmart or Coinbase with your credit or debit card and then send it everywhere you want. Make an account on these platforms and then click on “Buy Crypto”.

Why it is worth publishing an article on my blog

Monthly reach: approx. 50,000 people and increasing every day!

As a result, I regularly publish new articles on this blog, I expect at least 100,000 visitors at the end of the year 2021. For the year 2022 is planned, the further articles are published. The aim until the end of 2022 is to achieve at least 500,000 visitors per month. Also, I plan cooperations with other bloggers from this area, as well as cooperations with companies.

Most of the website visitors are from the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand!

Visitors to this website / bogs have an above-average income!

People which are interested in the topic of gardening and home improvement, most likely have an own house and a high monthly income to spend. That is why this kind of blog-posts can do very well for a company.

>>Here you will learn how to write a perfect blog post<<

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Your publications are safe on my website! I do a full backup (all files and complete database) via FTP every two weeks and store these backup files on an external hard drive. In the case of an attack or a server problem, I’m able to restore the complete website in a few hours! These backups are a backup of the complete website with all posts and every media file! Every website can get hacked! But with the high security level and the backup routine, this website/blog is completely safe and secure!


All comments by users are first checked by me and then released. Through this procedure, I can make sure that there is no spam on this website / blog. Especially with sponsored articles, I only allow positive comments. I want to make sure all companies and sponsors are happy with my service!

Why does it make sense to invest in Digital Marketing and Sponsored Blog Posts?

Compared to conventional advertising, online advertising or online marketing has become much more effective. Customers and consumers can be reached worldwide. In Blog Post’s you can implement certain keywords that are searched by users or customers. It is much more expensive advertising in a magazine, to make posters, or television advertisement. A publication in the newspaper can cost about $10,000 easily, a publication on my website only cost a fraction of that and reach 1000 times more targeted people. With sponsored posts, a selected target group can be achieved, and the cost of advertising is very low in comparison to traditional advertising! More and more people have access to the Internet today and the searches on google are becoming more and more every single day. It is important, today and in the future, to be found online and make a positive impression on potential customers. That’s why it has become important also to create good articles on external websites or blogs. The more websites are speaking about your product, the more google gets aware of your service and product and so the higher your listing will be on google and other search engines. It is less and less bought in physical stores, the trend goes to online shopping. But at the high competition on the Internet, it is important to lift yourself and your company from the noise. Why don’t give it a shoot? Contact me today via email!

Another advantage of a blog posts on my website in contrast to traditional advertising in a newspaper or on TV is, a newspaper is usually thrown away after a day or a week and also the advertising in it. A TV spot runs only a limited time and is very expensive and will quickly be forgotten about. A blog article and it’s info, however, exests a lifetime! The older a blog article will get, the more authority the article will get on Google and all the more often it will be displayed to users.

How long does it take up to a new blog post in the Google search results?

It depends … Normally, a good article usually needs at least four weeks until it is correctly listed on Google. In order to develop his full potential, it can take up to 4-6 months. Every new article published on is submitted manually to Google! So Google will be informed directly about a new article on this blog and can be crawled immediately.

Product reviews

I would also be very happy about products that you send me. I will test these then extensively and write an extensive article about this product, including images (minimum of 2000 words for a high google ranking). The advantage when visitors or customers land on my blog and read about your product, the readers trust my website and it’s already a “warm audience”. So the chance is very high that the customers will also buy through your link!
It is also possible to create a video about your product and upload it to my YouTube channel and embed the product video in the blog post. Feel free to contact me.

Sidebar banner

It is also possible to rent a banner advertising place on my blog. If you rent a banner advertising place, this banner is displayed on the page for each blog article. This banner is very effective and generates a lot of attention. A banner must have the size of 1000 * 1500px or 1500 * 1500px. It can be a JPG image or even a GIF picture. Of course, we link the banners to the website you want. The cost of a banner per month is $ 1000. Payable in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The money for a banner must be paid in advance! As soon as the payments fail for the next month, we will remove the banners again and provide for other companies.

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Google AdSense

We use on our site the monetization of Google AdSense and other advertising partners. If you book a sponsored post or guest post, it is possible that google ads (AdSense) are shown automatically. If you do not want this, we can end these external advertising circuits on this specific article. This is associated with a one-time payment of $ 50.