How good are pool cleaning robots?

This is what makes a good pool cleaning robot

“It’s finally here – your own pool. We thought for a long time how we should upgrade our house. With a sauna? With a bigger terrace? Or maybe an outdoor play paradise for the children? We are incredibly glad that we visited a good friend and saw the great pool and were also allowed to jump in. It feels like vacation and it also looks like vacation. The swimming pool fits perfectly into our garden and we use it almost every day. The children romp, jump and play with their friends in the garden and it is a pleasure to watch them. Cleaning also works without any problems, because our pool robot removes all deposits and sucks up leaves and other residues.

The pool cleaning robot is a blessing. It is incredibly useful and gives us more free hours without having to spend them cleaning and scrubbing. We did everything right and would always choose a pool with a vacuum robot. “

Smart home

The term smart home is a generic term and describes technical systems which, in addition to the quality of life, are also intended to improve security in apartments and houses. Improving energy consumption, for example with regard to household appliances such as washing machines, heating systems, refrigerators or lamps, is also of great importance. Wireless devices are essential for this, but apps and internet-compatible technology are also used so that these systems can communicate with one another.

Anyone who owns a pool knows the advantages and disadvantages very well. It’s a great pastime in sunny weather, it enhances the garden immensely, but the cleaning of the purchase shouldn’t be underestimated. Harmful bacteria and germs can quickly form. Of course you can regularly clean your pool manually, but that takes up a lot of time and you quickly lose interest in the long run. This is exactly what pool robots are for, which can often be activated and operated by remote control. This means that after enjoying the refreshment, depending on the model, you can start cleaning the pool and, ideally, the pool walls at the push of a button.

Pool vacuum robot

Anyone who already has a vacuum robot in their own four walls knows the advantages and enormous relief that this device provides. Now these robots are also available for your own pool. And pool owners can no longer imagine life without this invention. Small pools under 20 m² can be cleaned with a semi-automatic pool vacuum with a hose connection. But as soon as the area is larger, the experts recommend a pool robot, which is equipped with an internal pump. This should be able to move 16m³ or at least 6000 liters of water per hour, the more the better.

Semi-automatic pool vacuum:

  • are connected to the filter system
  • Hose connection necessary
  • The performance depends on the power of the filter pump
  • Cleaning of the pool walls is not possible
  • Any pool shape can be cleaned (oval, round, octagonal, etc.)

Fully automatic pool robots:

  • Devices are operated electrically with the help of their own motor
  • The device consumes electricity, but it also has a high output
  • Cleaning of the pool walls possible depending on the model
  • With tiles and other smooth surfaces it can happen that the robot loses its grip

Another important factor for your pool cleaner is the ability to climb the pool walls and clean and brush them off as well. However, if you have a swimming pond or natural pool, there is a possibility that the robot will whirl up residues from the ground and make the water cloudy.

However, we do not recommend doing without chlorine in principle, because a pool robot cannot suck in and filter bacteria. This is done by chlorine and a suitable filter system could provide additional cleanliness.

Here are the three best pool cleaning robots from our test. You can easily order them from amazon. I definitely don’t want to do without a pool cleaning robot anymore, it makes your work a lot easier and can also save a lot of money. I previously had an external service that came to me every two weeks and cleaned my pool. I can now save these costs and I can say that I have the money for the pool cleaning robot in there again!

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