How to grow cacti yourself

How to grow cacti yourself

Planting cacti is easy when everything is kept clean and moist. In this way you can observe the entire development of the cactus from seed to blossom. With the right conditions, you can easily grow cacti yourself.

Beginners should start with easy-care cacti that germinate and grow well. The following genera are recommended here: Ferocactus, Frailea, Gymnocalycium, Lobivia, Notocactus and Trichocereus. Anyone who knows how to use it can then venture into all other genres with a clear conscience and only choose according to their own taste.

Growing cacti: where can I get cactus seeds?

The easiest way to get seeds is to order online. There are offers on Amazon or eBay, some of them from private sellers. It is better to buy high-quality seeds directly from specialized online retailers. Or you speak to a cactus grower or a grower association in your area. Most growers will be more than happy to offer you excess seeds and also provide you with tips and tricks.

  • First clean all the seeds.
  • They are then placed in a three percent peroxide or pink potassium permanganate solution for four to six hours. Both are available in pharmacies.
  • After drying, the seeds are ready to be sown.

Mix and prepare the cactus soil

  • A mixture of white peat and sand (1: 1) is suitable as a growing medium. It has to be loose and well drained. If you add some brick flour, zeolite or expanded clay, it becomes even more airy.
  • Germs and fungal spores should be removed from the substrate. The easiest way to do this is in the microwave: Heat the moist soil mixture in a loosely filled, open plastic bag for ten minutes until everything is well steamed.
  • Plastic cups, bowls or small propagation greenhouses are suitable for sowing. Important: clean thoroughly with a disinfectant.

The prepared vessels are now filled two to three centimeters high with the cactus substrate. It must be slightly damp, but under no circumstances should it be soaked. The cactus seeds are spread on the surface of the substrate. Cacti are light germs, so their seeds must not be covered with soil. Now the vessel is closed so that the substrate does not dry out.

After that, put it in a bright, warm place. The cacti germinate at temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. You should never place the sowing containers in direct sunlight so that the containers do not overheat.

Depending on the species and conditions, germination takes a few days or several weeks. When most of the seeds have germinated, you can occasionally ventilate them briefly to get them used to fresh air. Give the plants a few weeks for this. You can then leave the sowing without a cover, always slightly damp.

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