How To Water Plants On Vacation

Water Plants On Vacation

It doesn’t have to be two or three weeks vacation – in midsummer a short trip is enough to bring the plants to their limits without watering. If you don’t have someone to take care of your plants, this article is definitely for you. With these automatic watering tricks, your plants will survive the vacation season. Our watering tricks get your plants through the holiday season well.

The same game every year: while you come back from your vacation relaxed, your houseplants were stressed by drought at home. There is a lack of maintenance and, in particular, regular watering – after all, not everyone has helpful neighbors who look after everything every day. Plants that are less easy to care for have reached their limits.

But of course there is a remedy, such as indoor and balcony plants can be watered during the holiday season. With these five options, you can go on holiday relaxed and look forward to healthy indoor plants when you return.

  1. Watering plants on vacation with the bottle trick

Let the plants decide for themselves when they need water – with a simple plastic or glass water bottle.

  • Provide the plastic lid of the bottle with one to three holes, depending on the water requirements of the plant.
  • Then fill the bottle with water. Insert the longest possible nail through one of the holes so that it protrudes upwards.
  • Close the bottle and put it upside down in the ground until the bottle is securely held.
The bottle trick is also suitable for outdoors.
  1. Watering plants on vacation with the string trick

It’s even easier for small plants with little need or for a short weekend trip:

  • Simply fill a slightly elevated container with water and hang a thick string such as a shoelace or thick thread in it.
  • The other end of the tape is inserted into the soil of the plant. This is how the plant draws water as needed.

Tip: Do not use sheep’s wool as yarn – this material contains a lot of fat and does not absorb much water.

  1. How to water plants on vacation with the towel trick

There are special irrigation mats on the market that keep the water soaked up for a long time and serve as water-dispensing coaster for the plant.

An inexpensive solution for do-it-yourselfers is the towel trick: Put an old towel in the bathtub and soak it with water. Place the plants directly on the towel without a planter. So the earth can soak up as needed.

  1. Water plants with clay cones while on vacation

You can buy clay cones for watering plants in every hardware store: The irrigation spikes are inserted into the substrate of the plant and always release the right amount of water to the earth via the clay cone.

The cones are available as simple water reservoirs that are filled with a finite amount of water – perfect for short vacations. The ingenious systems that are supplied with water via a hose are more suitable for longer holiday stays.

Clay granules store a lot of moisture and slowly release it to the plant.
  1. Water the plant with granules while on vacation

Plant granules made of expanded clay are the ideal water storage and are also used by many plant enthusiasts outside of the holiday season. If you are absent for a longer period of time, the granulate can also be used once.

  • To do this, fill a layer of granulate at least 5 cm thick into a large plastic tub.
  • Place the pots on top without a cachepot and continue to fill the tub with granules until the pots are about half covered.
  • Then soak the granules until they are completely soaked.

Regardless of which irrigation solution you choose, a test run a few days before departure makes sense to determine how much water the plant actually needs or works. In the event of overwatering, you can reduce the water supply; in the case of dryness, turn the tap further.

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