The winter garden connects living room and outdoor area. As a result, it offers enormous design potential, as you can mix natural elements with your favorite furnishings here. With seasonal decoration, you also have the opportunity to incorporate the change of seasons in nature in your interior. We present atmospheric design ideas to you.

Alternative use

Let your creativity run free and get the most out of your conservatory by using it differently in every season. If it is uncomfortably cold outside, the winter sun comfortably heats the glass extension. This makes it the ideal place for brunch with friends, for afternoon tea or a coffee chat. Convert it into a cozy reading corner on rainy days. Or how about an original home office in the country?

Outdoor flair

A winter garden brings nature into the house. This is especially true in autumn and winter. Because frost and cold are a problem for sensitive plants. But thanks to the greenhouse effect, they can grow and thrive in the winter garden even when the temperature is below zero. Brightly colored species such as hibiscus or fuchsia, and exotic species such as bougainville or orchid bloom in the warm winter garden even in the cold season.

Design experiments

Plants undoubtedly bring color into play. But distinctive accents can also be set with different fabrics and patterns. How about, for example, an eye-catching wallpaper for the back wall? Wood paneling or masonry are also eye-catchers. Wooden floors or artistic tile mosaics also look great in the winter garden. Play with contrasts when setting up your winter garden and combine wonderfully soft cushions and cushions with furniture classics made of metal or wicker. Some winter garden owners also decorate with curtains in the winter months to give the room more comfort and warmth. Others do without curtains or blinds. The only decisive factor is your own taste.

Create atmosphere

As in all living and outdoor areas, atmospheric light plays a decisive role. Since winter gardens are largely made of glass, they perfectly capture daylight. But as soon as the days get shorter, it is important to pay attention to the right lighting when furnishing the winter garden. Only in this way does it develop its full potential. Does your extension offer enough space for a pendant light? Then choose a statement piece, such as an imposing chandelier, and stage the winter garden as a glamorous location for evening events. Alternatively, we recommend classic lanterns or fairy lights to put plants and furniture in the limelight. LED strips along the side glass panels ensure a modern, purist look and illuminate the extension perfectly even after sunset.

In summary, it can be said that the winter garden offers countless uses – also and especially in the cold season. Just think about how you can best use its advantages and create a feel-good atmosphere with plants, high-quality materials and the right light. For a harmonious overall picture in the interior, you can of course use these furnishing ideas for the winter garden in the rest of the house and create seamless transitions.

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