Lawn mower check in spring

There is still calm on the lawn front. With the fresh green in the garden, we look forward to the first cup of coffee on the terrace. A few days of sun and spring rain – and mowing is back in fashion. Time for the spring check of the equipment. If you haven’t already done this in autumn, you can first remove cordless or petrol lawn mowers from the winter quarters and then remove grass residues and other dirt. An old hand brush is usually sufficient for this. This clears the view of possible rust spots. Locking wheels should also be made passable.

The oil level must always be checked on petrol mowers. If the oil is very dark in color, it needs to be changed. At the same time, we recommend checking the air filter and, if necessary, thorough cleaning, otherwise dirt will get into the engine or carburettor the first time you use it. If you know how it’s done, you can take care of the spark plug, V-belt and Bowden cables. The latter ensure safety and turn off the mower as soon as you let go of the handlebar. Otherwise the specialist can help.

Above all, however, the mower knife deserves the greatest attention. Even with careful use, stones and branches have stressed the blade in the last season and require maintenance – which is more of a job for the professional. If you are out and about with the cordless mower, it is best to have the new season in mind and remove the battery from the device in autumn. Storage in dry rooms at around 15 degrees, such as a basement or garage, definitely increases the service life. And then there’s the brushcutter and the grass trimmer. A look at the housing – does the mower head show cracks? Is the thread winding OK? And what about the cutting tool?

The costs for knife sharpening and balancing are manageable. A machine inspection after a good 25 hours of operation or once a year is not cheap (petrol mower approx. 50 dollars), but it keeps one of the most important gardening aids in good working order for longer. Of course you can also inspect your lawn mower yourself if you are familiar with it. We have also written an article on the subject of detailed lawn mower maintenance!

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