Lawn Tractor Buyers Guide

One of the important aspects of keeping a property well maintained is to ensure the lawns look great. It means, spending some time covering the patches where the lawn died, ensuring the grass always gets water, keeping weeds away, and fertilizing the lawn periodically so that the grass remains lustrous.

However, keeping the lawn clean means you cut it regularly. You won’t like the lawn to be overgrown and messy. Mowing the lawn is perhaps one of the best ways to keep it clean. And, it would take most of your time. So, it is recommended to minimize the time for completing the task and labor.

The best machine for this task is a lawn tractor. This lawn tractor buyers guide helps you walk through some of the important aspects when you are planning to buy a lawn tractor. Also, the buyers guide contains the reviews of 5 lawn tractors that you can order from Amazon for your specific needs.

 ModelBiggest advantageDisadvantagesPricing
Cub Cadet XT1 Lawn TractorVery reliability and robustMaintenance rather for advanced usersCheck Price
Craftsman T135 Lawn TractorVery strong engineCleaning is complicatedCheck Price
Husqvarna YTH 24V48 Lawn TractorVery large cutting surface, Very good workmanshipNo big disadvantagesCheck Price
TB30 Troy-Bilt Lawn TractorSmall, light and agileMore suitable for smaller lawn areasCheck Price
Husqvarna MZ61 Lawn TractorVery professional machine, very good workmanshipMore suitable for professionalsCheck Price

What do you have to look out for in a lawn tractor?

Finding the right tractor for your lawn needs some amount of research. When you are thinking about buying a lawn tractor, you have to look out for certain factors.

1. Deck size – This is the first thing you need to watch out for when you are buying a lawn tractor is the width of the cutting swath, or otherwise called deck size. In general, lawn tractors provide deck sizes from 38 inches to 54 inches, which is between 3 and 5 feet.

The larger deck size means you can cut a large lawn within a few passes. This way, you can spend less time cleaning your lawn and easily get more time to relax after getting the work done. Yet, looking for the widest deck in the tractor and buying the same isn’t always a good option.

Lawn tractors with bigger deck sizes with about 5 feet might not fulfill your needs. When you are mowing a wide-open field without obstacles, choosing a lawn tractor with the biggest deck size makes sense. That’s because you can drive it back and forth without trouble.

However, if you have plenty of trees, or a grove of growing trees and have narrow pathways between them, big deck size isn’t a necessity. Hence, you need a deck size that can maximize the speed it can cut your lawn and easily deal with narrow spots.

Also, lawn tractors with a wider deck size are bigger machines. It means you need to have enough space for storage. So, keep that in your mind before buying one. Make sure the lawn tractor fits in your barn or garage.

2. Lawn tractors versus garden tractors – Next, you have to decide whether garden tractors can serve your purpose. Unlike a lawn tractor, garden tractors provide you with extra capabilities for working on land such as digging furrows and tilling the soil for planting. A garden tractor has more horsepower compared to standard lawn tractors.

Although garden tractors have a compact frame, they weigh more. A small vehicle with high power means it can maneuver over larger, rugged lawns with ease. Whereas, lawn tractors would struggle in that situation. A garden tractor is a better option if you are mowing hilly land.

They maneuver easily uphill and downhill than lawn tractors. Garden style tractors are designed to perform heavy works like tilling or grading the land. Also, it can pull a trailer with a much heavier load. If you have a small farm in your backyard, or serious about gardening apart from general lawn care, a garden tractor should be a perfect choice.

But, one thing you need to keep in mind that garden tractors are quite expensive compared to regular lawn tractors. They can have a price range between $2000 and $9000. Whereas, a lawn tractor can cost you around $1000 to $3000. Hence, carefully measure your needs before spending too much.

3. Attachments – You can find different kinds of attachments on a lawn style tractor. These attachments allow it to become a versatile machine capable of doing other tasks rather than cutting the grass. There are lots of accessories available from different manufacturers that help to aerate the turf, plow snow, collect leaves, and distribute grass food and weed killer.

Almost every accessory is sold separately. However, certain manufacturers provide some accessory as part of the purchase of a tractor. When you are looking to buy the best tractor for your lawn, you are likely to have a big property that should be around half of an acre area wise.

In that case, all the additional tasks aforementioned can be tiresome rather than cutting the grass. Nobody would want to rake up half of an acre of leaves all by using hand. Such a kind of task would easily take a few days. It would make you worn out and you won’t want to do it again shortly.

In the same way, distributing food over a half acre with the help of a manual spreader takes more hours and highly impractical. Therefore, it is wise to take a look at the different types of accessories provided with lawn tractors. Next, select the one capable of performing the widest of tasks.

As such, you can cut downtime required for basic lawn care. There are several benefits to that. You can have more time, yet you will take good care of the lawn than normal. It means your lawn would be better cared for and stay healthier.

4. Manual transmission vs hydrostatic and automatic transmission – Many people know that lawn tractors equipped with a hydrostatic and automatic transmission are pretty easy to maneuver than a tractor with a manual transmission. The manual transmission in tractors has to come to a haul when you change gears.

Hydrostatic and automatic transmission, on the other hand, can change from one gear to another while remaining in motion. Now, that’s going to be an important factor if you are going to use the lawn tractor on numerous garden beds or hilly terrain to maneuver around. Constantly shifting gears would be a great problem.

A hydrostatic transmission is the popular form of automatic transmission widely accepted by many tractor manufacturers. This kind of transmission is powered by hydraulic fluid instead of disks or gears. It means, they provide more torque compared to the manual transmission.

Despite its effectiveness, hydrostatic transmissions are quite expensive than a manual transmission. On the flipside, hydrostatic transmission is less prone to break down. As such, it saves you money on costly repairs in the days to come.

5. Bagging and mulching kits – Different kinds of lawn tractors have different options intended for handling grass. The least expensive lawn tractor is the one that simply displaces grass clippings from their sides and provides no other options. But, you need to bag the clippings for disposing of it in your compost bin.

Or, you may opt for mulching the grass clippings back into the lawn. Also, you may tend to bag your front lawn because of aesthetic purpose, but don’t pay heed when discharging the clippings in the field on the rear side of your property. If you fall into this category, you may want to find a tractor for your lawn that provides several grass management options.

Like other accessories that come along with a lawn tractor, bagging and mulching kits are sold separately. Also, they have a different price tag. You can find a variety of options within those categories, such as lawn tractors that collect grass clippings in one bag, or two side bins.

And, each option would attract a different price tag. This is the reason why it becomes so important to consider the options available when you are buying the tractor for your lawn. It shows you how much you want to pay beyond the original sticker price on the machine. That way, you can ensure that you are getting the best out of the accessories presented to you.

6. Torque, engine size, horsepower, and turning radius – When you are planning to buy a lawn style tractor, you would find that every manufacturer produces a vehicle with slightly different torque, engine size, horsepower, and turning radius. Apart from the transmission, these four areas constitute the major functional consideration of a lawn tractor.

You need to carefully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. Horsepower helps in finding the strength of the tractor. This feature affects the ability to cut a major portion of thick grass with ease. Also, it impacts the towing power the machine has. Furthermore, if you are planning to get an accessory like a snowplow or snow blow, the horsepower comes to play.

Horsepower affects the machine’s ability to maneuver through wet, deep snow. Hence, if you are willing to buy the tractor for tilling the soil or grading the land, you need to consider its horsepower. Engine size can have a negative impact on the horsepower and torque of the lawn tractors.

Sometimes, it may affect the amount of fuel the machine requires along with the size of the tractor. Large tractors need more space to maneuver through narrow spaces or several obstacles. These tractors have a bigger turning radius, which makes it difficult to work seamlessly from a single row to another in a single turn.

Remember, a powerful engine can perform harder tasks, cut a massive area without the need to refuel, and deliver significant power on hilly or rough terrain. The amount of torque the machine will have can affect its performance. So, it is equally important to consider it with horsepower and engine size.

The rotational power of the machine is called torque. It is responsible for the tractor’s performance to perform certain tasks such as plowing through deep snow and cutting dense grass. Many people don’t consider torque because they are more used to horsepower. However, it is wise to get familiar with the torque.

Finally, you have to consider the turning radius of the tractor you are planning to buy. The turning radius is affected by the deck width and engine size and whether the tractor is an all-wheel or rear-drive. Although a turning radius is a matter of personal choice, it gets important when you need to make tight turns.

What can you do with a lawn tractor?

Lawn tractors can do a lot of things other than cutting grass. Here are some tasks that you can do with a lawn tractor.

Hauling and moving – A lawn style tractor can haul and move a variety of materials with the help of a utility cart attached to it. It helps in eliminating fatigue because of manual labor and provides an efficient way to get the job done in your yard. Get a wagon or cart for your tractor and you can carry almost everything useless on your small farm. These carts can have dumping features, too.

Weed control and spreading fertilizer – One of the best way to apply a weed killer and spread fertilizer effectively with lawn tractors is by using a sprayer attachment. These sprayers can cover larger areas. And, most of them have spraying options intended for spot spraying, which is useful in small areas like a garden.

Aerating lawns – Wagons and carts aren’t the only attachments you can pull behind the tractor. A lawn aerator is equipment for increasing the oxygen level and improving soil drainage. Some lawn aerators can be pulled by hand. But, for bigger yards, these attachments are designed to be pulled by a lawn tractor.

Cultivating soil – You can tow cultivators and tillers similarly like you have towed a lawn aerator. Although you can’t cover several acres of land by using the attachment, if you are a small farmer and want to cultivate a minimal garden plot, it can be an affordable option.

Clearing snow – Lawn tractors are specifically designed for light yard work. However, the addition of wheel weights, tire chains, and a snowblower or snowplow attachment can make your tractor a fully-functional snow-clearing machine. Riding the tractor surely beats walking behind a conventional snowblower.

How big should the lawn area be so that the purchase of a lawn tractor is worthwhile?

The size of your lawn area helps you decide the best tractor for your needs, and it proves worthwhile. In general, you can find a walk-behind mower much useful for a lawn area of about hectare 14; of an acre, or even less. Well, that’s a good ground to cover. And, a lawn area of more than that would need a ride.

Let’s make an appropriation of the mowing surface of your lawn. Walk off in large rectangles and count your steps while you progress. Next, add the areas of the rectangles. There is no need to get precise here. For your knowledge, an average woman’s stride is around 26 inches and a man’s stride is around 26 inches.

Or else, you can measure your stride to get the most accurate measurement. You know that an acre is about 43,560 square feet. Therefore, hectare 14; of an acre would be about 10,890 square feet. Anything more than that means you need to have a tractor for your lawn.

It is seen that a wide majority of people don’t like the concept of clipping hectare 14; acre of grass with the help of a 22-inch walk-behind mower. However, it is a matter of concern that how much time you may have invested in cleaning your lawn on a weekend. Hence, it is wise to choose better equipment.

If you are having a lawn with more than 10,890 square feet, you should buy a good lawn tractor. Lawn tractors with rear-mounted engines provide you amazing mobility and good visibility around trees and flowerbeds. Sometimes they are available with mowing decks having a width from 28 inches to 42 inches, and engines between 12 and 20 horsepower.

Is it difficult to operate a lawn tractor?

Operating lawn tractors isn’t a complicated process. However, the process could be a bit daunting for beginners or someone who has switched to a newer machine. Different machines have different ways of operating. All you need to do is follow the instructions and you are good to go.

No, it isn’t difficult to operate lawn tractors. You have to learn to do that accurately and maintain the safety rules. Every tractor has separate controls for operating. It is wise to seek guidance from the operation manual before using your lawn tractor.

If your vehicle doesn’t have a combined clutch pedal and brake and has a separate pedal for each, press and release those separate pedals at the same time. You likely have an older version lawn tractor if there are two pedals. If there is a need to shift gears while mowing, you don’t have to disengage the blades.

All you need to do is push the clutch pedal and brake, change to the desired gear and release them. Raise the tractor a bit when you are clipping grass on uneven terrain. Don’t forget to slow down on slopes and turns. Because of the weight of lawn style tractors, you should move the vehicle with utmost caution.

It is very easy for the machine to overturn on a slope going sideways when you are about to turn. Also, when you are operating a lawn style tractor, there are a few things you have to consider. Try to remove foreign debris, sticks, and rocks from your yard. That’s because it can damage the blades and cause injury.

Wear safety glasses, long pants, and hearing protection when you are operating a tractor on your lawn to prevent severe accidents. Remember to follow simple guidelines mentioned in the owner’s manual.

5 best lawn tractors:

Cub Cadet XT1 Lawn Tractor

If you are having a big lawn that needs to be cleaned once a week, you need a comfortable lawn style tractor to complete the task. That’s when Cub Cadet XT1 comes to the scene. These lawn tractors are equipped with sheer power to take lawns of any terrain and size.

The XT1 lawn tractor comes with an 18 HP high-grade Kohler OHV engine. Cub Cadet XT1 is the entry-level tractor for lawns and has been specifically designed for durability and strength. You can mow grass for up to 4 acres. Also, you can use a variety of attachments with it.

Advantages – The new and muscular clipping system of the XT1 Cub Cadet tractors for lawn features fabricated and stamped deck options crafted with durable materials. The latest belt design ensures reliability and robust performance. Apart from that, the machine delivers amazing power for bagging. It has an outstanding performance while clipping grass.

The XT1 range of tractors provides industry-grade corrosion resistance with the utmost care. As such, it helps to protect the machine against regular wear and tear. Very few manufacturers provide a Corrosion Defense System mechanism along with an E-coat. And, Cub Cadet is one of them.

For responsive and incredible handling of the vehicle, the new steering system found in the XT1 delivers optimized control and command in every turn. Even the seat comes with the latest technology that provides great comfort. Cub Cadet XT1 has adjustable seat, which you can move at different angles to fit your posture.

This way, the tractor provides all-day comfort and you won’t feel much exhausted. When it is about power, the Cub Cadet XT1 has a powerful 18 HP engine from Kohler exclusively designed for the Enduro Series. Therefore, any kind of grass varieties such as Bermuda, Centipede, or Tall Fescue, can be easily clipped with this tractor.

The Cub Cadet XT1 is a cost-effective tractor for your lawn. The machine comes with an amazing 2-cylinder engine alongside batteries from Kohler and engine oil. Furthermore, the Cub Cadet XT1 has a larger deck area, longer warranty period, fuel-efficient, and so on. All these features make the machine worth buying one.

In short, the Cub Cadet XT1 delivers robust performance making it perfect to mow small to large yards. The machine consists of 12 different clipping grass heights, which are pretty easy to adjust. The 42-inch deck gets the task done effectively. The steering wheel is fitted with a grip cushion to help in relieving a tiring hand.

Disadvantages – Although the Cub Cadet XT1 lawn style tractor has lots of great things, it isn’t free from certain disadvantages. One of the biggest drawbacks of this machine is the location of the oil drain plug. It is located in a weird place. The lawn tractor may have a little assembly to do, but it is pretty difficult to put them together. Also, they aren’t the best tractors for hilly, large lawns. So, if you are having one, think of another brand.

Craftsman T135 Lawn Tractor

With the wrong equipment, even easy and simple work can become a bit complicated and hard. The same thing goes for lawn tractors, as well. If you have a small yard, a hand push mower is perfect to conclude the work. But for larger yards, you need lawn tractors.

These vehicles are designed for larger gardens and yards. The Craftsman T135 is considered as one of the robust, heavy-performing machines. The machine can take-up professional-grade mowing work with efficiency and ease. With an 18.5 HP engine, it provides long-lasting performance for a prolonged time.

Advantages – To begin with, the Craftsman T135 houses a Briggs and Stratton 540cc 18.5 HP engine. This makes the tractor one of the powerful mower machines you may find around. The “Ready Start” feature present in the model provides you with reliable starting every time you turn the key.

Without the need to choke the engine, this feature is a great one that is rarely found on other models. The powerful machine can handle a variety of landscapes with ease. Apart from the powerful engine, another feature of the Craftsman T135 is the wide deck of 46″. It saves a lot of time because the large deck covers a wide area.

Also, the model is efficient in clipping grass in one go alongside trimming and precise clipping. The 18-inch turning radius is quite impressive. It allows the tractor to get out of a tight and narrow spot. The hydrostatic transmission is easy and reliable to adjust. For one-direction mowing tasks, Craftsman T135 has a reverse mowing functionality.

It allows the tractor to move back and forth to clean trouble spots with precision. Mowing a big lawn takes much time. Hence, to finish the work precisely you need to sit on the machine for long hours. Therefore, the seat needs to be comfortable enough. The seat is designed in a way to provide lumbar support to the rider on bumpy terrain. The ergonomically designed seat is comfortable to sit on.

For a strong machine like Craftsman T135, it has to be durable enough to take on regular mowing tasks. It has a steel structure body with water-resistant and rust-resistant. It means the tractor is built to last longer. The 20 inches rear wheel and 15 inches front wheel is made to provide clearance over uneven grounds and bumps.

Also, they provide good traction while running for hours. The convenience factor found in the vehicle is another important feature that makes the machine a popular choice among people. In that context, it is pretty sure that the tractor comes with a host of exciting features.

Disadvantages – The first and major flaw in this powerful tractor for cleaning your lawn is that it isn’t environmentally friendly. That’s because it disposes of fumes. You won’t have any kind of accessory and the foot pedal is quite hard. These are some of the disadvantages. Also, the lawn tractor is a bit expensive in its class.

Husqvarna YTH 24V48 Lawn Tractor

If you want a great tractor for cleaning your lawn with the best balance between price tag, power, and size, the Husqvarna YTH 24V48 is the way to go. It has a 24 HP powerful Briggs and Stratton OHV V-Twin engine that helps you to move around your yard without trouble.

With a 48-inch deck, it allows you to clip grass in lesser time. Husqvarna tractors are well-known for their construction and quality. And, this model is ranked among the topmost machines for its easy maneuverability and compact size.

Advantages – Briggs and Stratton engine is durable, powerful, and delivers every time. The engine has a 24 HP V-Twin design, which makes the engine smaller with less vibration compared to other twin-cylinder engines. The vehicle is constructed in a way so that the exhaust can easily escape through the back.

As such, the ride becomes almost silent compared to other machines on the market. Husqvarna lawn tractors are reinforced with 14 gauge steel tubing for extra durability. The 48-inch steel deck, on the other hand, provides for a larger clipping area. The clipping adjustments and blade engagement are mounted on the fender.

Because of that, you can clip grass with less trouble. With a side discharging option, this lawn style tractor can make the trimmed grass spurt out through its side. Driving this tractor is a breeze, thanks to the hydrostatic pedal transmission. They are designed for attaining variable speeds both forward and in the reverse direction.

As a result, you can get excited because the machine is jerky. The hydrostatic transmission is controlled by the foot pedal and provides a maximum speed of about 7.75 mph in the forward direction and 3 mph in the reverse direction. Cruise control manages speed on rough terrain. The air present in this machine gets drawn from the bottom and top of the deck.

It improves grass lift and delivers superior trimming. Also, this yard tractor comes with all-season attachments. These include spreader, trailer, moss rake, snow blade, and so on. With the help of these tools and attachments, you can trim the grass in your yard. Now, you can manage that regardless of every season.

The Cruise Control feature in this wonderful tractor allows the device to maintain a steady speed even on uneven terrain. With Electric Blade Engagement, the machine engages the blades with a switch. For a better understanding, you can take the help of the owner’s manual.

The compact size of the tractor makes it perfect for a mid-size lawn. It gets easier to maneuver during mowing. Also, it requires less storing space compared to other models. The adjustable and comfortable seat makes the work easier.

Disadvantages – Owners may find some mechanical parts less study after using the tractor for some time. But, this isn’t a deal-breaker. The tractor may require frequent repairs.

TB30 Troy-Bilt Lawn Tractor

Another compact lawn tractor that saves you money and storage space. Perfect for lawns of less than 2 acres, this Troy-Bilt tractor reaches speed up to 4.5 mph in both forward and reverse. The machine features a 6-speed transmission, adjustable blade height of five different settings, and an auto choke engine.

Many Amazon reviewers are satisfied with the tractor. At its best, the tractor trims grass flawlessly even on uneven ground. As aforementioned, the tractor doesn’t take much space, you can keep it in a backyard storage shed or garage. It gives you excellent performance and has great value for money.

Advantages – Apart from the 6-speed transmission, the robust 14-gauge steel body structure of TB30 is packed with seamless performance. Although it is not a heavy-duty tractor, the OHV 382cc engine has a top speed of around 4.5 mph. The 16-inch rear and 13-inch front wheels have a turning radius of 18 inches.

The company designed TB30 to maneuver smoothly in tight corners across flat, sprawling terrain. Most surprisingly, TB30 isn’t hard to operate. And, when it is not in use, the compact size saves noticeable shed space. Using the clutch to shift gear or so on the fly is another feature of this amazing tractor.

The fuel window tells you about the remaining gas left in your favor. The installation consists of assembling the engine cover and seat, steering column with wheel, and so on. All the installations take about an hour and your TB30 is ready to roll.

TB30 has been a popular choice for many people because of the quality of trimming. The machine clips grass effectively even on an uneven lawn. Although 30 inches isn’t a great space to trim with every pass. However, this tractor makes it up with the speed and right dimensions. The machine mulches and discharge clippings from its side.

You can mow in reverse instead of allowing the blade to disengage automatically is another great feature. The Troy-Bilt TB30 has very good and positive online reviews. It means people around the world are satisfied with their functionalities. They appreciated the tractor’s maneuverability a lot.

If you are planning for a lawn tractor and have a budget of around $1200 to $1500 and you don’t intend to run it on severe slopes, the TB30 should work fine. It has precision clipping, agility, and speed. It is fun to drive.

Disadvantages – The Troy-Bilt TB30 is a bit louder compared to other tractors that fall under the same category. It may not have the greatest clipping height. Sometimes, you may find it hard to shift gears. Because the deck is 30 inches, it would take much time for the machine to clean large lawns.

Husqvarna MZ61 Lawn Tractor

Are you looking for the best zero turn tractor that makes your work easier on the lawn? If so, you have landed in the right spot. Husqvarna MZ61 is one of the best 61-inch lawn tractors you can find. When you are looking to buy a self-propelled tractor for your lawn, you want to have one that satisfies your needs.

Each wheel of the tractor can rotate on their own, even in reverse. Now, you can make tight turns against trees with ease. With 27 HP, the Husqvarna MZ61 is one of the best heavy-duty tractors you can find around. This machine can give tough competition to other tractors having advanced features.

Advantages – The 3 in 1 Cutting System along with the hydrostatic 27 HP Briggs and Stratton engine is used to discharge or collect or mulch the grass clippings. It has a high performing clipping deck. The presence of Chokeless Start technology in the vehicle starts Husqvarna MZ61 with only a turn of the key.

It won’t matter whether the season is winter or summer. When you go through the overall design of this tractor, you would find it amazing. It is very simple and easy to operate. At the same time, it presents you with a comfortable seat. That’s a great advantage especially when you work for longer hours.

The inclusion of an air induction technology allows the machine to draw air from all the sides of the deck. That way, it improves the grass lift and delivers an ultimate cut. If you are having a lawn with a bump or a flat one, the hydrostatic gear transmission greatly helps in your mowing tasks.

The machine changes direction quickly and adjusts speeds over any kind of terrain. Hence, whether you are using the hand joystick or foot or pedal, you feel like you are in control. Another great feature of the Husqvarna MZ61 is that it provides a bigger clipping deck compared to other brands.

It is made with fabricated steel and has a width of 61 inches, which is much bigger to be found on other lawn tractors. Furthermore, the deck uses 3 blades to give your lawn a manicured and precise cut. The hydraulic wheel drive provides precise maneuvering and makes the tractor rotate on its axis.

The 27 HP Briggs & Stratton V-Twin engine delivers sheer power to the tractor. The wheel is a bit tricky. The front wheels are 6-inch in width and the back wheels keep the entire machine balanced.

Disadvantages – The main drawback you can have with the tractor is the price tag, which is a bit expensive compared to other tractors in the market. Sometimes you may find the repairs costly, as well. However, with a powerful machine like Husqvarna MZ61, you can expect it a bit higher on price.

Maintenance and repair of lawn tractors:

Keeping the lawn tractors in a good working condition promotes safety and saves you tons of money by extending its life. Here are some tips for good maintenance.

  • Make use of a leave blower or uncompressed air to blow out dirt, debris, and old grass. It is good to perform the task before using it and after every use. Keep in mind that the debris accumulated on the machine can interfere with the operation of the tractor.
  • Always try to replace the old fuel with fresh, clean fuel. If you have stored it on the tractor, remove it as early as possible. Take red gasoline can, drain the old fuel, and follow hazardous disposal regulations.
  • It is important to change the oil and oil filter in your tractor from the beginning of a season. It is good to check the vehicle’s oil before every use. For better results, allow the tractor to run for a while before changing. Also, make sure to clean any kind of spillage on the engine.
  • Keeping the filter clean is another important aspect you need to consider. Seek guidance from the manufacturer’s manual to know how frequently you need to do that. In between changing the air filter, you can clean it with mild soap and water. Ensure that it’s dry before reinstalling. When it becomes dirty, it is time to replace the paper filters.
  • Another important task that keeps the tractor in good health is to change the spark plug. It makes the machine work smoothly and run effectively.
  • Regularly check the tires and ensure they are inflated according to the air pressure as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Ensure the blades are sharper and properly balanced. But, remember to wear hard gloves alongside eye protection and ensure the blades are balanced in the right way.
  • If you don’t possess the necessary skills to maintain and repair a lawn tractor, it is better to get help from a professional. This is crucial when working with the internal combustion components and the clipping blades of the machine. For every 25 to 50 hours of usage, it is recommended to take care of your tractor.

Can children drive a lawn tractor too?

Clipping grass with lawn tractors is a common household task. But, it can dangerous for your children. Hence, it is recommended not to allow your children to drive a lawn tractor. A study from 2010 stated that about 17,000 youths under the age of 19 were hospitalized and treated for injuries related to tractors for cleaning your lawn.

Before they learn how to mow a lawn, children should have enough maturity, strength, good judgment, and coordination the task requires. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children should be 16 years and above to operate lawn tractors safely.

Children need to know how to drive these machines. However, before allowing them to use it, spend some time to show how to get the job done. Supervise children while they are doing the work until you are sure that they can manage the task on their own.

Although children are at higher risk when they are around lawn tractors, it is better to watch them closely. It is seen that boys around age 11 fall under 75% of children having injuries from lawn tractors. These injuries may range from small cuts to amputations.

The injuries include broken bones, bruises, and sprains. Therefore, make sure children stay at a safe distance from the area you are about to clean or stay indoors. Also, ensure that the machine is covered by all kinds of protective shields, grass catcher, guards, and other safety equipment.

Safety comes first. Hence, children should have a clear understanding of how lawn tractors work and safety standards even if they have attained legal age to operate the machine. Sometimes people believe that because their children meet the recommended age for driving lawn tractors, they know what to do in terms of safety.

Can I leave my child alone with a lawn tractor?

No, it is unwise to leave your child alone with a lawn style tractor. Having your children to clip grass is a wonderful feeling since it is one fewer chore parents need to do. However, it is a big responsibility and you want to make sure your child is ready for that.

Lawn tractors could be dangerous if it isn’t used properly. Plenty of children get admitted to hospitals each year with lawn tractor-related accidents. So, parents mustn’t leave their children alone with the machine, even after attaining the standard age for operating.

Children suffer from bruises and cuts to their hands and fingers when they come in contact with the blade accidentally. Sometimes children pick up sticks or stones lying in the yard while operating the tractor. This could be dangerous. Also, the machine can pick up items and project them in your child’s direction.

As such, it causes bruises near their face, or even have eye injuries. Several types of research have shown that people standing near the machine or passing by when it is operating are more likely to suffer injuries than the person operating it. So, leaving your child alone while a tractor is clipping grass around could be fatal.

Injuries related to mowing lawns are a major reason why some children have to undergo traumatic medical treatment like amputations. All these injuries can be prevented by following proper guidance and safety measures. So, it’s better to keep your child indoors when you are operating on lawn tractors.

 ModelBiggest advantageDisadvantagesPricing
Cub Cadet XT1 Lawn TractorVery reliability and robustMaintenance rather for advanced usersCheck Price
Craftsman T135 Lawn TractorVery strong engineCleaning is complicatedCheck Price
Husqvarna YTH 24V48 Lawn TractorVery large cutting surface, Very good workmanshipNo big disadvantagesCheck Price
TB30 Troy-Bilt Lawn TractorSmall, light and agileMore suitable for smaller lawn areasCheck Price
Husqvarna MZ61 Lawn TractorVery professional machine, very good workmanshipMore suitable for professionalsCheck Price

Which spare parts and maintenance parts should you have?

Of course, such a lawn tractor isn’t still completely maintenance-free and you have to take care of it regularly so that it is always ready for use. The better you take care of your lawn tractor, the longer it will last and the longer you will enjoy your new acquisition!
You have to understand that this is a professional machine that you buy and not a small lawn mower from the hardware store.
These are all technically highly developed machines with many details that also need a little care from time to time.

Here I have listed a few things for you that you need to clean and inspect your new lawn tractor.
Compared to the one-time high purchase price, these maintenance parts are not very expensive, but very important.

Engine oilThe engine oil should be changed at least once a year. It is important to use a high-quality engine oil. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on which engine oil you must use.Check Price
Oil filterThe oil filter must also be replaced with every oil change. This filters all dirt out of the engine.Check Price
PressurewasherImportant for washing after use. A pressure washer easily removes even coarse dirt.Check Price
Multi oilMechanical parts should be oiled from time to time to ensure that they move freely.Check Price
Tool caseThere is always something to repair or you can loosen screws from time to time. A well-stocked tool case is a must.Check Price
Spark PlugsThe spark plugs need to be changed from time to time. Especially important when a lawn tractor is used hard.Check Price
Wire brushThis makes it very easy to remove heavy soiling on mechanical parts.Check Price
Air CompressorClean important parts with compressed air or inflate the tires with air.Check Price


A lawn tractor is a big tie saver and a significant investment. If you have to maintain half an acre or even more, you would appreciate the convenience and speed of a lawn tractor. Each tractor has its characteristics and uses. Therefore, pick the one that works wonders for your lawn.

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