Lice alarm in the garden – how do I get rid of the lice?

Lice everywhere! Especially on the roses. It is high time I took care of the sucking insects. Environmentally friendly of course!

Even if it shakes one or the other a little: I stop an incipient invasion of lice on roses with my thumb and forefinger. I try to catch the strikingly large lice mothers before they form their colonies. When there are quite a few, I use the garden hose. Because a sharp jet of water can also help to finish them off.

If both of these are of no use, I spray gentle sprays based on potash soap or rapeseed oil. They work well if I use them early and make sure to wet the undersides of the leaves and stems as well. I have already distributed neem, an extract from the seeds of the neem tree, which we sell as a ready-made preparation. It contains more than twenty substances that deter pests such as aphids, spider mites, thrips and leaf miners, inhibit their reproduction or block their moult. The good thing: bees and other beneficial organisms remain unmolested. However, the lice do not die immediately, instead they stop eating and fall off over time. So, like everything else in the garden, I learned to be a little patient.

What can also help is to attract natural predators. Build a suitable shelter for bees and other insects. These insects then take care of their lice infestation on the plants by themselves!

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