Light Effects In The Backyard

What can you do to create a nice atmosphere with light effects in your garden?

You may have all the varieties of fascinating colors of plants in your garden, and you have all the trimmings in place, but when nighttime comes, there is nothing seen cause there is just one flickering light in the farthest corner of your garden.

Combine plants, lights, and arrangements in your garden. It is not just important to have plants and flowers, but there should be lightings to showcase it.

Lights for the Pathway

Lighting the pathway will not just make it easier for you to access your garden, it will also make it safer for everyone who will walk through your garden to do so.

There are designs for you to choose from, just get the best one that will further highlight the beauty of your garden.

Lights in a Jar

Electric candles in mason jars can fascinate when placed in your garden. It will accent the area, plus it will give more lighting to the path. It is also more romantic to use candles in a mason jar, as you can place them on the garden table or in the corners of the garden.

Garden wall lightings

The place can even look more magical when there are lights that seem to climb the wall. It can be white lights or can be warm yellow. It gives the space such a serene ambiance, and you can even invite guests outside knowing that you have the place well illuminated.

Lighting the trees

Spotlight is also another idea for the trees. Just placing 2 or 3 spotlights per tree will surely look outstanding to anyone who will get a look at your garden. You are showcasing either a tree or anything that is above it.

Some homeowners just hang some lights on the tree branches, and it is a stand out every time.

Border lightings

Placing lights on the four corners of your garden can make a big difference, not only does it make your garden look larger, but it also helps in making your garden appear magical. You can mix and match the colors as well, not just focusing on one lighting, but you can add a yellow, can be white, add some purple, or whatever color you think will complement what is in your garden.

What are the options?

There are different options of lightings for your garden or backyard, you just have to make everything work for you. You cannot put too large lightings if you only have little space to work on and if there is a chance that the lighting will get in the way.

Choose lights that will accent the space and make it glow. There should be lightings that will also enhance what is in your garden, so if there are more red flowers in there, then choose lights that will complement the look.

If you don’t have any idea on how to mix and match and how to make the lights work for your garden, you can get the help of a professional so they can give you some advice and suggestions.

What are the latest trends?

Trends nowadays do not just include bland, white lights anymore. Although this is still an option for some traditional homeowners, now there is a palette of color to choose from.

The aim now is to accent lawn decor, give style to the entertainment area of the garden, or to accentuate flowers in bloom or a special space in the garden.

Although white lights are still being used, it pairs them with a filter to create a dramatic effect.

Small, twinkling lights.

Small lights make a statement nowadays. They are placed strategically in the garden or backyard to enhance the area while adding depth to the beauty and design.

Availability of bold lightings

There are feature lights available now called illuminated globes and glow balls. It adds such a sophisticated look to any garden or backyard, making the space look expensive. It will also support a theme you are going for, whether it is a beach theme, nautical, or just a fantasy and magical theme.

Eco-friendly lights

Most homeowners are supporting the green, eco-friendly movement these days. LED lighting mostly fits this category since it is energy efficient, works longer, and functions efficiently.

Some homeowners prefer a solar-powered light installed so they can take advantage of the natural resources instead of paying more for electricity bills.

Here are samples of the best outdoor, backyard, or garden lightings.

Ring Solar Path lights for walkways

This is what makes navigating your backyard or your garden at night safer. It will help you explore tricky backyard spaces and will benefit you if you have visitors that you need to entertain in your garden or backyard.

The good thing about this lighting is that it has a solar rechargeable battery, so buying and replacing batteries after a month is out of the question.

You can set it to turn off automatically, and you can turn it in the same way.


  • Easy to install
  • Solar Rechargeable batteries
  • Can be controlled using an app
  • It has a snooze option and an on and off scheduling scheme.

Set of 7 Flameless Candles, Battery Operated with Timer

This is a simple yet elegant addition to your garden or backyard space. This may not be as high tech as the other lights available in the market, but this design can make your exterior look cozy and comfortable.

It can stay open for hours, and it is safe to use cause there is no actual flame that can cause a fire if forgotten.

It does not have a remote control, but there is a preset timer that you can use, or you can switch it on and off manually if you prefer.


  • Safe and durable
  • It can be used for hours (as long as you have extra batteries to change it once used up).
  • With a 90 day warranty
  • A timer that can set the hours of use

Hue White and Color Ambiance Calla Bollard by Philips

Classy and elegant lighting for your backyard. This will make your night barbecue or night get-together impressive. Choosing the right ambient color is easy, and it can be warm white light or just a soft hue that is likened to winter nights.

It has a color-changing capability plus a dimmable LED to make it match your mood. With over 16 million colors to give the perfect ambiance to your garden or backyard area, this will make your area a beauty.


  • Durable and stable in different outdoor weather.
  • Installation is effortless and fast.
  • You can use voice control using Alexa, Apple Homekit, or Google Assistant.
  • High-Quality and weatherproof material with a 2-year warranty.

Smart Led PAR38 Bulb by Sengled

This lighting will not only add quality and beauty to your outdoor space or your backyard, but it will also keep your house safe.

It can be controlled with a voice command with the use of Alexa and Google Assistant.

It has a motion sensor that when you are away on vacation, this light can be put on schedule to turn on and off randomly to make it appear as if someone is at home when they are not.

Whenever there is someone in your yard, you will receive notifications wherever you may be.

It can tolerate different weather and can withstand wetness or rain.

Responds quickly, and the motion sensor works perfectly up to 40 feet away.


  • Smart light bulb.
  • Motion sensor detection
  • Durable and economical
  • With an integrated daylight sensor
  • Easy and effortless to install
  • Uses voice control

48 Feet 11 Watt Outdoor Weatherproof String Light by Newhouse

A chic addition to your backyard garden space. It can illuminate an enormous area, plus it can give such a captivating ambiance to the place.

Just the right mix of city and country feel. It has the durability and elegance that every homeowner is looking for.

It is best for your backyard garden party, a garden BBQ with your friends, or to simply make your garden pop up, these string lights can do the trick.

It can light up an enormous space since it has a 48 foot long, its cord can reach faraway outlets with ease cause it comes with a long cord.

This light comes with a 5-year warranty, which is already many years to enjoy this product.


  • Provides a whimsical beauty to the area
  • It adds class and a relaxing atmosphere wherever you place it.
  • It is 48 feet long that can brighten up a large area or space.
  • With a handy plastic cover to keep out water and dust off the light receptacle.

Special lights for the holidays

There are a few that stand out and can be used for the holidays, such as the list below:

LED multicolor ball lights.

With many colors included in the mix, we can use this ball of beauty in your garden, patio, or backyard. It is battery operated as well, so you can bring it with you anywhere, It can be used inside the home or outside. It is not expensive if compared to how it can make your place stand out.

LED Snowflake Projector Light

So if you are not keen on hanging lights outside your home, this is your go-to decor. This LED snowflake projector light can trick the onlookers that there are moving or floating snowflakes on your home exterior, plus there are colors that you can choose from, and doing so is easy with remote control.

Garden Laser Light

So you are not keen on putting up the fabulous decor for the holidays, but you want to still have lights to adorn your home exterior. You will enjoy the look of red and green lights that seem to twinkle at night.

Turning it on is effortless, plus there is no installation needed. Your house will look awesome, and magical with such a holiday spirit. Comes with a remote control to make managing the lights easier.

Snowflake Icicle Lights

So this is another white and snowy theme decor. If you like to adorn your house with beautiful dangling lights of icicle decor, this one is what you should pick.

Solar Garden Lights for Outdoors

Solar-powered that adds a sparkle to your home exterior. You should try this for a holiday look if you want to have sparkly decor.

Lighting effects for the whole year.

Installing lights outdoor need not be expensive. There are options to help you pick on the best one to make your outdoor space beautiful without spending too much.

A budget idea for outdoor light is by using battery operated lights. You can get a glass container or a clear vase, and you can place the battery operated lights inside and you can use this when you have some family function outdoors, and you need some lightings to add a homey feel to space, this will not cost you much, and you need not worry about electric bills.

Another lighting decor that you can use for the entire year is the LED outdoor rose lights

You can just hang these rose lights in your garden and make it highlight the beauty of your garden or plants. There are different colors to choose from, or you can even use the multi-colored one.

This design will look as if it is growing amongst your plants, giving it many color effects.

Investing in Pendant lights outside

It is not just usable indoors, but a pendant light outside is also beautiful when placed outdoors.

Hanging a canopy lights

Your outdoor space can transform with the help of canopy lights, plus it will add to the fairy-like ambiance. It gives your space the relaxing ambiance it needs, plus it’s appealing to guests of any age.

A beautiful and well-lighted garden dome

You can place some tables and chairs outside and place it in the middle of your garden. You can also light it up with the fairy lights to make it glow and look exceptional. You can use this place all year round, and it can even be your space when you want to have time for yourself.

Giant Orb Lightings

They can use globes of different sizes as garden decor, and it will surely light up your space outdoors. It can be solar or battery powered. It is possible to scatter it on the ground or even lined up in your backyard.

A sure-fire way to light up your garden or backyard.

Faux Candle

You can have some faux candles clustered together. It will look realistic at the same time, it is safer to use.

You can either have it turned on as scheduled or use it when you need to stay outdoor with your family, or you need to entertain some visitors.

What is the best way to illuminate the pool?

The usual way to illuminate the pool is with the use of underwater lights or floodlights. Generally, these lights are low voltage and are highly safe to be used in pools.

Most of the water used for pools is installed by professionals, as it requires a suitable product and the correct installation to make it work underwater.

Halogen source for water jets and fountains

Adjustable floodlights are often used and positioned in the pool’s corners or where its position will highly illuminate the waterfall.

LED lightings

If other types of lighting are used, there is a higher electricity bill, mostly if it is used more often outside.

LED lights are more preferred since homeowners can save more and enjoy the same amount of lights. Although LED lights cost more during purchase, you will save more with it in the long run.

RGB Spotlight

Using LED RGB spotlight is another option to enhance the look of your pool. This lighting can change color depending on your mood, so you can choose between the colors yellow, green, white, red, blue, among others.

It is also easy to manipulate this type of lighting with the help of remote control.

Do some lights also offer security against break-ins?

Lighting can somehow keep your home safe from burglars. A burglar will probably get interested to get in a home that is poorly lit, and a house that looks as if it is a house that has been abandoned for years.

Investing in correct lightings will help you in deterring burglars and have second thoughts about invading your home.

Some lights are available in the market that can detect outside motion. These lights are bright and will illuminate your outdoor areas well, plus it will at least alert your neighbors for any suspicious activity that is happening in your home, and they can call the authorities to check.

Some outdoor lights can be programmed to turn on and off at a certain time. So if you are away from home, you can have this program, so burglars will not think that there is no one if the house is as dark as a cave without any light on.

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