Natural Privacy Protection With Hedges And Climbing Plants

When it comes to your garden, privacy protection serves your well-being and personal recreational value. After all, the garden is your personal retreat. A place where you can eat with your family or where you want to relax after a long day at work. But that’s difficult when someone is watching you and you feel watched. Of course, not everyone has overly nosy neighbors. And one needs more privacy than the other. Nevertheless, everyone would like to have a piece in the garden in which they can sit undisturbed.

Green privacy screens for the garden: fast or leisurely

Fortunately, there are many ways to create private corners in the garden. With a privacy fence, for example, you can create protected areas quickly and effectively. The disadvantage of the fence is that it blocks the view from inside. Trying to shut out the outside world often results in unwanted isolation.

Plants offer creative and aesthetically more beautiful solutions for creating privacy. Compared to walls or privacy fences, hedges do not have an “insulating” effect. Another advantage: with hedges you bring even more green into your garden.

Privacy protection in the garden: talk to the neighbors

Often there is already a limit when buying or moving a property. This limits the design options, because an existing fence or hedge on the border is legally owned by both neighbors. You can’t just remove or replace it.

A well-tended fence or a beautiful hedge do not necessarily have to be changed. But when the limitation is past its prime, it may be time for something new. Then it’s time to talk to the neighbors.

If you cannot agree, there is always the option of installing a second privacy screen on your own property. Then the costs are not shared; you decide for yourself which materials you want to use. In addition, this privacy screen remains your sole property even if new neighbors join.

If you want to plant a new hedge, you should plant the trunk at least 50 cm from the border. Find out about the maximum height of the fence or hedge from your municipality. As a rule, plants two meters from the border must not be higher than two meters.

Create flexible privacy protection solutions

If your garden borders on public land with attractive greenery or a beautiful view, then you probably want to enjoy this view from your house as well. You can achieve this with a semi-transparent or alternately open and closed partition. But you can also combine fences and hedges. If you want to seal off part of your garden immediately, choose a fence. You can work with other variants where there is more time or you do not want a closed partition.

Privacy protection with a fence or plants: what is suitable for my garden?

Properties of fences


  • Immediately opaque
  • Little maintenance effort


  • Weathering over the years
  • Hardly any ecological value
  • Dead material
  • The same all year round

Properties of plants


  • Need time to grow
  • Need pruning regularly


  • Getting more and more beautiful and dense
  • Provide habitat for animals
  • Strengthen natural atmosphere
  • Change with the seasons

Privacy protection with hedges and plants: what are the options?

If you have decided on a green privacy screen, you are spoiled for choice. Because here too there is a variety of different plants. Here you can find out when which privacy protection with plants is suitable:

  1. Dense hedges

If you want to completely screen your garden, use (almost) opaque hedges. At you can find out what you have to consider when choosing densely growing hedges.

  1. Hedges and bushes with a view

Would you like a privacy screen from the outside, but still want to see what is going on outside? Shrubs and loosely planted hedges are the right option.

  1. Privacy protection from above

Anyone who lives on the ground floor of an apartment building and has a garden knows this: From the balconies you can look directly into the garden. If you still want to create privacy, you can do so with pergolas and the right plants. These protect you from prying eyes from above. It is also easier to relax under a green roof.

  1. Privacy protection in summer

Those who need privacy protection, especially in summer, rely on large perennials and deciduous trees. You can also provide more privacy with tall ornamental grasses.

  1. Privacy protection with climbing plants

Fences and privacy screens are even more beautiful when you plant them with climbing plants. Species that bloom in particular, such as clematis and dog roses, are particularly good as privacy screens.

  1. Privacy protection on the balcony

On the balcony, too, side and front privacy protection with plants creates more privacy. The good news: While privacy fences are often problematic on balconies, plants offer you numerous options. From climbing plants that tend to grow on frames made of bamboo or on a flower shelf to reeds in the raised bed, there are no limits to your creativity.

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