Outdoor experience – camping with children in the garden

In summer, when the nights are mild and the crickets are going to the concert, it is best to camp with children. And you don’t even have to drive far to do it: sleeping outside in your own garden is also an adventure. Especially when it is the first time for the little ones.

Camping in the garden is also very practical for tall people: You don’t have to drive everything you need around in the car. If you forget your favorite cuddly toy, that’s not a drama either. After all, you can get it anytime. And should it start to thunder at night, the adventure can be quickly canceled in case of doubt and you flee into the house.

Camping in the garden is just as exciting as camping in the wild – with fewer risks. And with the right equipment, it is just as much fun as camping at the campsite or on a trip to the lake.

What you need for camping in the garden

Even if you “only” camp in the garden, the camping equipment should be able to meet all requirements. The centerpiece is of course the tent. In contrast to a family vacation at the campsite lasting several weeks, it does not have to be huge. It is enough if there is enough space for everyone and nobody has to squeeze to one side. But it is important that the tent is waterproof. To do this, it must be able to withstand a water column of at least 1,500 mm. The higher the stated value for the tent, the better.

The sleeping area includes an insulating pad that protects against cooling on the nightly floor. Both a sleeping mat and an air mattress are suitable for this. If it gets a little cooler at night, you can also put a sheepskin on the mat. Every child also needs their own sleeping bag. Since it is easy to sweat in a model that is too thick, the sleeping bag should always be adjusted to the required temperature range. Especially for children you also need a version that fits the body size. If the feet have too much leeway, the child freezes faster at night.

A flashlight is also part of the basic equipment in order to be able to check that things are going well in the dark – and if necessary not to miss the way to the toilet. Since many insects love mild summer nights, you need a good protection against mosquitoes. If the mosquito net on the tent is missing, it is advisable to apply a mosquito repellent to the children and themselves before going to bed.

The essentials at a glance:

-a tent
-an insulating pad for everyone
-a sleeping bag for everyone
-a flashlight
Mosquito repellent: mosquito net + cream for rubbing in

Increase the voltage curve with highlights

If the children are a little older, camping alone is no longer enough. With a few activities you can enrich the afternoon and evening. In this way, the voltage curve can be maintained well for several hours until bedtime.

1. A campfire inspires young and old. You can bake stick bread, play fun games such as silent post or pantomime, and scary stories become a little scary in the firelight. If you don’t want to dig a pit in the garden for the fire, but want to protect the lawn a bit, you can alternatively set up a fire bowl.
2. Every child loves fried sausages. Therefore you can also start the grill and prepare dinner with the children. In the open air, the food tastes twice as good.
3.A night hike with a flashlight is particularly exciting. You can go on a discovery tour of the neighborhood with the children. Ideally, a couple of friends can also be used for this. These are located at stations that are distributed all the way. The little ones then have to solve small tasks or puzzles on them. At the end there is a surprise: chocolate!
4. Shortly before bedtime, when everyone is already in the sleeping bags, the tent turns into a theater stage. Flashlight and tent wall are the only props you need for shadow theater. The bedtime story can be spiced up very easily with funny characters who experience exciting adventures.

If the children are a bit older, it may also be enough to help set up the tent. Roll out the sleeping mat and the sleeping bag quickly, then you can withdraw and leave the little big ones the field for their own adventure.

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