Paintball in the backyard

Playing paintball may not be as fun as you think cause it is actually a super fun activity! You don’t just enjoy playing it, but it helps you get the exercise that you need, and it keeps you alert, setting your mind to think while you play.

There are a lot of reasons playing paintball is such an enjoyable activity cause it also teaches you about teamwork, friendship, and camaraderie, plus it pumps up your adrenaline to keep you on your feet for hours.

But what about having it in your own backyard? You probably think that your backyard cannot be transformed into a playing ground, but there are just a few requirements to make this happen, and it is possible.

The game, the gear, and the gun

The game uses compressed-air paintball guns that shoot paints of different colors. There are different paintball guns available in the market, and you can take your pick easily, depending on your budget.

Some samples of paintball gun include

Pump paintball markers – an old type of paintball marker and have been popular in previous years. The mechanics require you to pull back and forward after each firing. It is considered slower compared to newly improved paintball guns. It is still being used though by some paintball players because of its simple design and its cheap cost.

Mechanical paintball guns – Operating on compressed air and CO2 and is semi-automatic. Considered easy to use, clean, and maintain. They often use this type in commercial paintball yards and fires one shot at every pull of the trigger.

Many players like to use this because it is effortless and easy to use, and they also consider this affordable, most especially those who are just beginners in the game.

Electronic paintball marker – It can be costly, but many players find this more enjoyable to use because of its firing mechanism that uses an electronic solenoid that fires the paintballs. This type is battery-powered or rechargeable, and there is no need for pulling to let out the paintball guns, but instead, it just triggers continuous shots of laser beam-like paintballs. It also has three types, including electric sear tripper, spool valve, and pneumatic poppet valve.

For kids, there are also types of paint gun that are specifically designed for them since it is safe and easy to use. Some samples are JT SplatMaster or the Valken Gotcha. For older kids, there is the Tippman Cronus Paintball Gun.

Paintballs – These are used for different players or different teams. When teams are playing, they assign a color for each, and this goes for individual players playing against each other.

Some paintball field operators do not sell paint, while others do. Better to have yourself equipped with the needed ammo. You can buy paintball in larger quantities, especially when you are really into the game, cause you will save more that way.


There is a required safety mask when playing the game. Goggles are also often used to protect the eyes from getting gunned by paint, making it harder for players to see, or it will also protect the eyes from the force.

Other gears include coveralls to prevent any part of your body from bruising when hit with a paintball.

Gloves are also used by most players because it makes handling the gun more tolerable for longer hours, plus the gloves cover the knuckles or palm from getting hurt when hit by paintballs as well.

Knee and elbow pads are another safety gear, so you won’t get bruises on these parts of your body while playing the game.

Some players add up to their safety gear according to their preference.


Paintball game fields have varying sizes and space, and sometimes it is played indoors when the weather is not apt for outdoor playing. Playing it outdoors is preferred by many players, as it adds to the authenticity of shooting and firing plus teamwork.

How do you play?

Teams can play the game or by individuals. They can follow a time limit where the winner will be the team or the person getting to shoot as many players of the other team as possible. They require players to have their masks on at all times unless they are in the free-zone where they can remove their masks, and talk for a short time or between breaks.

Get shot, and you’re out.

There are rules for hits and include a paintball leaving a solid mark on the player’s gear. There are different rules and will depend on how the players prefer it.

Sometimes a player may think that they hit someone, but the paint bounces off a surface to the person on target, and this is not considered a solid hit.

You may also check if you are hit by asking for a paint check. This will give you ample time to check on the paint splatter on your gear if any or what you call the solid mark that says you are indeed hit by the opponents. Other players may also check on you to see the hit.

If there is no hit and the paint is just a bounce off, you will then resume the game.

Once a player got a solid hit by another player, they are required to leave the field. A player may stay on the field if the shot did not burst the paint, and it leaves no color on the player, but once they are shot, and the colors are splattered all over their gear, they are expected to leave the playing field.

They can raise their hands so no one else will attempt to gun them with the paintball another time.

Keeping your gun over your head is another sign that you are surrendering or exiting the playing field.

Great Aiming is the key.

Paintballs are not like regular bullets and will not be as fast. Aiming is the key to making sure that the paintball will hit the target, by doing so, you are not wasting your paintball by just spraying the paint all over the playing field.

They also expect players to aim at the body instead of the face or the head of the other player, they consider this dangerous and will not count in cases it happens.


Once a player runs out of ammo, they must reload fast so you will not be a sitting duck where anyone can target you while you are reloading.

Keeping your heads down and getting covered by the barrier will help you safely load your paintball.

However, there are also available paintball guns that are fast to reload, but you will need to spend more to purchase it.

Do not stay in one place.

When the game is on, they do not expect a player to stay in one place, but should move while ducking to prevent themselves from getting hit by the paintball. Players that know how to duck, hide, and take cover usually get the chance to hit opposing players.

Trying to be on the move while shooting at your target will help you to get a hit on someone. You can also try moving from side to side and the usual ducking moves, as it will help you while you are on the firing field.

Do not run aimlessly as well cause you will not get any target by doing so, look for a place to bunker down or have a teammate cover you while you get a shot at someone. You may also do the same for your teammate.

What do you have to pay attention to?

If you are playing for a team, pay attention to your teammates, and communicate with them. Coordination is the key to win in this game. There should be the correct strategy, teamwork, and coordinated attacks.

Hand signals will help, making sure that you and your teammates understand what each other is saying without the need to shout. Guarding one another can help your team to win. Be aware of the time if the active play is timed.

You need to listen as well and not to be overly confident cause a paintball game requires a calm and composed attitude while being focused at the same time.

Pay attention to your movement cause it can mean getting caught in the middle of the playing field while you are running. Be fast and move swiftly.

For individual players, paying attention to your surroundings and expecting the movement of your opponent is the key to winning the game.

Calm yourself before doing anything else, as the game gets intense, and the desire to win may cause you to panic, so do not make this mistake. Just listen closely and watch plus be observant so you won’t get targeted easily.

Your Ammo

Your paintball is your ammunition, and it is not fun to run out of it in the field. You may have loads of paint while on the field, but because of your continuous wasting of paintballs, you can empty your gun in seconds.

Do not run on the field and start shooting at the space where there are no targets, do not spray paint all over the place. Shoot smart by waiting for the opportune time and getting a more accurate target.

Make sure you are aiming at the target and not on the space, trees, or on the floor.

In your backyard

You will be needing the same equipment when you want to run a game of paintball, and of course, space is the most important. You need to set-up the paintball field before you can start a game, and you need to clear up your backyard and remove the trash, old items, unused objects that may use up space. Remove whatever is using up space so you can maximize the area.

Do a thorough check-up of the surrounding, if there is broken glass, wires that are sticking out, some bugs or pests may need some checking. You don’t want to have a bee attack while you are playing.

It should cover some safety hazards that need checking into. Sometimes there are protruding stones on the floor where players may trip while playing and may even cause sprained ankles.

Always do a last-minute sweep in your backyard before starting a game of paintball for the safety of everyone playing.

Here Are Some Paintball Field Layout Ideas

There are of course no limits to the creativity in the design of the site! Just make sure that there are as many hiding places as possible and also a few obstacles. Try to make the area as exciting as possible. Build in various game modes, such as capture the flag or stand your ground, as an example.
Here are a few pictures that you might find inspiration for your field layout.

Local Laws

Make sure they allow you to play the said game in your backyard. Some laws require permission before you can do so. If you are to use a paintball gun in your area, there are local laws that require you to get a permit or approval unless they don’t see the paintball guns as a type of firearm, then you are ready.

Unless you have a laid-back community and there will be no one to call you on the noise and shouting while the game is happening, then you have no issue with using your backyard as the playing field, and there should be barriers and fencing in place before you can do so.

Make sure that no property can be targeted while you are at play, no cars, or even a possibility of a person not included in the game to be hit.

No animals should be used or injured while you are playing the said game.

What equipment is required?

You will need paintball guns and paintball gear to set up this game in your backyard. You may provide your players with paintball guns or have them bring their own. Require them to wear safety gear as well to ensure that there will be no untoward incident that will happen while you are playing.

Using Goggles is important, and should be the right one for playing paintball. Use nothing that is not intended for playing the game, such as airsoft goggles or shooting glasses. The right goggles for paintball can safely cover your eyes, mouth, and ears.

Safety should be looked into when playing the game in your backyard. Some concerns include getting hit in the throat, the eyes, or the face.

Use of a chronograph.

The device can tell how fast your paintball is and what is your firing rate. A paintball gun should not be faster than 300 feet per second and should be below that range. Using chronograph also ensures that the players are safe from getting hurt.

As the velocity of the paintball is measured as it leaves the barrel, all the paintball guns being used are calibrated correctly.

There are available chronographs in the market now that are affordable and will not create a big dent in your pocket.

Targets are another thing you need to set up so that the game will be more authentic. There should be something that the paintballers will aim at, if not the other players. Some use plastic bottles filled with a bit of sand, or there are also target items that can be bought, such as a PVC target stand, or even cardboard cut out.

Adding other targets to the game will add more fun to the game. You can target your opponent and aim at other available targets at the same time.

Setting up the barriers and bunkers

The paintball game is not convincing without the barriers and bunkers. You can use pallets to set up inexpensive barriers. Drums can also be used or large container, and other enormous structures.

Plyboard walls are another great idea cause it is light and manageable. It will also not cost you much, plus it can be decorated and painted.

Another excellent cover is the garbage bin as long as you have it washed and cleaned, plus you fill them up with something heavy so it will be as sturdy as possible.

They may also use tables as cover, you only need to turn it on its side, and it is good as plywood, for covering.

For believable barriers, you may use sandbags. You can pile it up for how high you want it to be, and you can place it in different spots in your backyard.

Dirt walls are another idea if you are not keen on getting sandbags, but it will require digging in your backyard. But this is also highly believable.

Although, this will also need a lot of work and may look off in your backyard. But if you are planning to use your backyard as a steady fun space for you and your family plus your friends, this is not a bad idea to follow.

You can use some tree branches stacked together and placed in different spots and will depend on how many teams will play.

Use what is already there.

If you have a backyard that has natural hills and trees around, this will be a brilliant cover for the player,s and you may use it to your advantage. If there are also enormous boulders or dried creek beds, such will make a great cover.

If there is an enormous expanse of trees in your backyard, you may need to place a rope or string to use as a boundary so that the players will not wander off and get lost while playing. Other players will also not have a strategic advantage against their opponents by hiding off somewhere that is already far away from the supposed playing field.

How big should my backyard be

There is no rule on how big your backyard space should be, having a big yard makes it possible for players to move freely, but any size will do as long as you can make the game happen.

The more barriers and bunkers you place will depend on the size of your property and how many players will play the game.

How many players can play the game?

You can bring in as many players as space can accommodate, the more players there are, the more enjoyable the game will be.

And as long as there are enough paintball guns for everyone to use, this is going to be an enjoyable time.

What you can do instead is to have players join as long as they have their own gun, if in case there is not enough you can share around.

What are the different types of games for paintball?

Capture the Flag – two teams are competing in this type of game where the first one to get the flag wins. This game has two variations, one is two flags, and the other is called center-flag. In the center flag variation, the two teams will compete on the flag located at the center of the field, while in the two flag variation, there is a flag hanging on each team.

There is a time limit for this paintball game and is considered a high adrenaline rush for every player.

Fort Assault – The base or the fort is the primary target. Each team must protect their fort from the attackers. The first team to infiltrate the base wins the game.

Free for All – There are no teams here, and anyone can be the target. The idea is to not get hit by the paintball. The last man standing wins the game.

Deathmatch – Two teams will try to eliminate the players of the opposing team. The team who gets to eliminate the other team first wins the game.

Scenario games – The players are required to complete missions instead of shooting paintballs at each other.

For what age is this sport suitable?

There are kid’s paintball areas that accept children at 10, and up and must use a safe and low-impact paintball. They are also highly required to be in complete playing gear, and they should wear goggles at all times.

However, it is highly recommended, that the proper age to play the paintball game is 12, and above because at this age, children can abide by the rules and understand the safety precautions required.

Adults of any age can play the game, as long as they can run, duck, take cover and, of course, aim the paintball at their target.

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