Plant grapevines in your own garden

If you want to plant grapevines, you should find out about the right location and soil conditions early on. Here you will find the most important tips.

Do you dream of having your own grapes in your garden? We’ll show you how to properly plant them.

If you want to plant grapevines, you don’t necessarily have to live in a wine-growing region. Even in cooler regions you can usually find a climatically suitable place where the fruit trees can thrive and develop aromatic grapes. Table grape varieties with early to medium-late ripening are particularly easy to grow in our gardens. If you keep the following tips in mind, nothing can go wrong when planting the vines.

Planting grapevines: an overview of the most important things

  • Grapevines need a full sun, warm location.
  • The best time to plant is in April and May.
  • A deep loosening of the soil is crucial before planting.
  • The planting hole should be 30 centimeters wide and 50 centimeters deep.
  • Every grapevine needs a suitable support pole and must be sufficiently watered.

What is the right location for grapevines?

If you plan to plant grapevines in your garden, you should always choose a warm, full sun location. Vines feel particularly comfortable in a sheltered spot in the garden. A place in front of a house wall or wall that is oriented to the south, south-east or south-west is ideal. This also applies to newer, fungus-resistant grape varieties such as ‘Vanessa’ or ‘Nero’, which ripen early and are especially suitable for colder climates.

A planting area of ​​30 by 30 centimeters is usually sufficient per grapevine. If the vines are grown in rows of trellises or as arcades, the planting distance between the vines should not be less than one meter. There should be a space of about 30 centimeters between the roots and a wall or wall. Alternatively, vines can also be grown in the tub on the sheltered balcony or sunny terrace, where they offer an ornate privacy screen from May to the end of October.

When is the best time to plant vines?

The best time to plant the warmth-loving grapevines is April and May. It is best to plant container goods by summer. Although it is possible to plant grapevines in autumn, the freshly planted vines could be damaged by frost and moisture in winter.

How do you prepare the ground?

In principle, grapevines are quite undemanding when it comes to the soil. However, so that the climbing plants can develop well, the soil should be loosened well and provided with sufficient nutrients before planting. A deep, sandy-loamy, mineral soil that can warm up slightly in spring is best suited for the deep-rooted climbing plants. If possible, you should loosen the soil sufficiently in autumn and provide it with ripe compost. In addition, there must be no damaging waterlogging, which is why a soil with good water drainage or drainage is crucial.

Planting grapevines: step by step

Before you start planting the potted vines, you should water the soil ball thoroughly. Use the spade to dig a planting hole about 30 centimeters wide and about 50 centimeters deep. It is essential to loosen the soil of the planting pit so that the roots can spread out well and no waterlogging occurs. If necessary, you can fill in a mixture of garden soil and compost as a base layer.

Let the watered grapevine drain well and place it in the planting hole. Make sure that the thickened grafting point is about five to ten centimeters above the surface of the earth. It has also proven useful to use grapevines at an angle to the trellis. Then fill in the excavated earth and form a pouring rim. Place a planting post, such as a bamboo stick, next to the grapevine and tie it gently. Finally, water the vines extensively with the softest possible water jet.

Important: The newly planted vines should be watered regularly in the year of planting. In the following years, this is usually only necessary in the case of persistent drought and hot weather. Another tip: Freshly planted vines are particularly susceptible to frost damage. Before the onset of winter, you should therefore pile up the sensitive grafting point and the trunk base with earth or compost and cover them on all sides with fir branches.

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