Playing Airsoft Guns In The Backyard | Detailed Instruction For A Lot Of Fun

We are always very curious regarding various military operations during a war. But for civilians, it is not possible to experience all those tactics in the battle as it will be very dangerous and harmful. Even though it was both equally difficult and risky to witness those events, many new outdoor games were specifically designed to cater to the curiosity of learning all the modern tactics used in warfare.

One such outdoor team game that requires an army tactics warfare is Airsport. The game is very unique and popular in many parts of the world but still, many unknown things need to be showcased.

So this article primarily focuses on all the valuable aspects of the game right from the scratch and helps you to generate some interest in the game.

What is Airsoft?

There are very few competitions that have mandatory military tactics and teamwork to win. Airsoft is one such game that will help you to learn all the military tactics with the help of a soft air gun and lots of teamwork. The competition has many resemblances with paintball but instead of paint, pellets are fired. Don’t get nervous here the pellets are made up of rubber or plastics.

The game idea is not new and has been introduced in the 1970s from Japan.

Origins and how it is developed?

Japan is a technology-driven country and is highly regarded for its gaming industry. But the main man behind the idea of this game is Ichiro Nagata. Nagata did not invent the game but he designed a gun that was more of a modeling base or incapable of shooting pellets. Later on, he also designed guns that can fire bullets but would be unable to harm humans. Those guns famously came to be known as “soft air guns”. The main reason for them to be known as the soft air is because initially, they were propelled with the help of a compressed freon-silicone oil mixture and later replaced by the propane-silicone mixture. Nowadays carbon dioxide is used as propellants for professional airguns. The arrival and spread of such types of guns have led to the formation of a new type of war or adventure type sport known as the survival games. The game became a hit and went to other places. Many of the western countries picked up this game from the Japanese and made it their own with some changes in the rules and regulations.

Current Scenario of the game

Now, most of the airsoft guns are assembled before the game and are acknowledged as a competitive sport. There are many copies of airsoft that are produced every year in all parts of the world but having its hub in Asia. The game is highly harmless but there are many rules and regulations bestowed upon it as there have been cases where players have been seriously injured. Otherwise, it is a very exciting game to be played in an open space or a backyard.

How do you play?

This is a wonderful contest that requires the skill of wit and survival instincts. Few rules must be followed. Slowly I am going to explain all the rules of the game.

The game has a predetermined set of players who are divided into teams. Each team is equally divided on various criteria. After choosing out of the team’s the players are requested to put on their airsoft gear and take their equipment( Which will be discussed later). The game time is now set and the players now start to hunt for their opponents. They have a soft air gun with pellets that they need to shoot their opponents with. If the opponent is struck with a pellet. Then he is considered as out of the game. But the special part of the game is the morality and the integrity of the players. The pellets don’t put a dent in their gear but they still call themselves out if nobody observes their hit.

The squad with the highest unharmed members will attain victory.

These are the general gameplay rules but there are changes when it comes to different gameplay. The rules which are explained here are concerning outdoor and long duration matches. Apart from these, there are various other types of gameplay such as

1) Indoor type

The spaces in the indoor type of airsoft are very compact and limited. So there are changes in the mindset, tactics, breaks, and the size of players.

2) Short duration type

These are quick type matches and are played concerning time. Here the players are given a specific time and the team with more number of players is judged victorious after the end of time. In this process, you don’t need to eliminate the entire opposition team but rather need to have more survivors than them.

Some of the popular games of airsoft

Throughout the years many special gaming modes have been developed in the airsoft sport. Some of these are-

1) Team Death Matches

2) Special Forces

3) Fort Wars

4) Close Quarters Battle

What is the equipment required?

I have already mentioned its playing styles and while doing so I revealed that you need an airsoft gun and pellets. These are the precise information on what varieties of equipment you need to have while playing airsoft.


1) Airsoft Gun

The guns are usually designed to look like a replica of the real thing. The guns are highly classified according to the loading and firing mechanisms. They are electrically spring-loaded or work with the principle of gas power. The electric ones fire up automatically with a battery power system and the gas-powered use gasses such as propane, carbon dioxide as their propellants. Some of the modern ones also have grenade launchers attached to them. Apart from the grenade feature, the modern ones are also equipped with a new kind of air tank and battery set up backed up with a fire regulatory system with the help of computer integrated boards.

Countries are also trying to adopt metallic parts to airsoft guns just to impart a realistic look. There are also improving the holding capacity of the guns so the game can be improved. Many guns are noise-free and are in high demand as they provide many players with a certain edge.

Many players both beginner and professional like to customize their guns according to their necessities. Most of the customization happens in the gearbox. There is also the demand to make it a little lightweight so that it can be carried easily. Many different kinds of firing systems such as the “Hop Up” that helps in the backspin of the pellets.

Other miscellaneous things players like to customize are grips, scopes, red dots to name a few. Even many countries use laser lights just to prevent the players from weakening their eyes.

2) Pellets

Pellets are the most important equipment after the gun. Pellets are made from different materials such as plastic or rubber and have the least tendency to harm humans. However, if shot from a point-blank range in an exposed skin it can create a lot of damage. As a result of which the shooting velocity is fixed in certain competitions to avoid accidents. The velocity surely creates an impact with the shooting but it does not necessarily mean always have great accuracy. Different guns have different equations in terms of pellets and accuracy management. The accuracy for a battery-powered soft air gun greatly depends on the hop-up or velocity consistency. Gas-powered soft air gun replicas have better accuracy with the help of longer barrels.

The shape of most of the pellets is round and is painted in different colors. These colors are black, phosphorescent to name a few. The pellet sizes are also different for different kinds of guns and they are categorized according to it. It comes in various bottles and bags. Due to the environmental awareness nowadays pellets are also made with renewable materials but are on a bit expensive side.

Protective Gear

There are many protective gears that you require to save yourself from the attacks of your opponents. These are

1) Face Mask

To save yourself from any kind of gaseous attack

2) Helmets

To save you from any kind of injury in the head

3) Gloves and Safety pads

Gloves and safety pads to save you from the wear and tear on the surface and also from the hits of the pellets.

4) Barrel Blockers

To save your shots from unnecessary firings.


1) Holster

To hold and keep your gun movement in control

2) Lights

To see the opponents in the darkness

3) Slings

The major purpose of this accessory is the transportation of rifles.

4) Propellers

Comes in handy in an emergency.

5) Upgrades

There are few external and internal upgrades that you should carry.


Apart from the important weaponry and accessories, there are other important things required for survival.

1) Clothes

Camouflage clothes are especially preferred.

2) Bags

Bags are required to carry all your essentials.

3) Hydration

Carry as many water bottles as you can.

4) Flags

Flags are required to mark your position or victory.

5) Hiding Suits

To hide from enemy attacks.

How big should my backyard be?

Sometimes the tickets for playing airsoft are on the expensive side. Many people are unable to pay such kind of money for a short period. So they host or search for airsoft events that are in the backyard. However, to host airsoft in the backyard is a bit tricky. First of all the backyard should be huge so that many people can gather and play the game without any difficulty. There should be a lot of open spaces so that there is no congestion in the backyard and players can easily move around according to their needs. The main troubles do not cater to the area or size of the backyard. The main problem lies with the permission of hosting an event such as airsoft where it can disrupt the neighboring peace.

The other important thing that mostly depends on the size of the backyard is what type of guns should be used, tactics to be followed, hiding grounds to be searched.

How many people can play it?

Airsoft is a very versatile game that has various modes and types. There are various types in which the number of people varies. It can be a squad vs squad match or it may also be a one on one match or even a duo vs duo match.

There is no certain specification of a squad but it is decided upon the place the tournament takes place.

Roles in an airsoft squad

There are both specialists along with generalist roles in a squad. Every individual is entitled to some specific duty. Some of these include

1) Protector

He is the player who is responsible to provide important cover to all the members of the team.

2) Soldier

He is the player that has all the ammunition for the team and provides the supplies whenever necessary.

3) Runner

He is the player that must remain alive throughout the game and complete the course and help the team win. It is not a specialist role but it is common for all the members.

4) Sniper

The sniper is a specialist position that overlooks all the positions of the area. He looks and shoots for the approaching enemy by settling in a high-rise position. He is also the one who uses all the hiding suits and spring rifles.

5) Referee

He is not associated with any team and operates the general administration of the game.

6) Communicator

He is the player that transmits all the important information about the enemy to its team members.

7) Medic

He is the most important player and should be saved and protected at any cost. He has all the medicines and helps to heal all the players quickly and get them back in the game.

For what age is this sport suitable?

The sport is very easy but a bit rough and tough and needs physical demands. The age criteria is a bit different for different countries. The age that I have researched out for contesting in this game is 12 years. But the legal age in many parts is 18 or older. But there is a provision if there is a person with age below 18. The player has to play under parental supervision.

What do you have to pay attention to?

Many things need perfect attention while playing airsoft. Some of these include

The important ones

1) It has been previously said that you need some permission to host airsoft in your backyard. The proper explanation for the matter is that if you reside near a congested area. Full of families and people. The noise and chaos during the game time may disturb their harmony. They might also call upon the law enforcers if correct permissions are not taken.

2) Certain laws are made regarding the amount of firepower that should be used for the following event. Search and learn all the laws to prevent any kind of mishap during the event.

3) The airsoft guns are designed specifically to replicate just like the real gun. You must always transport guns in a sealed or closed case. If transported open may lead to some kind of misunderstanding and later create some kind of havoc in the area.

4) The safety tip that is entitled in the guns should not be removed at any cost.

Game related principles

1) Before playing the game read all the documents and conditions carefully. Otherwise, you will be scammed at your risk.

2) Reach the event on time. Otherwise, it will create an unnecessary hassle for the organizer. It may also lead to unfortunate rejection to you and also for your team.

3) Whenever playing for an airsoft event. Reach the competition area a bit early to practice for the game both physically and mentally.

4) Be attentive before the game so that you understand all the instructions carefully. There also might be changes in the rules that day or a special coupon or card that day.

Things to remember while playing the game

1) You should set a spawn time that will help to re-enter the game.

2) Try to utilize your resource effectively.

3) Use the ammo properly.

4) There is huge uncertainty regarding the accuracy of airsoft guns. Try to take the shot with a close parameter.

5) Try to target the chest area and the upper body more. A headshot is a complete negative.

6) Don’t lose teamwork. Airsoft is a team game where there is no place for single-handed achievements. You win with your teamwork and all the success circles around the team.

7) If possible don’t hesitate to sacrifice for the team.

8) Don’t feel any shame to surrender if you are surrounded by opponents. They are showing courtesy by not firing you and you must do this in return.

9) Don’t use abusive or foul language both with your team or to the opponent.

10) Keep all your belongings in the bag after the gameplay.

Some game tips that may help you in the game

1) Always use a specific colored bandana or flag to denote the playing status.

2) Try to team up with an experienced player so that it can increase your winning chances.

3) Always set a high standard of playing with courtesy and kindness so that the new players can see you as a perfect role model.

4) Try to judge the surroundings and use the gear according to that. Failing to understand the area might cost you the game.

5) Never criticize or say bad things about your opponent or team members. It is a game of prestige and goodwill. Please play like that to maintain the integrity of the game.

6) Always respect the decisions of the decision panel. Any kind of misbehavior with the authority will put you in trouble and may give you a ban in the future.

7) We are a competitive creature and like to win everything. When you are in the playing hour you put all your efforts and intensity. But when the game is over you keep all that aside and be kind and polite to every player.

8) Don’t feel shy if you have questions regarding the gameplay or gear of other people.

9) Always be respectful to those also who do not abide by the rules.

Benefits of playing airsoft?

All the basic aspects of the game have already been discussed. It is also very significant to realize the positive impact this game has on this world.

1) I have already mentioned how this game came into existence and the motivation behind it. The game has surely lived up to his agenda and helped the youth to go for military services.

2) Airsoft is a tactical game and it has improved the mental ability of many common people to think and act just like the military personnel.

3) It also helps you to be in good physical shape as the game requires a lot of jumping and running.

4) It is a growing industry and it fascinates a lot of big names and moneymakers. A good amount of business is done when many players buy gears and merchandise.

5) The above points are mentioned about only civilians. The army also got many benefits from the game. Before it was very difficult to do various kinds of drills with real weapons and ammunition. As there was always the threat for some kind of injury. So due to this fear, the army personnel were not able to do proper drills. Now with the help of airsoft many drills and their tactics can be easily carried out with full swing.

6) It is always used by several armies to train their newbies.


In the end, the article mainly focused on the various aspects of the game “Airsoft” that has a famous soft air gun with rubber or plastic pellets.

The game can be a lot of fun if everyone obeys the rules and the game has rules. The protection of the people involved is also important. Airsoft guns can also cause injuries, so please always wear sufficient protective clothing when playing.

Tell me about your experiences with playing airsoft? How do you play it What do you particularly like about this game?

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