Preserve The House And Increase Its Value

What can you do about your house to maintain its value?

Homeowners are highly conscious of how their home would look outside. Many are proud of their homes, not just because of how they maintain it through the years, also because they have kept it looking as beautiful as the day they bought it.

But for others who want some advice on how they can maintain the value of their house, here are some ideas you can use.

Exterior maintenance

Maintaining the exterior of the house is as important as the maintenance of the interior. A painting that looks old and dirty will age your home, plus it will not leave a good impression on anyone passing by. When you don’t clean the roof, or have parts that are already damaged, and rusty part of it shows, it lessens the value of your house.

A coat of paint adds so much value to your house because it brightens not just the interior, but also its exterior, making your house look highly appealing. The right combination of paint plus the right coating will surely give it a fresh appearance every time. It is also not required to hire someone to paint your house, especially if you are a DIY type of person.

You can also purchase the color from the nearest paint shop or your local hardware store and have them mix the color that you prefer, and you can do the rest.

The roof of your house should be well-maintained because it will also affect the inside of your home when you leave the damaged part of the roof unattended, it can give you a lot of headaches later on. It can very well seep through the ceiling of the interior, which can even cause you to double on repairs.

Keeping your front door clean and with a fresh coat of paint as well adds to the curb appeal of your home. It should not look outdated as it says much about the quality of your home, even details such as the door handle will give it a pass or failing score.

Taking care of the windows will also add value to your home, making sure that the windows are clean, there are no broken mirrors, it is the right-sized, and goes well with the overall look of the house is significant.

Beautifying the walkway is another thing you could do. Most of the attractive homes have a stone walkway, although, some may be expensive, there are materials you can use that are a lot cheaper but will also give the same wonderful effect.

Simple additions such as changing the rusty home number in your front door and polishing the hinges and locks, adding a porch lighting, brightening up the mailbox can do wonders. It will also not take you the entire day to do and will not cost you loads to finish.

Washing corners, sides of the house, and those that need cleaning should be included in your maintenance. Pressure washing your house can remove the sticky dirt and grime. Part of the house such as bricks or cement that needs washing and cleaning must be included.

Garage doors are sometimes neglected, but this will also help in giving value to your house. It will also do much good to have it coated with paint, a failing garage door such as the up and down movement that got stuck must be fixed, neglecting it for so long will just add to the expenses when fixing it later on.

Outdoor lightings is another area that you should look into, any inadequate and poorly lit home, making it appear like the home in horror movies will give your house a negative effect as well. Adding decorative lights not just lights up your home, but also makes it safe at night. You will not be burning too much cash on these updates, but you can benefit a lot from renewing it.

If you need to remove any plants that are towering over your house and darkens the surrounding, maybe it is time to think about letting it go or trimming it to lessen its dreary effect.

Interiors, Additions, and Upgrades

Our home will always welcome additions and upgrades, and here are a few that need mentioning.

The seating Area makes your home look warm and inviting, this also adds value to your house. A front porch only needs a few items such as comfortable chairs, a table or two, some plants in one spot, some cushions for the chairs, and seatings prepared. The right lightings should be included, and this will surely give you a space you can appreciate any time of the day.

Kitchen additions

Keeping your kitchen updated is the key to keeping the value of your home. Adding cabinets, countertops, updating appliances are just things that you should look into. Do not get contented with using old appliances, but update, update, update.


Check the tiles and remove broken tiles if any, make sure that there are no leaks, and the showers plus bathtubs are all working perfectly. Polish faucets to make it shiny, and discoloration on your toilet must be removed. It is not appealing to have any discoloration in your bathroom, if there are parts that are just so dirty and messy looking, remove it before it gets worse.


Although bedrooms can differ according to homeowners and can be upgraded. It is just ideal to keep it clean, and clutter must be removed as well. Inspection must be thoroughly done once in a while.


Also, an enormous factor in every home. The right floor for every home gives it so much value. Hardwood floors are appealing and provide an elegant look as long as it is maintained and polished as needed. Marbles that are shiny and clean will surely give any home that value it needs, tiles that are immaculate and have no dirt and grime sticking to it will always make your home appealing.

These are factors that every homeowner must not neglect, any damage on the floors or if any leaks are coming from somewhere must be fixed instantly.

Checking the overall state of your interior is important as the lighting, painting, clutter, molding, among others. Inspecting every part of the house, from room to room, will give you an overall look at what needs repairing and brightening.

Cleaning Frequently

Since some homeowners prefer to clean in one go, sometimes clean just the surface every week and then will do general cleaning after a few months. This may also have a negative effect since you may not be able to catch any repairs that should have been checked earlier since you are just cleaning the surface. Also, there is dirt that will just stick further the longer you let it stay.

Protecting from Termites

Termites can do tremendous damage to your home in just a few months. They will make a way to invade your home and its inner structure without you noticing it. When there is an infestation, it will be harder to exterminate them and will require a professional to do so.

The key is in discovering them as early as possible. By cleaning your surroundings, interior, and exterior, you have a way of inspecting every nook and cranny of your home. This is the best way to catch these pests before they do severe damage to your home.

Having termites will hurt the value of your property.

Pest Proofing

Rats, cockroach, ants, bugs and so much more. These are samples of pests that can invade your home and can soon degrade its value if you don’t do something about it.

They can easily lower the worth of your house by doing some damage inside or outside your home.

Rats can chew on wood, fixtures, furniture, and even ceiling, and walls. They can chew whatever they can get their teeth on.

A cockroach infestation can leave your home smelling moldy and malodorous, plus their feces give off such an offending smell. This is not good for the value of your home, so they should be exterminated soon as you found them in your home.

Other bugs and ants are also damaging. These are pests that are not welcome in any home, so they should be removed.

Plumbing Maintenance

Having a plumber look after your home’s plumbing will help correct the issue early on. Making sure that there is no leaks and plumbing issue is the key to solve common home problems. Making sure that your plumbings are maintained, you are in the same way protecting the worth of your property.

What role does the garden play in maintaining and increasing value?

Yes, the garden plays a big role in increasing the value of your home, but a garden should also not be too elaborate cause it also means high maintenance and, of course, additional expenses.

Here are tips on how you can use the garden to increase the value of your home.

Well Maintained

So you have a garden, and you know that it will add value to your home, but please make sure that it is also maintained. If there are weeds everywhere, plants are in disarray, and the grasses are six feet tall high, then you should re-think about your home value increasing – it won’t.

If you have a garden that already exists, make sure it is well-maintained such as cutting overgrown plants, removing weeds, pruning dead branches, removing dead leaves, fix plants that are dying, place the plants in their correct order.

Remember, when something looks off. It must be.

Your lawn is another thing, it should have no overgrown grass, and it is mowed from time to time.

Hedges and trees also add to a home’s privacy, so make sure you are taking care of these features in your home. But, you should not let it grow too high that it is almost covering the beauty of your home.

Adding flowers is another element that increases value in your home, it just invites good vibes and therefore gives your home positive energy. When people see blooming flowers, it just gives them a happy feeling. When it is in your home, it enhances the appearance of your exterior.

Another is in adding garden chairs and tables. There is no need to have an enormous area to put these accessories, and you need not buy the most expensive set, but keeping it simple can do wonders.

Installation of solar modules on the roof?

There are hordes of positive reviews about the addition of solar panels, Aka solar modules. One is, it increases the home value by a few percent. When modern solar panels are used instead of old solar modules, the homeowners save money and help in reducing their home’s carbon footprint by not using electricity.

The percentage of the increase in home value will depend on how many solar are installed in a home, the more panels are used, the higher the value is increased.

They view solar panels as an upgrade and are a sure way of increasing your home value. It is just like an additional room or even a kitchen upgrade that gives you a big leeway when you want to sell your home.

It is also a support to green living, and now many homeowners are attracted to having their homes have the addition of solar panels.

As the electricity bill increases, the household expenses go up as well, and this is what homeowners want to prevent from happening.

Here are the three types of Solar Modules that can be installed in your home :


  • The traditional type of solar panels and the most developed.
  • This is made from pure silicone and is considered the most expensive type of solar panel.
  • Its efficiency can reach up to 20%.
  • Somewhat durable and can withstand falling at 50mph.


  • The next kind of solar panels was developed.
  • Comprise silicon crystals that are melded together.
  • It has a blue color with an efficiency of up to 17%.
  • Considered durable.

Thin Film

  • Affordable type of solar panel.
  • The weight is lighter and is cheaper to have it installed.
  • The latest development in solar panels.
  • A variety of materials are used, including silicon.
  • This type is smaller and has an 11% efficiency rate.

Choosing the best solar module to be installed in your home may require the help of a professional. They will measure your home, depending on the roof space, and if you have a bigger house, they will advise you to have polycrystalline installed. For smaller homes, monocrystalline is the ideal panel used. Thin films may not be recommended for residential use because of their low-efficiency rate, however, these thin films are recommended for commercial use.

Energy insulation of the house?

Insulation is the first step to conserving energy. When you have a house that is fully insulated and is correctly placed at strategic locations, you are saving money.

Insulation helps homeowners to have an energy-efficient home since there is a lesser demand for heating and cooling.

There are signs that hint you require home insulation

Some rooms have a colder temperature while other rooms are just too stuffy.

When you go to the kitchen, you require thick clothing, and when you are in the bedroom; you feel suffocated because of the heat, or vice versa. These are a perfect sign that there is something wrong with the insulation or the lack of it.

It is just not comfortable. Wherever you are inside your home, there is just no perfect temperature, and you can’t be comfortable anywhere. Having insulation helps regulate the temperature inside and which helps those living in the house live comfortably.

Increased energy bills. The air conditioner or your furnace may work double-time when you have insufficient insulation. You should immediately have the insulation checked if you have some installed and decide on it if ever there is none installed.

Pipes that are suddenly bursting because of freezing. This is another sign that you need sufficient insulation. Pipes that freeze or dams that turns to ice need immediate action. You can have problems with bursting pipes, which can also cause flooding in your home. You will find out that having insulation installed can ward off unwanted expenses, eventually.

Gaps, crevices, and holes. When you have these in your home, you are prone to having bug invasion and pest. Insulation helps in filling these gaps and holes and stops these pests and whatnots to enter your lovely abode.

You can either have these parts of your house insulated, such as the roof, windows, doors, floors, and walls, but the walls are getting the highest percentage of insulation by most homeowners since here is where the heating comes out. The roof can lose heat, but not as high as walls do.

Choosing the right insulators is significant, make sure you get a professional to help you in this matter. They make some good insulators of wool, cotton, hemp, plus there are also spray foam solutions that are polyurethane made.

Insulation types include

Wall Insulation – There are cavity insulation and solid wall insulation. In cavity insulation, they use the insulator inside the wall or the cavity. Holes are drilled and filled with cement. In solid wall insulation, insulators are used either internally or externally, where the exterior facade of the property is insulated or can be internal, where it is applied, in the inner areas of the house.

Plus, the correct insulation will help each family member live in harmony as there are sound barriers that allow each member some privacy.

Roof Insulation – there is a warm and cold loft. Warm is insulating under the roof while the cold loft is insulating above the ceiling of the house.

Window/Door Insulation – here, there are at least a few panels of glass used instead of just a single glass. You are protected from outside noise as well when this is used in your home.

Floor Insulation – Older homes may need more insulators compared to newer homes. Insulating the floor may depend on some homeowners, especially if they have more modern houses. Some homeowners prefer using carpet or rugs on the floor in replacement of floor insulation as carpets and rugs are softer to walk on, and they are more comfortable with this type of DIY insulation.

Crawlspace insulation – if you are conscious about your energy usage, you will not have second thoughts about having your crawlspace insulated as it also helps keep the heat in the entire house, plus the pipes and ductwork will not freeze.

Under the floor of the house for those with no basement – If the house is suspended from the ground and the underground space is accessible, then this should also be insulated as it can also add heat or cold to the interior of the house.

Basement – Sometimes the insulation in this part is overlooked, thinking they are saving money, but in truth, you will benefit more by having this part insulated. When you have this part of the house insulated, you can even use it not just for storing your unused items, but this is also a place to convert to a suitable living space.

You will know which other parts of your house need insulating as you go along, and you can just get the help of a professional to take care of the insulating needs of your home.

In which regions of the USA are houses, particularly valuable?

There are a few on the list where the houses in the USA are more valuable, it is because of the multi-million dollar worth of homes that can be found in these places.

In California and San Francisco, there are more houses valued at over a million dollars.

Here are the places where many houses are highly valuable

  • San Jose
  • San Francisco
  • California
  • Seattle
  • Los Angeles
  • New York, Boston
  • Miami

Modernizing the house, what advantages does it bring, how does it increase the value of the house?

Modernizing a house has its advantages and not just in increasing its value, but you are adding loads of features to your home by doing so.

There are more living spaces since you have removed unused areas and make it so that every spot is used and has functionality.

By modernizing your home, you add comfort to your house by structurally making it more convenient for you and comfortable that wherever you go in your home, you create a well-used space that is practical and serviceable.

Removing walls and changing the layouts of your property is already modernizing it, cause the modern design of homes today are more into clean, sleek spaces.

When you modernize your house, you also take care of energy use, and you make sure that every energy and electricity are used perfectly, and there is no wasting of it.

Adding some additional windows to have more use of natural light is one, there is also the use of insulators on ceilings, walls, and floors instead of the old home designs where more energy is required to warm the space or the rooms in the house.

Also, by modernizing your home, you make it more attractive to the modern-day population where they are more to minimalist design, clean lines, and useful spaces.

When you modernize an older home, you are making the house work for you instead of the other way around. You are adding features, fixtures, and other necessities to make the house highly valuable.

One other benefit of modernizing your home is that there is less clutter because you only keep the essentials, and there is no furniture out of place. Everything is streamlined, and it keeps the space warm and inviting. The unadorned wall sometimes shows the modern side of a home instead of previous designs where there are numbers of art pieces hanged on walls but doesn’t seem to mix.

How can I modernize my home?

Modernizing your home requires the planning and help of a professional. You can collaborate with a professional to bring to life what you wanted to happen in your home design.

Changing the floor plan

When you modernize your home, you will need to make a straightforward floor plan, you will actually change the shape and layout of the house. Where the disorganized rooms are transformed into organized spaces. There is symmetry, rooms are located strategically, there are straight-forward lines and form, layouts are perfect, and every space is used correctly.

Roof Design is important

When you modernize your home, you are no longer following the traditional way of roofing that was used ages ago, but rather, you are making it more contemporary, and will blend in with the new design of your interior.

Some homeowners still follow the pitched roof with some modernization in edges and roof materials and its color. They make the gutters simple, and there are no sticking out parts of the rainspouts that are usually seen in the traditional roof.

Shapes and size

With modern homes, shapes are mostly square, and rectangles, plus the size is big, and there are no miniature designs that don’t fit in the new style. The shapes are important because it makes every part of the house stand out.


The modern window design is extra sleek and large. Prominent glass windows are often used, and it is not just sized uniformly, but there are different sizes applied. Modernizing windows will add style to the home and bring in outdoor lights.

Designs are now more focused on daylighting and in making the windows positioned as high as possible so the outer light will come in, making the use of bulbs and lighting lesser.

There are also no common requirements as to the size of the window and how many windows should be placed in a house as long as there is a need for it.


Floors are replaced, and old, dinghy, and traditional carpets are removed. Most of the modern homes have hardwood flooring or laminate. There are a lot of options if you check. Hardwoods are durable, are elegant, and give such a luxurious vibe in every home, plus its modern look will surely give your home value a boost.

Interior Lightings

The most important factor in modern design is lightings. This update in your interior lighting will give the entire area a pop that will create an aesthetically pleasing vibe. The dim environment that was used previously is no longer accepted in the modern home style unless it’s being used in the bedroom or sleeping areas.

Storage is important

Modernize homes have a place for everything so that clutter is minimized. The storage is also used as a display in modern housing, and there is plenty of storage in every area so that homeowners will not make it their problem anymore.

The storage area is also simply made, details in the cabinetry comprises clean lines seeming to blend in every furniture. Sometimes the handles are disposed of or out of sight. You will also not notice that some storage areas are storage areas cause they sometimes look like walls or doors or extension of something either in the kitchen, bedroom, or any other rooms in the house.

No more clutter

Modern homes have less clutter because of the storage space that is spread all around the house. And even if space is not enough, clutters are removed specifically instead of letting it crowd the space.


When you modernize your home, you will need to choose

large material sizes like wide planks for the woodwork, oversized tiles, and also enormous glasses, metal, and concrete. The continuity is important as well with home modernization.

Choosing the right palette

Modern houses have a light and airy feel. The spaces are all clean, and everything looks warm with natural lightings. Since there are a lot of big windows that you need to use, also consider the color palette that you will pair with such designs.

The artwork, furnishings, and wall paint are more gray and white, cream, and off-white. The tiles, floors, and walls are leaning more on wood or stainless steel.

You may use a pop of color as long as it blends with the other color that you choose for the walls, furniture, floors, and such.

Walls are kept simple

With the modern home design, the walls are not used as a space for every decor you can think of. Instead, a big piece is used that stresses its beauty as it blends with everything around the house. Gone are the days when you feel like hanging every painting, photographs, or mementos on your modern wall, cause you are following a more clean and open-concept space.

No more wallpapers

You will see no wallpapers that have big flower designs or shocking colors hanging on modern walls. The key to modern design is in choosing a calming and relaxing color without overwhelming designs. There are no wallpapers that have red or yellow color pasted on your bedroom wall, kitchen, or even dining room.

This is no longer welcome in modern style homes.

Now, you need to take care of the products that you will put inside to complete the modern look. Some fixtures and furniture that you need to pick should have a modern feel, e.g. light and plumbing fixtures, light switches, hardware, doorknobs, door locks, towel rods/racks/holders, other bathroom accessories, shower enclosure, and of course, furniture and decorations for your house.

Some modern designs are very simple, plus the furniture is not too many that it chokes the space like in traditional home design. The furniture will always complement each piece with color, size, shape, height, and texture.

The finishing is done tastefully

With the use of a modern aesthetic, every piece leans more with glass and stainless steel. When you go for such a sleek design, make sure that the functionality is also there and not just focused on the aesthetic side.

Modernization of the garden, what influence does it have on the value of a house, and what can you do to upgrade the garden without great expense?

Modernization of the garden, like the modernization of the house, will up the value of your property. When you modernize your home, you cannot leave the garden with its usual and traditional landscape. Neglecting your garden is a sure-fire way of losing the idea about increasing the value of your property.

Here are ways to upgrade the garden without spending too much.

Lawns – this is important and should be the first thing you fix. If your lawn is looking dry and unhealthy, you may need the help of a professional to fix it. This is the first step in modernizing your garden.

Addition of concrete steps – a garden that is modernized has concrete steps that have different shapes, and they don’t cost too much, but when you place them in your garden, it adds an elegant appeal to the overall look with the vibe of modernism.

Cobbles – the same as concrete steps that have different shapes and sizes while providing a modern vibe. The great surfacing texture provided by cobbles can beautifully transform any space.

Adding some modern furniture – seatings that are beautiful, modern, and, at the same time, comfortable will help in reflecting on the look that you are going for. Chrome, stainless steel, even wood can be used.

Garden Swing Addition – this is a type of traditional element, but made into a modern fixture. You can use fresh materials than what they previously used in a classical garden. The color of the swing will also make a big difference to the modernist style you want.

Lightings – As always, lights can do wonders in your modern garden. It need not be too expensive or too high quality, but as long as it can work and has the same durability, that is fine. Path lightings are important as well and are mostly seen in modern garden designs.

Water Features – If you cannot go all out on the water feature, any contraption where it creates flowing water is fine. It will add a positive vibe to the garden. It will also give you relaxation and peace while you are in your garden.

Tall and big, Planters

Modern gardens sometimes use large and tall pots and planters. They make it so stunning by picking different color motif such as metallic brown, dark grey, black, silver, or off white.

Even if these are stunning in look, the cost will not be too expensive.

Repurpose what you can – If you have old pots or pallets that you are supposed to throw away – please don’t! You may use this for the modern garden by painting it with pastel or light colors, an old pallet can be sanded and varnish so you can use this as plant shelves.

Outdoor Fireplace – another modern addition to gardens nowadays. The warmth gives the place additional comfort and a relaxing vibe. You can also entertain visitors here at night time.

How can I modernize the backyard?

Some homeowners frequently tend to their garden, beautify their homes, and make sure they modernize everything inside and out. Sadly, they sometimes neglect their backyard.

The backyard can also be a place where you place plants, fruits, and vegetables, but making it modern is another thing.

Your backyard can be a place for important events in your household, it can also be a suitable place for parties and barbecues, simple picnics with the family, you can entertain visitors, and so much more. There are changes you can do to your backyard to make it modern, which includes the following.

Install a Lawn

If you cannot spend too much on fixing your lawns with a new one, or if you don’t have too much budget to have a natural grass, then getting artificial grass is the way to go. It is less expensive, and it requires less maintenance compared to having natural grass installed. It would add color to your backyard.

If you are also not keen on watering the lawn regularly, this may be more suitable.

Decking or Paving

This gives a modern feel to your backyard, plus it makes your backyard look elegant compared to living without it. You can also schedule parties and get together without worrying that your visitors will walk in the soaked backyard.

Paving is another option where there are more patterns and textures, plus the details are the perfect choice when you like to have a modern backyard.

Adding a Pool

It may require maintenance, so you should be ready for it, but a pool just gives your backyard such a modernist vibrant if that is what you are going for. Although adding a pool may not be to your advantage since you will need to spend an enormous amount of money, plus the maintenance itself will cost you.

Adding a Patio

Patio or adding a garden can change the look of your backyard. It makes it more inviting and relaxing. You will have a place to stay with your family during weekends or during holidays where you can invite relatives. There is enough space as well for games and sports, and the backyard is just the right area in your house to do it.

Adding A Fire Pit

Since you are fixing your backyard for many future activities, this is another addition that you should look into. If you want to use your backyard for parties and get together during colder months, it is just ideal, to add heating facilities. However, if you are in a warmer climate, this may not be needed, but rather, cooling facilities are what you should look into.


Birdbaths and feeders will not only make your backyard get the modern feel but will also be helpful to nature at the same time. Birds are an attractive addition to a backyard, so having them there once in a while will not do you or your backyard any harm.


So, backyards are not just for adults to use but should be a kid-friendly place. Make sure that you also install some modern features useful to children such as swings, slides, if there is enough space for a mini court, this will do.


Most modern backyards have built-in TVs or Mini Theater in their backyard. These are the common designs that modernize the space. Not only does it give your visitors the entertainment they require, but you are also adding value to your home.

It is not just adults who will enjoy having this feature, but the children as well.

Beautiful Walls and covers

There should be privacy in your backyard, so some additions to the walls are a good idea as it increases privacy, adds aesthetic to your backyard, and puts a nice boundary to space.

Walls that you use can be either of the following :

Concrete wall – cost-effective and is not traditional compared to other types of wall material. Its versatility makes it perfect for your backyard wall, not to mention it is cheap to purchase and durable.

  • Stone Veneer – adds a luxurious feel to your backyard, plus its price is reasonable without breaking your budget. If you landscape your backyard, this is the most ideal material to use for that area in your house.
  • Brick Wall – a bit expensive but is well worth the price. There is an endless style that you can do with the use of a brick wall. If there is maintenance, it does not require as much cause it can keep its color for years.
  • Wood – a reasonable addition but gives you a natural and relaxing feel. It needs maintenance and cleaning though, so be ready for some work.

Building Pergolas

Pergolas just have its own enchantment when placed in backyards. Not only does it give you shade from the summer sun, but it also, provides a place for visitors to lounge, relax, and have fun.

Here are some benefits of having a Pergola in your backyard

It adds style and form to the previously boring space.

The best ugly view cover or blocker when you are near the road and if you don’t have high walls.

An impressive structure if you want climbing plants on the trellis. Climbing plants such as honeysuckle, wisteria, or clemantis.

  • Increases home value
  • A very affordable addition that can quickly spruce up the look of your backyard and this will also add to your investment.
  • This will add a few percent to the resale value of your home.
  • Give privacy from your neighbors, plus you can also put up drapes, screens, and other coverings.

Wall Arts

Another in-thing in modern backyards is the addition of wall art. It just livens the space and modernizes the look, and it is also a point of conversation for visitors. There is just too much wall art to choose from, and you will not run out of option.

Do not, however, make use of too many wall art cause it will just cheapen the space and will not help pull the space together, but rather give it a cluttered look. Just one or two wall art is enough and should be spaced evenly.

A grilling station

You know the other use of backyard, barbecue parties!

Installing a grilling station can give your backyard that needed boost. There are many options, and most of these options are mind-blowing because there are designs nowadays that are considered hybrid grills, that may also cost you a bit. But what the heck! At least you have something that is the focal point in your backyard.

Adding Brick Oven for pizza-making

This is another addition you can count on to modernize your backyard. It will not only give you home-cooked pizza every time you have visitors or when you and your family are outdoors but will give that oomph to your backyard space. This addition enhances the beauty of your backyard while giving it a special feature that you will enjoy for years to come.

Do you have any further tips to beautify the house or the garden? Perhaps you can give the readers further tips on what YOU have done on your house or your garden to increase the value or to beautify the house … I would be happy if you could write a few lines in the comments and give us valuable info’s about your projects. Maybe link to pictures of your garden or your house and i can make a new post about the most beautiful houses and gardens from our readers!

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