Property Protection For Private Properties: Tips For A Safe Home

A property is broken into every four minutes. Property damage such as broken locks and stolen objects are covered by the household insurance. On the other hand, documents that are damaged in the event of a break-in or damage to beauty and vandalism cannot be replaced. The compensation for valuables is also limited by law. That is why more and more owners are opting for property protection for private properties. In the following article, we will reveal the advantages of a security service.

Property protection for private property: How to prevent theft and property damage

According to statistics, break-ins occur mainly on public holidays and on weekends, when the homeowners are probably not at home. The risk of break-ins is particularly high in the winter months. Then the burglars can see empty apartments and houses much more easily. Dark windows indicate the absence of the residents and the perpetrators also remain undetected under cover of darkness. Construction sites and shops are also prone to break-ins and vandalism. In addition to electronic security technology, security and guard services are increasingly ensuring protection. But how do you identify a reliable security company? When choosing, some criteria play an important role:

  1. It is best to choose a regional security service. They are well organized and know the specifics of the region. A well-known security service, for example, should have qualified security personnel on site.
  2. Reliable security services not only offer monitoring, but also alarm security and are equipped with modern technology.
  3. An offer is only made after an in-depth analysis of the property, the location and the burglary statistics in the respective city district.
  4. The contract lists important items such as the scope of services, emergency procedures and the technology that is used.

Property protection for private real estate: what options are available?

Depending on what kind of object is to be monitored, the security services offer the following services:

  • Monitoring of construction sites in order to prevent theft of building materials and to prevent third parties from entering the property. In this case there is permanent surveillance that will deter potential criminals.
  • For houses, office spaces, shops and industrial buildings that are already inhabited, monitoring is available at intervals. The locks are checked and the entire building is checked.
  • Holiday homes and apartments that remain empty for a longer period of time can also be looked after by the security service. Homeowners can choose between interval monitoring and a house-sitting service.
  • The term “housesitting” comes from the USA, where empty houses have been looked after by professional house sitters for more than 50 years. The house sitters live in the house and look after the pets, tend the garden and the houseplants, empty the mailbox and clean the house. This also reduces the risk of a break-in, as the perpetrators can see that someone is living in the house. Furthermore, damage caused by a burst pipe, storm surge or fire can be avoided or identified in good time.
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Combine property protection and personal protection

Renowned security services are not only specialized in property protection, but can also provide other services. Often, property protection is combined with personal or event protection.

For important events that are organized in-house or in the office, for example, event protection can also be commissioned in addition to property protection. In addition to site protection, the security service also provides personnel for access control, personal protection of VIP guests and explosives prevention.

For many prominent families, personal protection is also a focus. From 24/7 monitoring to drivers who drive the children safely and reliably to school – here, too, the scope of services is very broad, so that everyone can order the right thing according to their own needs.

Install your own security system on the house

There are now many inexpensive solutions on the market that allow you to retrospectively secure your house or property.
We recommend that you rely on high-quality systems. These systems are initially a little more expensive to purchase, but they also offer good protection and a high level of reliability

You can of course install these systems yourself. However, we recommend that you ask for help from a specialist who knows exactly how to connect the devices correctly. You can buy the systems yourself to save costs and then have them installed by a professional afterward.

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