Robot lawnmowers – danger to hedgehogs and how to protect them

Protect hedgehogs and other animals from robotic lawn mowers – this is how it works

In the fable, the clever hedgehog outwits the fast rabbit in a race, but the garden subtenant depends on human help in the fight against a robot lawn mower. We show how owners of a robot lawn mower can minimize the risk of the robot lawn mower to hedgehogs. The great thing about it: our tips also work for many other small animals.

Conclusion on minimizing the robot lawnmower danger to hedgehogs and other animals

The prickly hedgehog curls up in dangerous situations instead of fleeing. This quickly becomes his undoing when encountering a robotic lawnmower. Because as intelligent as the robotic lawn mowers are, they cannot distinguish between animals, people and grass. Both hedgehogs and robotic lawn mowers depend on the garden owner to intervene.

This can prevent a collision with hedgehogs with ultrasonic sensors, but this is not always sufficient for smaller specimens. Another way to protect hedgehogs from accidents with robotic lawn mowers is to attach an apple apron to the underside of the robot. In addition, the devices should not mow the lawn at dusk or at night, as hedgehogs are particularly active at this time.

The hedgehog – how the mystical animal loses in the fight against robotic lawnmowers

The spiked hedgehog is one of the native nocturnal animal species and has conquered a place among the mythical animals, where it is also known under the name Arbnora or Swine urchin. The name hedgehog itself is derived from the Old High German “igil”, which today could be translated as “snake eater”, as the snake is on the menu of the little garden dweller.

As clever and cunning as we encounter the hedgehog in myths and fairy tales, its defense strategy against enemies when it encounters a robotic lawnmower is its undoing. Because the hedgehog does not flee like other animals, but curls up into a spiked “ball” and waits until attackers give up.

For a robotic lawnmower, however, the hedgehog is only a small obstacle, similar to an apple, which in the worst case it runs over or cuts. With mostly fatal consequences for the hedgehog, which is then at the mercy of the sharpened knives of the robot lawn mower.

Robot lawn mower defuse hedgehogs – robot lawn mower apple apron & bumper

Western and railroad fans know the cow catcher from old steam locomotives. A kind of wide-span grid that fenced off the front part of the locomotive. The purpose of the device is already derived from the name. If cows were standing on the tracks, the train driver could “push them aside” without them coming into contact with the wheels of the locomotive.

The same principle can also be applied to robotic lawnmowers to protect hedgehogs. An apple apron acts as a “cow catcher” and was originally intended to keep the robot lawn mower at a distance from fallen apples.

Build an apple apron or hedgehog apron for robotic lawnmowers – that’s how it works

The well-known robot lawn mower manufacturers do not yet have finished apple aprons for robotic lawn mowers in their range. However, you can build them yourself with little effort. What is needed for this is a perforated sheet metal or a flexible plastic strip as well as some manual skill. Then proceed as follows:

  • Measure the perforated sheet metal / plastic strip so that the apron encloses the front area of ​​the robotic lawnmower and extends the body towards the floor
  • Cut the apple apron
  • Attach the apron to the robotic lawnmower

Danger! If the apron is attached to the robotic lawnmower with screws, the guarantee may expire! It is therefore worthwhile to experiment with waterproof duct tape or other fastening options or, if necessary, to ask the manufacturer about the warranty conditions.

Hedgehogs and robotic lawnmowers – protect garden animals with ultrasonic sensors

Another way to protect hedgehogs and other small animals in the garden from a robot lawn mower is to protect the robot lawn mower with an ultrasonic sensor. Like a bat, the robot lawn mower recognizes objects and living beings that are in front of it and then changes its direction.

Unfortunately, ultrasonic sensors are not yet part of the standard equipment of robotic lawn mowers. An exception is made by the manufacturer Yard Force, where the technology is already installed as standard in many robotic lawnmowers, including the MowRo entry-level model recommended by us. Objects that are 20 to 60 cm in front of the robot are detected here.

Robot lawn mower manufacturer Worx offers ultrasonic sensors as optional Worx ACS Anti-Collision System robotic lawn mower accessories for its current Landroid robotic lawn mowers.

Hedgehog protection robot mower – mowing plan without driving at night or at dusk

One of the most important measures to protect hedgehogs from robotic lawn mowers is to draw up a good mowing plan. Hedgehogs are mostly active during twilight and at night. Then they go in search of food for mostly invertebrates and insects. During the day the hedgehog makes itself comfortable in its nest and spends the time sleeping.

If you care for your lawn with a robotic lawnmower, you should therefore set the mowing time so that the robot stops mowing at dusk and at night.

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