Sauna trends 2021: with these saunas you are right on trend!

Sauna trends

Having your own private sauna in the garden has the advantage that you can relax in the sauna at any time of the day and in line with your everyday life. Not only do you have time flexibility, you are also completely undisturbed and can adjust the temperature and fragrances to your needs. So that you are fully in line with the trend with your sauna, we present the Sauna Trends 2021 and show you our most popular saunas for the various trends.

Small but mighty: the minimalist sauna for every garden

Minimalism is a sauna trend that has particularly caught on this year. Existing space is used particularly well and simple designs are established. Our sauna house corresponds exactly to this trend and cuts a wonderful figure in the smallest of spaces. The floor-to-ceiling window elements and the modern flat roof underline the simple design. Inside, up to six people can relax on three sauna benches. This little all-rounder is in no way inferior to the large sauna houses and fits into a small garden corner.

The Amarylis garden sauna has a lot to offer for those who, despite minimalism, need a little more space to relax and place great value on an anteroom to the sauna. It is equipped with four floor-length windows that flood the interior with daylight and allow a wonderful view of the garden. In addition to the indoor sauna, there is also an anteroom that can be designed as desired.

The modern, straight-lined design underlines the minimalism trend of this flat roof sauna house and attracts everyone’s attention in the garden.

Barrel sauna for the Scandinavian flair in your garden

Our classic, the barrel sauna, brings the Scandinavian architectural style into your garden. The interior is supplied with light through two small windows, giving it a cozy atmosphere to relax and unwind. Even after the sauna, the view of the garden can be enjoyed outside on two benches, which means that the heated body temperature can be conditioned.

Sauna house with terrace: relaxation inside and outside

Another sauna trend for 2021 is relaxation both in the sauna and on the terrace outside the sauna house. The design sauna house Viva not only impresses with its beautiful external design, but also offers a corner sauna and a spacious anteroom. There is space there for a relaxation area, which you can use after the sauna. Not only that, you can also enjoy the view of the green on the surrounding terrace after the sauna session.

The sauna house not only offers a lot of space inside, but also a spacious terrace to complete the wellness oasis. Here you can be outside even in bad rainy weather, as the terrace of the sauna house is covered.

Not only the terrace can be designed as you like, so that there is space for a seating area or wellness loungers. There is also plenty of space inside that you can use.

Modern garden saunas: linear design with large window elements

The trend for modern saunas with a flat roof and linear architectural styles, large window elements and light-flooded interiors is becoming increasingly popular. The timeless design does not fall out of trend so quickly and you can enjoy your sauna for many years.

Our sauna house is one of the smaller, simple saunas, as already described in the article. Here, too, the modern flat roof and the unusual painting of the door frames underline the simple, yet unusual design.

Special sauna paint: Swedish red, bright yellow and Co.

Our sauna house Cubus has received a beautiful Swedish red paint from our customer. This means that the sauna house is fully in line with the color trend for 2021 and will become a very special eye-catcher in the garden. The bright Swedish red, which is reminiscent of Swedish houses, lets you immerse yourself in another world and fade everyday life.

The sauna house is one of the small saunas that can be found in every garden. Painted in bright yellow, it really comes into its own in the green garden landscape. In summer, colorful flowers can make the garden corner even more cozy and attract butterflies. Then you can not only admire your garden during your sauna session, but also watch butterflies fly by.

Now you are informed about all sauna trends 2021 and can choose the right sauna house model for your garden, whether it is a modern garden sauna, a garden sauna with an anteroom or a garden sauna in bright colors.

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