Should I Buy A House In The Country Or In The City? What about the costs and financing?

There is no doubt that there are some events in life that are extremely special, memorable and are perhaps etched in stone as far their memories are concerned. For many buying a home or a property is a dream that gets realized. It is not only for the individuals concerned but also for the family as a whole. However, when it comes to buying a house in America it is not an easy job. With so many options being available and with so many loose ends that need to be tied, it really requires quite a bit of thinking-through. To begin with, choosing the right city and the right location for building that dream house is a challenging and difficult task. It requires a lot of searching and gathering as much information as you possibly can. In this article we will be looking at the various facets when it comes to buying a home in this country. There are huge opportunities and challenges at the same time. It is all about being in a position to take the right decision at the right time.

What are the Points to Consider before Buying a Home?

Buying a home in the US or for that matter any country of the world is indeed a daunting and challenging task. As far as the USA is concerned, there is no doubt it is a huge country. It takes a lot of time to travel from the west to the east of the country or from the north to the south. Hence, you have many options to choose as far as cities or even countryside are concerned. We will have to make some hard decisions before buying a home. To begin with we have to decide whether we will be building our dream home in the city or in the countryside.

Both have their own advantages and shortcomings. We have to carefully weigh the pros and cons and only then decide as to where we will be building our homes. Before choosing between cities and countryside, we also have to select the cities. There are hundreds of very big, big, medium and small cities spread over the length and breadth of the country. You will have to decide as to which city suits you the best. This is not an easy task and there are many things that must be taken into account. If you are having a family with children, then obviously you have to take into account the education, health, entertainment and a few other things as far as your family is concerned.

You also should take into account your source of monthly income. If it is from a job, then obviously, you need to be near your workplace. In case, you are running a business, it again depends on the type of business you are running. If it is a brick and mortar outlet where the customers need to keep coming in on a regular basis, then obviously, you must choose your city or countryside location accordingly.

You may not have a problem, if you are running a home-based business, or a business that is driven totally and completely using the power and reach of the internet. But here also, there are some points to be considered. Working on an online business requires a stable, reliable and efficient broadband connection. You must make sure that it is available in case you decide to move to the countryside for building your dream home. The price of the home and the various financing options are also points that must be kept in mind.

Buying a home has to be a patient, well-thought out, informed and knowledgeable decision. There are dozens of things that must be thoroughly analysed and thought through threadbare. It has to be a holistic and complete decision with no room for errors or mistakes. In this article, we will be talking about certain important points that may help our readers to choose between a city or country home and also help them with regard to various other factors. We are listing down a few important points and we will be expanding on them so that the readers are well informed and are able to take an informed and correct decision to the best extent possible.

  • Where should I buy my dream home? Should it be in the city or country?
  • Should I buy an independent home in the city or should I go in for an apartment?
  • What about the financing of my dream home project?
  • Do I have information about the average cost of homes in major cities and areas of America?
  • What are the pros and cons of living in a city or countryside?
  • Is peace & tranquility available in cities? Should this be the only deciding point?
  • Things you can do in the countryside. Pros and cons
  • How to keep my home within budget without making it too expensive? Things that add to my housing cost.
  • Safety features that I should have in my home.
  • How to negotiate the best rates and prices for my dream home?

Let us look at each of the above briefly so that the readers are able to get a reasonably good insight before buying a home in America.

Where should I buy my dream home? City or Country?

This is a common question that comes to the mind of many people who are desirous of owning a property. Is the city a better place to live or is it a home that is built in the countryside. The answers to this question are not easy to give. It would depend on the individual preferences and needs of the home buyers. For example, if you are a young family with both the partners working, then it may perhaps make sense to own a home in a city. This is because cities offer much better career and job opportunities. However, there could be exceptions to this rule because of changes that are taking place in the job scenario across the horizon.

The recent covid-19 infection has resulted in job losses to millions of people who were dependent on the traditional 9 to 5 white collared and blue collared jobs. The gig economy that was being talked about has started becoming more and more relevant. More companies are being forced to ask their employees to work from home. Many people who have lost jobs because of the pandemic are starting their home-based business. This may result in a gradual shift in the way people think about homes while building them in the future. They also may prefer moving to the countryside or the suburbs, provided it has the right mobile telephony and computer related infrastructure.

Should I Buy An Independent Home In The City Or Should I Go In For An Apartment?

This is again a common dilemma that many prospective homeowners face. They are not very sure whether it makes sense to buy an individual home in a city or go in for an apartment. Of course, individual homes are always a much better option. They offer independence, comfort and privacy when compared to apartments. However, cost could be an inhibiting factor for a number of prospective buyers who are keen on buying an independent home in cities. In some cities individual homes are available a bit away from the downtown areas.

Hence, if you are an employed person, you should take into account the commuting needs and comforts before deciding on individual homes. Apartments on the other hand are reasonably priced though they could be smaller in sizes and the comfort could be limited. But when it comes to safety, apartments are considered to be safer. At the end of the day, both homes and apartments have their own benefits and shortcomings. The home buyers have to decide as to which is a better option taking into account their specific needs and requirements.

What about the Financing of My Dream Project?

Homes and apartments cost a lot of money and therefore before starting your journey to own a dream house, you must do a few things. To begin with you must have a rough idea about the budget that you are ready to set apart for your home. Once this is in place, you can start looking at the various sources of funding and financing. While banks and lenders are there to help you with a major chunk of funds in the form of a mortgage loan, you have to arrange for the down payment or the initial payments as they are called. Most home buyers may have to arrange anything from 10 to 20% as down payment. This is also referred to as one’s own contribution. When seeking a home mortgage loan, also make sure that the financed amount takes care of stamp duty charges, ownership transfer charges, registration and other miscellaneous expenses.

It is all about researching and then deciding on the right mortgage loan lender. Pay attention to your credit score and ensure that it is up to the desired level so that you are able to get the maximum funding at the most competitive rates.

Do I Have Information About The Average Cost Of Homes In Major Cities And Areas Of America?

There is no doubt that America is a huge country as mentioned above. It has different states and cities and they offer housing solutions that are different in terms of facilities, size, budgets, infrastructure, and neighbourhood and so on. Hence, there is a need to understand this point quite carefully before you start looking for a home taking into account your personal needs and requirements. It may not be possible to list down all the cities and towns that are popular amongst those who are seeking to own their own dream home. However, we will try and have a look at some of the most important states that offer homes at reasonable rates. We also will be looking at five of the top states of the country where obviously the home rates are quite high.

1. Oklahoma

The average price of homes in Oklahoma is around $123,500. Though it is above the mark of $100,000, it is still considered affordable when compared to many other states in the country. For around $123,000 you can expect an individual home with 2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms apart from other facilities and amenities. Yes, the city of Oklahoma is well-developed and has the right facilities and amenities for a decent and enjoyable family life.

2. Arkansas

The median value of homes in Arkansas is around $127,000. Though it is not as developed as the big names like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and a few other cities, it is sweet and well-developed in its own right. If you are looking for a one-single home for your family, you have all reasons to check out on Arkansas.

3. Mississippi

It is a wonderful place to be in with the best of schools, medical facilities and impressive infrastructure. You should be able to find a decent home for around $128,000. Gulfport, Mississippi is a place where many people prefer buying a family home because of its location and development.

4. Alabama

Though you can expect a decent home in Alabama for a median price of around $130,500, the sizes and the locations of the homes could increase or decrease the price. It also would depend on the neighbourhood. Greenville for example, is considered to be a good place for a 2 bedroom accommodation for a small family of three or four. There are also many quality homes near Alabama State University.

5. Ohio

Ohio is another preferred destination for those who are looking for decent homes for homes within a median price band of around $139,100. However, if you want a home in a place like Cincinnati, you may have to settle for a single room accommodation, while if you do some research, you perhaps could get a three-room home for the above price in Wheelersburg. On the whole Ohio is liked by many prospective homeowners because of various reasons.

6. Kansas

If you want a four bedroom home with all the amenities and facilities without having to spend too much, then Kansas could be an option. The median home value in Kansas is around $140,800. However, if you decide to move a further away to places like Kiowa you will be able to buy a 1.5 bath house. There are some areas and neighbourhoods in and around Kansas, where you also can aspire to buy a 2-story home for around $145,000.

7. Iowa

There is no denying the fact that Iowa is a beautiful city and it therefore naturally attracts dozens of families who wish to own their dream home or a property. If you look around, do some research you will be able to come across homes that are listed for a median rate of around $142,800. For this price you will be able to get a 2 bedroom individual home in places like Windsor Heights and if you move a bit further you can even expect a ranch style home in West Point.

8. Kentucky

Kentucky is another place to be in for those who are looking for affordable homes that are decent in terms of size, looks, location and other such attributes. The median value for homes in Kentucky could be around $145,000. You could look for homes in places like Louisville, Cave City, and even places like Water Valley. You do have many options to choose from when you decide to buy a home in Kentucky.

9. Louisiana

Many people consider Louisiana to be a good destination for buying homes and properties. This is because of a number of reasons. It has some good schools, colleges and the infrastructure is well developed. Though it is not as big as the big names like NYC, Washington DC or a few cities in the western part of the country, you can aspire to buy homes for a reasonably good price. The median rate for homes is Louisiana is around $150,000 and it is slightly above the state mean average of around $146,000.

10. Michigan

Michigan in general and specific places like Grand Rapids are considered to be excellent places to buy homes for those who are looking for quality properties. While the rate for a single room property in Grand Rapids could be around $152,000, you can hope to get a 2 room home for the same price in places like Portage. If you are looking for an apartment, you will get it at the same price in places like Detroit.

11. Missouri

Missouri is another wonderful state where you could plan to build your dream home. It is well located and has a number of industries and some of the best educational and medical facilities. However, the median price of homes in Missouri is slightly on the higher side at around $161,500. There are many big cities like St. Louis where you can either look for a 2 bedroom individual home or even a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo. If you can move a bit out of the city, you can get some spacious properties, some majestic individual homes with two master rooms and other such facilities.

12. South Carolina

The median rate for homes in South Carolina is around $166,900 and these rates are applicable to homes that are located not very far away from the various beaches of the state. For example, you can buy a home for around the above rate if you are looking for one in Myrtle Beach. For this price, you will be able to get three bedrooms, porch and even a pond in the backyard.

13. Tennessee

Tennessee is famous for its high quality individual homes and the rates for even three room homes with all facilities is surprisingly not too high. Though the median rate for individual homes is around $166,900, you will be able to get very good value for the money you pay. The state is well developed with all the facilities and amenities that a family could ask for.

14. Illinois

The median price for homes that are listed in Illinois are around $180,000. However, this may vary slightly depending on the location and neighbourhood. For example, if you prefer to live in Chicago, you will be able to get a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom home or even a studio apartment for this price. If you wish to go back a bit in time, then you could look for a Victorian type individual home for this price.

15. Wisconsin

A wonderful state with some major cities and a number of good schools, universities and colleges, Wisconsin is indeed a dream destination for those who are looking for a decent home without having to cross the 200,000 mark. The median price for homes in Wisconsin is around $187,100 and you could look for some great individual homes either in Milwaukee or Marengo or other such cities.

Let us now look at five of the most expensive states in the USA and this could be the dream destination for those who have deep pockets and would like to live in some of the most developed and well-known cities or even the countryside of the USA.

16. Florida

There is no denying the fact Florida is a dream destination for many homeowners because of a number of reasons. It has some of the most fascinating beaches and other places of entertainment for children and adults alike. Further, it also is a big industrial and commercial state offering job and career opportunities to many.

17. Maryland

Yes, the median rate for homes in Maryland is around $290,000 and there are many quality individual homes in cities like Annapolis and Baltimore amongst others. It is a well-planned city with some of the most majestic individual homes even in the countryside.

18. New York

Though New York is considered to be one of the more expensive cities in the country, for a median rate of around $298,000 it is possible to buy an apartment in a place like Queens. On the other hand, if you wish to be near the countryside you perhaps could choose Pittsford which is a suburb of Rochester. For this price you can enjoy a four bedroom home with all the modern amenities that you could ask for.

19. New Jersey

New Jersey offers many choices for those who are ready to look for homes with a median price of around $327,700. For example if you are ready to move towards the suburbs of Cherry Hill, you can easily own a four bedroom home for this price. Otherwise, if you wish to stay in a more upmarket area like Wildwood, then you can settle for a quality condo with all the modern amenities and facilities.

20. California

Let us round this list off with the state of California. Yes, there is no doubt that this is the most expensive state for those who are planning to own their dream homes. The city in which you want to own your property will determine the cost of the homes. For example if you want a big home for your family, you could perhaps look for it in places like Big Bear. On the other hand, you could buy a reasonably decent condo for this price in Ventura. If you want to enjoy the city of San Francisco, then you have to settle for a studio apartment. By the way the average mean rate homes in California is a staggering $548,000 making it one of the most expensive states for homeowners. There are only two states that offer homes at higher rates than California. They are District of Columbia and Hawaii.

We are sure that the above would have given our readers a reasonably good insight into the cost of homes and properties in some of the major states of the USA. Before you decide to buy homes, either in the cities or the countryside, you must go through a reasonably thorough due diligence of the various states and the main cities within each of them. This certainly is a time consuming job. However, it is worth it because of a number of reasons. You will be able to get a reasonably good idea about the median rates and also the kind of facilities and amenities that you can expect in these states and the cities inside them. You can have a better idea about the possible career opportunities if you wish to shift and start life here either alone or with your family. Talking about families, make sure that you have an idea about the schools, colleges, universities, places for entertainment, medical facilities and other such things. You have to take special care of these, especially when you are planning to settle down in the countryside or the suburbs.

The average monthly mortgage by state

According to my calculations using 2019 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average mortgage payment is around $ 1,275 for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage and $ 1,751 for a 15 year fixed rate mortgage. You can find the complete methodology at the end of this article so that you have precise data again.

However, an average that can be skewed by atypically low or high payments is likely not the most accurate representation of what the typical U.S. homeowner is actually paying. A better measure of this is the median, which is the middle number in a data set.

The average monthly home and real estate cost in the US is $ 1,556 per month, according to the latest data from the Census Bureau’s 2019 American Community Survey. These costs not only include the monthly mortgage payment, but also other necessary costs such as insurance, HOA fees, and property taxes.

Average mortgage payments in each state

While some states have relatively low home values, homes in states like California, Hawaii, and New Jersey have much higher home and land costs, meaning people are paying more for their mortgage every month. In addition, mortgage rates vary by state. This is related to the density of the population in each individual state.

Data from the 2019 American Community Survey shows homeowners paid an average of $ 1,556 per month. This number includes a mortgage payment and, if applicable, insurance costs, property taxes, ancillary costs and HOA fees.

Here are the individual states in detail:

StateMedian monthly home payment
New Hampshire$1,917
New Jersey$2,439
New Mexico$1,262
New York$2,114
North Carolina$1,290
North Dakota$1,389
Rhode Island$1,838
South Carolina$1,227
South Dakota$1,298
West Virginia$1,023

Mortgage payments by city

Especially in coastal cities where space is at a premium, a monthly home payment can be much higher than the national average or median payment. According to US Census Bureau data from the 2019 American Community Survey, the median monthly home payment (including utilities, insurance, and HOA fees) was more than $2,500 per month in Los Angeles, and over $2,700 per month in the New York City area.

But, not all metro areas are as expensive — in Phoenix, Arizona, the median home payment is about $1,500 per month, and about $1,700 per month in Dallas. Here’s how the most populated metro areas stack up in monthly living costs according to Census Bureau data. Cities are listed by size. 

CityMedian monthly home paymentMedian home cost
Los Angeles, California$2,573$658,600
Chicago, Illinois$1,847$256,700
Houston, Texas$1,727$225,200
Phoenix, Arizona$1,492$277,900
Miami, Florida$1,810$317,800
New York City, New York$2,709$460,900
Dallas, TX$1,779$258,300
Riverside County, California$1,900$380,800

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living In A City Or Countryside?

Thousands of prospective homeowners often are in a big dilemma. They would like to have a fix as to whether it is better to live in a city or move to the suburbs or even move further into the countryside. Both city life and country life have their own advantages and downsides. As mentioned earlier, it may not be possible to have a straight jacket as to which is better. It is a highly personalized decision and would depend on the persons who are planning to buy homes or apartments. However, from a general perspective if we look at things, there are obviously quite a few things positive as far as city living is concerned. Let us try and list down the pros and cons of living in a city and also in a country side. These are generalized information and therefore may or may not be applicable to all prospective homebuyers.

Advantages of living in a city

  • You can be sure of getting almost anything round the clock, even if it during the middle of the night. You can take a stroll and enjoy an ice-cream or look for an emergency medical facility at any time of the day.
  • Public transportation in most cities of the USA are quite well developed. Hence, you can avoid spending a lot of money travelling in cars. Many people who live in the countryside are forced to own more than one car because of obvious reasons. City transport is also varied, efficient and reliable and of course affordable.
  • Yes the biggest reason why thousands of men, women and families flock to cities is because of jobs, career opportunities and also education for children at various levels.
  • You have a bigger choice of apartments and condos when you decide to live in a city. There are dozens of sky-scrapers and buildings which house hundreds of families. It saves space and the cost of apartments are also lower when compared to individual homes and bungalows.
  • You can aspire to make new friends when you decide to live in a city. This may not be possible in the countryside. This is because in many cases the homes are quite distant from one another and people from the countryside generally prefer living in a world of their own. Making new friends may not happen that easily when compared to cities.
  • You are not very far away from important infrastructure and facilities like hospital, police, fire services, doctors, and also entertainment avenues like cinema halls, supermarkets, malls, etc.
  • You can be fashion conscious and even if you dress a bit provocatively, there will not be many raised eyebrows. However, this may not be the case as far as the countryside is concerned. However, things are certainly changing fast even in the countryside as far as fashion and boldness in dressing are concerned.

Disadvantages of City Life

  • It is a fact that city life is inherently expensive. Even those who earn six figure incomes in some cities like San Francisco and LA often find it tough to manage, especially when they have emergency situations.
  • Life is too fast and there is hardly any time for socializing, getting to know people and enjoying the finer moments of life.
  • Commuting from the workplace to home and vice-versa in many cases takes a lot of time for those who are in cities.
  • Weekend getaways are often a problem because of distance, cost and other factors.
  • Cost of homes is much higher when compared to the countryside. If you are looking for a spacious home with all the facilities and amenities, then it is quite obvious that the countryside could give you a much better option.
  • Crime rates are much higher and the social divide between haves and have nots is quite stark and visible. This leads to jealousy and other types of problems.
  • Pollution is a major problem and in many homes getting access to clean water and air is considered a luxury.
  • Though career opportunities may be more, competition levels are also quite high and fierce. Not everyone with an American Dream is able to fulfil his or her desires living in cities.
  • Cost of medical treatment is also quite expensive when compared to countryside hospitals and doctors.
  • More artificiality than spontaneity could be an issue for many who live in cities.

Of course, you can also make yourself comfortable in or around your house in the city. It’s best to start with the garden and design it according to your wishes and ideas. For example, you can plant a dense hedge around your house, the hedge gives you a lot of green and also prevents annoying glances from the neighbors. Plant a few trees in your garden. So you attract a lot of birds and the trees, when they are bigger, also swallow a lot of noise that disturbs you. There are still so many things you can do to make your town house beautiful, make it cozy for your children too, build a pool or build a tree house with your children in the garden.

Advantages of Living in Countryside

  • Peace, tranquillity and quietness.
  • Much better quality of life.
  • Home rates are cheaper and the homes are bigger in size.
  • Owning a home with a garden may be a dream in a city but it is very much possible in the countryside.
  • Safety is much more when compared to city life.
  • Though people may be aloof initially, once you get close to them, you will be able to have some quality friends.
  • You can enjoy the wonderful tourist spots that may not be too far off from your homes.
  • You can take your car and go for long drives without nagging traffic and other problems to bother you.
  • People are more community oriented and friendly.
  • If you want long walks or want to bicycle long distances, country homes are a much better option.

Disadvantages of Living in a Countryside

  • Smartphone connectivity is still poor in many countryside locations.
  • You may have to travel miles if you work in cities.
  • Getting access to the best of medical facilities could be a problem.
  • You may not be able to enjoy the best of super-malls, supermarkets and other such facilities.
  • Many countryside locations do not have the right school, college and other facilities.
  • Home deliveries and other such things based on online orders are still to develop in the countryside.

Is Peace & Tranquility Available In Cities? Should This Be The Only Deciding Point?

Yes, it is a fact that most big cities in many states are polluted, congested and there is quite a bit of noise pollution. This is perhaps the reason why many people prefer staying in homes that are built in the countryside. The elderly people in particular (those above the age of 50) perhaps may prefer spending their time in the countryside. On the other hand, youngsters or millennial prefer staying in cities because of obvious reasons of enjoyment, comfort, better education facilities and other such things.

Hence, it may not be always right to wrongly conclude that staying in a city comes at the cost of peace and tranquillity. Yes, it is a fact that the stress levels of homeowners in cities are much higher when compared to those who live in the countryside or even in suburbs. However, on the flip side there are advantages galore for those who live in cities. The infrastructure development is obviously much better. The roads are better, the power situation may be better, and you can expect better hospitals, doctors, schools, colleges, supermarkets and places of fun and entertainment.

Further when it comes to jobs and careers, there are many reasons to believe that cities offer much more. Yes, the competition is intense and at times cut throat. While cost of living is higher in cities, the income levels of individuals are also comparatively higher. Hence, all these things must be looked at in totality before we judge the merits and demerits of cities. Building a home in cities or even buying ready to move in apartments has its own advantages. The value of your home (if you can afford it in a city) will go by much faster and within a short period of time when compared to countryside homes.

Things You Can Do In The Countryside. Pros and Cons

Though we have about upsides and downsides of living in a countryside home, let us spend some time getting to know why many prospective homeowners and prospective property owners are keen on owning real estate in the countryside or even the suburbs

Many of us prefer moving over to the country because it offers variety when compared to city life. City life often becomes stereotyped and there is nothing much we can do apart from going to work, coming back home, watching TV and then perhaps going to sleep to be ready for the grind next day. Yes, you have weekends, but for many the week days are so packed and so much short on time that the weekends are spent washing clothes, cleaning the home and doing some purchases for the homes. Many parents spend weekends with their children taking care of their studies. Hence, when it comes to entertainment and enjoyment, obviously there is nothing much to talk about as far as city life is concerned.

This is not the case as far as country homes are concerned. You have many things to do and if you are able to find a work-from-home option with the right internet and other facilities, you really can enjoy life. You have many things to do. You can take care of your backyard or garden. Most homes in the countryside do have gardens. These gardens grow different types of vegetables and fruits and this could be a good hobby and you also could make some money out of it. If not you can use freshly grown and organic vegetables for your daily needs and keep your health in good shape.

Talking about health, there is no doubt that if you have a home in the countryside, you stay much healthier. The air is pure, the water quality is also good and the food that you get is fresh and nutritious. You also can take a stroll down the countryside or go on a long bicycling trip and engage in other activities. This, for sure, will not be possible in a city home. You have very little space for such activities. We have to either depend on the gym or other possible workouts in our homes.

But there are some downsides when it comes to buying a home in the countryside. The value of these homes will not appreciate as fast as apartments, condos and homes in a city are concerned. Further, as mentioned above, when it comes to amenities, facilities, infrastructure, entertainment options, health facilities and other such things, cities are far ahead when compared to suburbs and countryside. Public transportation is also much more efficient, developed and reliable. On the other hand in a countryside home, you may have to spend quite a lot of money on fuel if you have to commute between a city daily for your work or career.

At the end of the day, it is quite evident that both cities and country homes have their own strengths and weaknesses. As we have mentioned a few times above, it all boils down to individual preferences and specific needs and requirements.

How to Keep My Home within Budget without Making It Too Expensive?

Building a home or buying it outright is certainly a big task and most of us have to work within a specified budget. At the same time, we would like our home to look bright and attractive. Is this possible? Yes, it is very much possible and we are listing down a few things that could help in keeping your dream home within the budget and preventing certain costs that may lead to overshooting your budget.

  • The importance of illumination and lighting. If your home lacks the glitter and glamour that are associated with premium, luxury homes, you can still make your home look great. Ensure that your home is well-lit and illuminated. The illumination should be uniform and adequate during the day and the night. Ensure that the windows are quite big and allow easy flow of light during the day time.
  • Do not clutter your home. Many of us make the mistake of having too much furniture in our home. Follow the concept that “less is more”. Too much furniture may cram the space and make the home look much smaller than what it is.
  • Pay attention to accessories like curtains in the window. You also could place a few throw pillows as far as your seating area is concerned.
  • Use greenery and flowers. This will make your home look good without spoiling your budget.
  • Look for low cost high impact solutions and remember that buying expensive things for your home need not always make it look good.

Safety Features I should have in my Home

Whether it is a country home or a city home, here are some safety features that you must always have.

  • Ensure that your home is adequately insured. You could have somebody breaking into your home or the weather may end up damaging your roof and many other such things are bound to happen. In such situations, having a suitable insurance cover will certainly come in very handy.
  • Security system for your home. If you are planning to build a home in the countryside, ensure that you have CCTV, and various other monitoring systems so that your home and your inmates remain protected and safe at all points in time. Having a good pet dog could also help a lot.
  • Fire extinguisher. You must invest in a good fire extinguisher and it should cover all the rooms so that it could help nip a fire in the bud.
  • Have a good exit plan. If you have children in the house, please make sure that you have a proper exit plan. It will come handy during a fire, earthquake and other such exigencies and emergencies.

How to Negotiate the Best Rates and Prices for My Dream Home?

Here are a few ways by which you can get the best prices and rates for your dream home.

  • Get a pre-approval. This will let you know how much the bank is ready to give you as a mortgage loan.
  • Understand why a home is being put up for sale. Is there some urgency on the part of the seller or is there something more to it?
  • Make the best offer first. If you feel that the home is worth buying and would not like to slip away from, do not hesitate in making the best offer at the first instance.
  • Make use of inspection reports to your advantage. You may have agreed for a rate with the seller. The inspection report that comes later may talk about some problems like leaking pipes and some problems with the plumbing and electrical work. Use these to your advantages and try to reduce the rates as much as possible.
  • Offer a quick closure of the deal. Sellers want to finish off the deal and get their money. If they believe that you are also on the same page, they may be willing to even cut down on the price to some extent.
  • Treat the seller with respect. While negotiating the best rates as a buyer is within your right, stay away from frivolous reasons as to why the price should be cut down even further. It may put the seller off and you may lose the chance to own your dream home.
  • Pay attention to the details.

Should I Have A Garden In My Home? What Role Does It Play?

Yes, if you are planning to buy an individual home in a city or the countryside, it makes sense to have a garden. Here are some reasons for paying attention to a garden in your home.

  • Garden adds to the curb appeal of your home.
  • It gives extra space for your family members and children.
  • It helps to organize get-together and other such parties.
  • It helps to make you feel better at all points in time.
  • A good play zone for your and your children.


To sum up, there is no denying the fact that buying a home either in a city or in a country is one of the most important decisions in a person’s life. America offers a wide variety of options for those who wish to own their own home and they come in different budgets, sizes and are available across almost all states. If you research, get your priorities right and have a budget in place, it will not be long before you have a dream home of your own.

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