Sowing the lawn: when is the best time?

If you want to enjoy a beautiful lawn, you have to take care of the lush green very early on. We will tell you when is the best time to sow.

We are in the middle of spring, flowers are finally sprouting and nature is showing its colors – high time to take care of the perfect lawn. Because with lush greenery, the barbecue in the garden is twice as much fun.

In order for the lawn to be particularly beautiful, it is important to arrange the right time for sowing. We’ll tell you when that is.

Sowing the lawn: This is how you can find the best time

Regardless of whether you want to create a completely new lawn or just hide a few bare spots – the best time to sow it is in late spring or early autumn.

In spring this means that you do not have to be able to access the seeds in the garden immediately with the first rays of sunshine – wait until the temperatures have been warm for at least two weeks. The floor should then be at least ten degrees warm and a few centimeters deep. This is roughly the case in late April or early May. The period can shift from year to year, depending on how long winter has lasted.

You should keep these things in mind when sowing turf

In general, however, the period in between is also suitable to ensure a lush green lawn. The problem here is usually only the changing extremes from heavy rains to enormous drought. In spring and autumn, however, the dew provides the perfect, even level of moisture in the soil, so that the seeds experience the perfect conditions.

Before sowing the lawn, it is also worth scarifying the existing lawn first, as the grasses will then grow particularly quickly – which will also benefit the seed. It is best to issue this immediately after scarifying.

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