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You can save yourself expensive visits to the gym. In the garden you can keep fit much cheaper with small aids, fun included.

You come home late from work and first of all sit on the couch. Very few people can then get up again to go to the gym. But you have to do sport if you want to keep your body fit. After all, the summer season is just around the corner.

You leave tons of money in the gym. You can save yourself the expensive monthly amounts, some of which are simply free due to laziness. Anyone who has a garden, be it large or small, can still keep fit. Some activities are also very easy to do with the children. In this way, you not only keep yourself fit, but also get the little ones who don’t like exercise on board. Family fun is not neglected either.

Sports activities in the garden – how to keep fit

Tip 1: jump rope

Jumping rope is very popular with young girls. So why not dig out the jump rope as an adult? Jumping rope is great for boosting fat burning. Just ten minutes of jumping rope is about as effective as half an hour of jogging. Skipping rope consumes around 13 calories per minute. That’s 400 calories for half an hour. Honestly, before I have to motivate myself to jog, I’d rather jump rope for half an hour in the garden.

Jump ropes are available for less than 10 dollars. A cheap sport with a fresh air guarantee and great fun factor.

Tip 2: jump on the trampoline

Sport and fun do not have to be mutually exclusive. That proves jumping the trampoline. Many people think of trampoline jumping as acrobatic jumps with somersaults in the air – perhaps for professionals. The up and down alone is good for your body and melts the fat.

Important for many women: it tightens the body. By jumping up and down, the muscles have to work constantly. As a result, jumping on a trampoline has amazing effects on the body. An hour on the trampoline can burn 750 calories, depending on the intensity.

It is important that you start the training slowly and increase the workload and intensity over time. Don’t underestimate jumping, it’s exhausting and you have to get used to it.

Trampolines are available in all price categories and different sizes, including a space-saving floor trampoline. Families with children should opt for a trampoline with a diameter of at least 3 meters depending on the space required. So mom or dad can also hop with the child at the same time.

Tip 3: swimming and aqua gymnastics

Swimming is one of the most popular sports around. No wonder, fun, training and stress relief come together here. Due to the ease that we experience in the water, swimming is suitable for almost everyone.

If you think swimming is not strenuous, you are wrong. Because the water mostly carries us, we don’t feel the strain as much. But we can keep our body in good shape with it, especially when crawling. Endurance and strength are required here.

A pool is not only ideal for children to run around and splash around, but also a fitness location. Anyone who has their own garden with a pool is not dependent on the opening times of swimming pools. You can swim a few laps in the morning before breakfast to improve your fitness.

Tip 4: play badminton

Playing badminton is no longer just something for children. Badminton is a strenuous sport, although it is often ridiculed. Not only can you burn lots of calories here, but you can also have a lot of fun. All you need is:

  • a play partner
  • 2 badminton rackets and
  • a ball

Whether you play with or without the network is up to you. It gets more exciting with the net, of course. This purchase does not cost a lot of money either. Simple complete sets (ball, bat, net set) are available at Amazon for under 40 dollars.

If you play badminton at a certain pace, you can burn up to 400 calories.

Very positive: Badminton is a game for young and old. Completely different age groups can easily play against or with one another. Badminton has only one disadvantage: when it’s very windy outside, it’s not worth taking the game out. Good moves are rarely made here.

Garden house as a fitness room: your personal sports room in the country

Sport and regular visits to the gym are part of everyday life for many. But is it also possible to bring a fitness studio into your own garden? We show what possibilities there are to use a garden house as a fitness room and which equipment should not be missing in a garden house sports room. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas for relaxing after fitness in the garden house.

Using the garden shed as a fitness studio: is that even possible?

There are many different ways to use a garden shed, but can a garden shed also be used as a fitness room? This question can be answered clearly with “yes”. The use of the natural material wood from sustainable production ensures a particularly healthy indoor climate within the house and is very pleasant for sporting activities.

It’s always going to be very difficult for us to build muscle if we keep making these same mistakes over and over again.

But fitness in the garden house has other advantages. On the one hand, you save yourself the trip to the gym and thus a lot of time. While exercising, you can enjoy the idyllic view of the garden at home and don’t have to stare at white concrete walls like in the gym. In addition, you no longer have to rely on the opening hours of the gym, but can work out whenever you want. Of course, there is no monthly membership fee with your garden shed sports room and you can do sports undisturbed and in a private atmosphere.

Fitness in the garden house: You can practice these sports in the garden house

Even if space is limited in a garden shed, you can practice various sports there.

Garden house as a yoga room

A garden house can be ideally used as a yoga room, as no fitness equipment is required for yoga. All you need to use your summer house as a yoga room is a yoga mat and, if necessary, a music system.

Bodyweight training in the garden house gym

Bodyweight training is becoming increasingly popular, especially as a home exercise. The term bodyweight training refers to body weight exercises.

These are sporting exercises in which you only use your own body weight as resistance. Aids such as weights are completely dispensed with. Since you only need a sports mat for this sport, you can exercise it in your garden house fitness room without any problems.

Weight training and endurance training in the garden house fitness room

In addition to yoga and bodyweight training, you can also do weight training or endurance training in a summer house. The chosen model should offer enough space for this.

With the right fitness equipment such as You can do fitness in the garden shed with a treadmill, bike, cross trainer or weight bench.

Use the garden shed for fitness: It depends on the interior design and equipment

If you want to use a garden shed as a fitness room, it not only depends on the right model, but above all on the interior design and equipment of the house. The possibilities for a garden shed sports room are almost endless.

A garden shed sports room requires a suitable floor covering. Under no circumstances should you use tiles as they are too slippery and can be dangerous. Use floor coverings such as laminate.

In any case, it makes sense to lay electricity in the garden shed, for example for a music box, or even a television, for entertainment during training. A power connection also allows you to set up a small refrigerator so that you always have chilled drinks to hand.

Shelves and hooks for equipment, towels or sportswear should of course not be missing in a garden shed fitness room. However, shelves for heavy weights and the like should not be attached to the inside wall of the house. Use standing shelves or a chest of drawers for this.

Would you like to use your fitness room in winter too? Then you should insulate your garden shed and / or install a small heater.

A large mirror, as we know it from the fitness studio, can of course also be found in the garden house sports room. Pictures and other decorations can round off the overall picture at will.

Relaxation should not be missing after fitness in the garden shed

After a strenuous workout, you really deserve a little relaxation. You can also use your garden shed fitness studio for this if you design it for this right from the start.

For many, showering is a matter of course after exercising. If you equip your garden shed sports room with a water connection and a shower, you can take a shower immediately after your sports session. Alternatively, of course, there is also an outdoor shower if there is not enough space in the house for a separate bathroom. However, keep in mind that you usually do not use an outdoor shower all year round, but mostly during the warm months.

A visit to the sauna after exercising ensures loosening of the muscles and maximum relaxation. A combination of garden house fitness room and sauna will make you sweat twice and also strengthen your health.

Now you know what options there are to set up a garden house as a fitness studio and which models are best suited for conversion into a sports room.

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