The Best Indoor Plants For The Home Office

Home Office plants

If you spend a lot of time in your own apartment, you can upgrade your environment with a houseplant: They ensure clean air, improve the mood and are nice to look at. Many of them are also easy to care for – you can find a selection of the most popular indoor plants in this article.

Anyone who knows the properties attributed to indoor plants can hardly do without them. Not only are they great to look at (hello, Instagram!), They brighten the mood, encourage creativity, and improve the air. So there is only one question left – which plant should it be? “We are seeing a trend towards uncomplicated indoor plants,” says the Association of German Florists. Fortunately, there are many of them.

  • Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, tolerates all light and shadow conditions and is an all-rounder that inspires with its palm-like appearance. The lucky feather needs very little water because it has a root succulence and stores moisture well. It still looks fresh, green and crisp. The perfect plant for “ungreen” thumbs.
  • Yucca palm, palm lily Despite the name, actually not a palm at all. But very nice and easy to care for. The yucca palm likes a partially shaded to sunny location. Only moderate watering required, remove dried leaves.
  • Aglaonema, she is actually a relative of Dieffenbachia. One of the few representatives of the flora that gets along well with a shady location and still produces strong green leaves. Easy to care for, normal water requirement, keep slightly moist.
  • Dragon tree With its many representatives and different forms of appearance, the dragon tree is a very popular plant that cuts a fine figure on the desk, at the window and on the floor. Just as uncomplicated as the yucca and with similar demands on life.
  • Orchid Visually a blooming highlight with a variety of shapes and flower variations. The Phalaenopsis is a fairly uncomplicated species of orchid. It loves the sun in the morning and afternoon, but is not suitable for south and north facing locations. If watered sparingly, it gives a lot of joy with its three-month flowering phases. Regular use of orchid fertilizer is recommended.
  • Succulents and cacti They love the sun and need it too. South sides and maximum partial shade are their home. Easy to maintain with minimal water requirements.
  • Bow hemp, sansiverie Some people may still know them from their grandparents’ window sills. She is an absolute retro plant. According to the Floristic Association, it is being rediscovered for its simplicity, durability and resistance. With moderate water requirements, fertilize regularly, love a partially shaded location.
  • Palms, for example Chamaedorea and Kentia palms, create an exotic atmosphere in the room and invite you to dream of your next vacation. Due to their volume, they can create a certain structure and spatially separate the home office. A little more demanding in their water requirements, they value constant basic moisture with regular use of fertilizer to ensure even growth. Chamaedorea and Kentia palms have rather moderate light requirements and like partially shaded locations.
  • Philodendron species such as the Monstera These leafy jungle beauties create an urban jungle with good care. With constant moisture, regular use of fertilizer and partially shaded locations, they will grow and thrive splendidly and become a long-lived member of the family.

This is how you ensure the right lighting needs

  • Plants close to the window that need sun should be placed directly at the window. Even at a distance of one meter, the light intensity that can be used by the plant is reduced by up to 50 percent, according to the Association of Florists.
  • Location Plants that do not need sunlight prefer the shady north side. On the south side there is sun all day, partial shade with morning sun on the east, and afternoon sun on the west side.

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