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The gardening work in full spring


How wonderful! The apple trees are blooming! And open full spring with their pink and white flower clouds and the hum of bees. Now things are going well in the garden. You can watch the perennials grow, sow many summer flowers and vegetables directly into the bed and arm yourself against cherry fruit and vegetable flies.

In the kitchen garden


In the bed:

  • Herbs like parsley and arugula
  • Pulp or sugar peas, Swiss chard, melde, carrots, beetroot
  • Lettuce, cut and picked lettuce, summer endive

On the windowsill:

  • Pumpkins and zucchini

In the cold frame (poly tunnel):

  • Prefer beans in pots


  • Fruit trees in the container
  • Kohlrabi, leek, lettuce, celery
  • Monthly strawberries and strawberries that bloom more often

In the greenhouse:

  • Eggplant, pepper, tomato


  • Hang up pheromone traps against fruit maggots and yellow bars against cherry fruit flies
  • Spread vegetable fly nets over onion, carrot, leek and cabbage beds in good time

In the greenhouse:

  • Yellow panels and beneficial insects such as parasitic wasps, Australian ladybirds and lacewings help against pests
  • Always ventilate well as a preventive measure and ensure that there is sufficient distance between plants


What else to do

  • Harvest lovage
  • Mulch strawberries after flowering
  • Collect nettles and wild herbs for manure
  • Protect offspring sensitive to cold against frost
  • Do not neglect chopping and pounding the vegetables
  • Keep fresh seeds evenly moist

In the flower garden


In the bed:

  • Amaranth, nasturtium, mallow, marigold, marigold and many others


  • Deciduous and evergreen conifers in containers or as bales
  • Perennials, grasses and Mediterranean trees

At the pond:

  • aquatic plants

On the balcony and terrace:

In the bed:

  • Pulled asters, snapdragons, Levkojen, zinnias
  • Summer onions such as dahlia, gladiolus, montbretia, peacock lily


  • Bog bed plants such as heather, blueberry, rhododendron

To cut


  • Control black weevils on evergreen plants with nematodes
  • Collect snails
  • Crush the yellow egg clutches of the cabbage white
  • Snap off brown buds on rhododendrons
  • Collect the beetles and larvae from the lily chickens on lilies

What else to do

  • Get frost-sensitive potted plants used outside to the sun
  • Protect tender shoots from the bleeding heart on cold nights
  • Tie the shoots of firethorn and rambler and climber roses, winter jasmine loosely to a climbing aid

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, The gardening work in full spring, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tips0
, The gardening work in full spring, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tips0
, The gardening work in full spring, Best Garden, Home And DIY Tips 20

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