The Solar System: Advantages And Disadvantages When Heating Your Garden House

The sun provides us with an average of 1,000 – 1,500 kilowatt hours of solar energy per square meter per year. If you, too, would like to use your garden house effectively all year round with the help of this natural energy source, then you have come to the right place: In our article you will find all the important information about heating garden houses with solar panels.

What is the difference between solar thermal and photovoltaic?

In terms of principle and functionality, solar thermal and photovoltaics are very similar. Both systems are solar systems that convert the radiant energy of the sun into another form of energy such as electricity (electrical energy) or heat (thermal energy).

Heating with solar power

In our article on “Photovoltaic systems for garden houses”, we have already given you comprehensive information about the use and functionality of a photovoltaic system.

The electricity generated in the collectors can on the one hand be fed into the public grid and on the other hand be used for personal use. The kinetic energy obtained from the sun’s rays can be used, for example, to operate an electric heater.

Heating with solar thermal energy

In the case of solar thermal energy, a distinction is made between systems for hot water preparation and systems for heating support.

The working principle is very simple and can easily be compared to a dark garden hose that has been in the sun for too long. The sun’s rays heat the solar fluid, which in turn transfers the heat to a storage tank.

The systems serve to support the actual heating system of a house. This can save around 60 percent of total heating costs on an annual average.

Is it worth heating a garden house with solar thermal energy?

However, since the radiant heat does not completely cover the energy requirement in winter and only supplies parts of it, it is not advisable to buy such a system for your garden house. The effort and costs are usually not worth it for the size of a garden house.

Advantages of heating with solar systems

In principle, many positive aspects of a natural source of energy are obvious. It does not matter whether it is photovoltaics for power generation or solar thermal for heating.

  • Solar energy is sustainable, free and infinitely available
  • The investment in a solar system pays for itself after a few years
  • Independence from rising energy prices

Further advantages that become apparent when you examine the topic more closely:

  • Versatile attachment and installation options.
  • When installing, it is only necessary to ensure that the components are protected from wind and weather
  • The systems usually have a service life of 25-30 years and are very low-maintenance
  • Flexible plant expansion
  • The systems work silently and odorless
  • Legally regulated funding opportunities and affordable financing offers from credit institutions support the investment
  • Even if a solar system fails, conventional energy sources can be used without any problems
  • Normally, the construction of a solar system does not require a building permit
  • No toxic or hazardous waste is produced during disposal

Disadvantages of heating with solar systems

  • Strict conditions for the suitability of the roof surface in terms of alignment, inclination, freedom from shade and load-bearing capacity. If your garden shed cannot meet these requirements, losses in energy production must be expected.
  • Dependence on weather conditions
  • High investment costs: The costs for solar thermal and photovoltaics differ greatly here. Solar thermal energy is usually much more expensive.
  • The collectors may interfere with the overall appearance of your garden house

Compared to conventional heating methods

Compared to the quite new, innovative and environmentally friendly solar technologies, the most common and widespread heating methods are based on raw materials such as gas, wood and oil.

The disadvantages of this resource consumption quickly become clear from the advantages of the solar system shown above.

The systems and ovens have an extremely high energy yield, but they represent a significant disadvantage in terms of factors such as operating costs, space requirements, fuel prices and increased CO2 emissions.

Conclusion – heating with solar systems can be worthwhile

This article shows it clearly: If you also want to use your garden house all year round and spend pleasant hours in it, then the photovoltaic system in particular is a worthwhile investment where you can sustainably generate energy and save money in the long term.

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