The sporty garden – relaxation through exercise

For most of them, their own garden is an oasis that is primarily intended to offer peace and give new strength for everyday life. In addition to relaxation opportunities, the sporty aspect can also come to the fore in the design. Because where better to be active than in your own garden? It offers great potential and a lot of space for one or the other sporting activity that not only children enjoy.

Garden sports for the lawn

Various sports can be practiced wonderfully on large lawns. Boules, Frisbee and Kubb, or various ball sports such as croquet, soccer and badminton. A lot is possible if the area is large enough. You should also make sure that the lawn does not suffer too much, for example to minimize the risk of injury from stumbling.

As a precaution for a beautiful lawn that you can still enjoy after exercising, you should regularly trim the green with the lawnmower, water it well and then fertilize it. This makes the lawn resilient. In the best case, you have the option of varying the sports area in the garden. In this way, the previously stressed areas of the lawn can regenerate before the next appearance.

Table tennis and basketball

A popular classic is your own ping-pong table. This can be placed either on the lawn or in front of the garage and offers children and adults long-lasting fun. If there is not enough space to put the plate under when not in use, it can also be covered with an appropriate protective cover and stowed away outside. The garage forecourt is, in addition to a corresponding open space in the garden, also a wonderful space to attach a basketball hoop. One or the other lay-up can be trained there after the work is done.

Trampoline and slackline

The trampoline is particularly popular with children. Special garden trampolines can be used all year round. The sizes usually vary between 2.4 and 4.9 meters in diameter with a height of 80 and 100 centimeters. As an option, a surrounding net ensures more safety when jumping. To protect the trampoline from rain, there are special covers in different sizes.

A few years ago, a timeless classic returned to the ranks of simple outdoor sports in a new look. Since then, slackline has been a trend again. The elastic rubber rope is simply stretched between two trees and is now used as sports equipment that trains the ability to balance, coordinate and concentrate. The slackline is a good additional training method for those who like to do sports such as climbing, snowboarding or horse riding and who need a good sense of balance.

Sports and games for children in the garden

For children, a garden offers an almost inexhaustible potential for their own discoveries and physical activity. That is why there is sports and play equipment specially tailored for children, which among other things trains the movement sequences. In the sandpit, the little ones can work with a wide variety of equipment, and the next star architect may already be realized here. The little ones can get high on small climbing frames.

And gymnastics equipment such as swings, harnesses and rings, which can be attached to thick branches, promote the instinct to play as well as balance training and muscle building.

The pool as “sports equipment”

If you have enough space in the garden, your dream of having your own pool can come true. And if it is big enough, the sport will not be neglected either. A good 10 meters in length is enough to do a few lengths in the morning or in the evening after work. In midsummer it offers a welcome cooling off – and will certainly not only be in great demand because of the sporting activities.

But even smaller models, if they are deep enough, offer the opportunity for aqua fitness. At shallower water depths, 50 cm is enough for Kneipp therapy, which gets tired legs going again.

Garden sports in winter

Winter is actually the time to move the sport indoors. With the right preparation, the garden can also be used for sport in the cold season. Because if there is enough snow, small toboggan runs can be created on compost and earth heaps. You and your children can whiz down on the sledge and turn your garden into a little winter sports paradise.

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