These plants drive away mosquitoes

If you look after the right plants at the window or on the balcony, you don’t have to worry about mosquito repellent. We’ll tell you which plants you can use to drive away mosquitoes.

Who does not know this: As soon as we hear the quiet hum of a mosquito in bed in the evening, we start to search the entire bedroom for the culprit despite being tired – but mostly without success. The next day you have to find out that the little vampires have struck again. Especially in summer you are often faced with a choice: Either die from heat with the windows closed or treat the mosquitoes to a night with the windows open with a buffet. Fortunately, nature can help us: the essential oils of some plants keep mosquitoes away naturally and are even very pleasant on our noses. We will introduce you to some plants that you can use to drive away mosquitoes and give you tips on natural mosquito protection.

Why am I so often bitten by mosquitos?

Mosquitoes are attracted to our breath and the carbon dioxide (CO2) and body odor it contains. If you ask around in your own circle of friends, you will find at least one person who is particularly targeted by mosquitoes. Researchers at the Japanese Institute of Pest Control Technology in Chiba have found out why this is the case. According to this, mosquitoes favor people with blood group 0 flowing through their veins. Metabolic products such as lactic and uric acid as well as ammonia, which we release through the skin as sweat, also attract the little vampires. In addition, the mosquitoes are able to perceive CO2 sources up to 50 meters away. So anyone who breathes and sweats a lot will be tracked down by them more quickly.

Essential oils as mosquito repellants

The essential oils of some plants are able to mask human smells so that mosquitoes can hardly find us, or they have a natural deterrent effect on the little pests. The nice thing about it is that the plants that are suitable for the human nose have anything but a deterrent effect and often even have a calming effect.

These plants drive away mosquitoes

These plants have a particularly high proportion of essential oils that keep mosquitoes away:

  • lavender
  • tomato
  • lemon balm
  • basil
  • rosemary
  • garlic
  • lemongrass
  • marigold
  • lemon pelargonium

Planted on the terrace, balcony or in a flower box by the window, their scent not only ensures fewer mosquitoes, the calming effect of the scent even helps us fall asleep. Another advantage of plants is that they not only keep mosquitoes away, but also various plant pests do not like to be near these plants, which helps protect your flowering or useful plants.

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