Wasp alert: 7 tips for peaceful coexistence

Wasps are a nuisance in late summer: Anyone who then wants to enjoy cake, juice or ice cream outside knows the problem with wasps. They too like sweets and quickly join in as uninvited guests. Trying to drive the wasps away with violent hand movements or blowing is the wrong way and provokes painful stings. But what should you do instead to keep wasps at bay?

Tip 1: Offer wasps an alternative feeding place
With an alternative feeding place, wasps can easily be distracted from the coffee table. Overripe grapes are particularly suitable for this. Simply place a plate at a distance of five to ten meters and calm will return.

Tip 2: Avoid colorful clothing and intensely scented perfumes
Without wanting to, we send signals with colorful clothing and our favorite perfume that magically attract wasps. If you choose dark colors and don’t use perfume, you make yourself invisible.

Tip 3: wipe children’s mouths and fingers after eating
You can tell immediately from small children that they liked the ice cream. Traces around the mouth and on the hands should always be wiped off immediately outside, otherwise the sugar-sweet food particles tempt wasps to make advances.

Tip 4: Use coffee powder to repel wasps
Wasps don’t like the smell of burnt coffee powder. It is therefore worth trying to burn some of it in a fire-proof container so that the animals avoid the balcony or terrace.

Tip 5: use essential oils against wasps
Certain essential oils are also not at all scented by wasps. An aroma lamp with lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree or mint oil quickly spoils their desire to pay a visit to the coffee party.

Tip 6: Plant tomatoes and basil to protect against wasps
Wasps fly on a lot, but the typical Italian duo of tomatoes and basil is definitely not one of them. Great side effect: while they leave our garden behind, we enjoy the tomatoes and fresh basil we have picked ourselves.

Tip 7: Harvest fruit early so that wasps don’t find food
The more ripe the fruit, the higher the fructose content, which makes it irresistible to wasps. It is therefore advisable to harvest berries, pears, apples and plums in good time and always remove windfalls quickly.

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