What must be considered when planning a swimming pool?

Swimming pool planning: This must be taken into account

More and more people want to have the luxury of having their own garden pool. That is not surprising either. The increasingly expensive entrance fees for the outdoor swimming pools and the overcrowded pools mean that many people are looking for an alternative. What could be more obvious than a swimming pool in your own garden? The thought is great and especially makes the hearts of children beat faster. However, there are a few points to consider when planning. If you want to find out more about this topic, you can read this article with all the most important tips and tricks.

Which model do you want? Whirlpool or swimming pool

The selection is large – everyone will find the right one for themselves. Nevertheless, as a buyer, it is important to think about what the pool’s use should be. If you just want to relax in the pool, you can get a whirlpool. But if you want to use the pool for swimming or for the children to play, then a normal pool is much more suitable. The choice of swimming pools is very large. Buyers can choose between pools that are built into the ground or those that are built above ground. For the basins that are buried, concrete liner, steel wall or stainless steel basins are mostly used. The steel wall pools are mostly used for above-ground swimming pools.

There are also different versions of whirlpools that should be checked carefully before buying. For example, if there is little space in the garden, a jacuzzi can be much more practical.

How much will the fun from the pool set for the garden cost?

Before you finally decide to buy the swimming pool, you should make an overview of the costs. In principle, buying a pool is similar to buying a car. At the beginning, buyers have to pay off the acquisition costs and over the years there are ongoing operating costs. This means that buying and maintaining a swimming pool in the garden can be very expensive. Interested parties should definitely be aware of this. Nobody wants to buy something that is no longer affordable afterwards.

If you want to get enough information about the costs, you should speak to a specialist. These can provide exact figures on the acquisition costs as well as the current expenses. Basically, experts say that the price of an outdoor hot tub is around $ 3,000. But that is the minimum price that has to be paid.

The operating costs, which can be very high under certain circumstances, are mostly composed of the water consumption and the heating of the water. If you want to build a cheaper option, you can find out more about the natural pond or natural pool. These are neither cleaned with chemicals nor are there any other expensive utensils needed to keep the water clean.

Investing in a pool in the garden should therefore be carefully considered. In addition to the cost, it is important that the pool is well maintained.

Proper care for the pool in the garden

To keep the pool clean with as little effort as possible, a few important tips should be observed. In this context, it is important that everyone who goes into the pool has showered beforehand and does not bring any dirt in. In addition, the position of the swimming pool is also very important in order to avoid too much dirt in the water. Anyone planning the location of the pool should make sure that it is not under a tree. Otherwise, flowers, leaves or branches constantly fall into the basin.

If the basin is not in use, it should be covered. A normal swimming pool in the garden needs a filter to keep the water clean. If someone wants to do without it, then it is good to opt for a swimming pond or a natural pool. So you should find out about the right pump for the swimming pool when buying it. This can save a lot of work and additional costs afterwards.

In addition, everything that shouldn’t be in the pool can be removed with the help of a pool vacuum. If, on the other hand, you want to be even more independent, then buying a pool robot is worthwhile.

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